What Makes a Good Man?

Describing men is usually quite difficult since most of them are reserved and have control of their emotions and they are not commonly demonstrative. This might also be an indicator of why women find it hard to initiate a friendship with them because they find men intimidating. That’s why there are fewer friendships between men and women compared to women and their fellow women. 

From afar, it is impossible to decipher what they’re thinking about based on their gestures and mannerisms. It must be the reason why it’s also such a task to give them presents. You are not sure if they’d appreciate the thought process of getting him the gift or that he just doesn’t care about gifts at all. 

Women Setting Standards

There are women have set a standard or benchmark in looking for a partner. They usually have a checklist of the things they want in a man and before she could agree to date him, he must pass all the categories she cited. These are women who are in search of that “perfect” man. 

There other women who do not necessarily have a checklist but they still have a standard in looking for a partner. They just do not want to give utmost importance to the standard they have set. They would rather wing it, go on that date, and get to know the guy better. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with having a checklist, but it would be better to get to know someone on your own than to rely on unproven second-hand information. Going by people’s feedback on a guy you like does not equate you to knowing him- what he’s like and who he is. You can’t conclude people like that.

Some women like the “bad guy” type of men. They like tough, intimidating men who are guarded when it comes to their emotions. They like risk-takers and adventure or thrill-seekers. They like men who exhibit a bit of bad behavior. 

However, there is a portion of women who just wants a good man. Good- it is a very vague description for a man. Good in what? And how can you qualify “good”? Is there any underlying behavior of how good a man is? 

Characteristics of a Good Man

What makes a good man? Being a good man is characterized by different behaviors. Here are some.

He has a good head on his shoulders.

Men who have a good head on their shoulders are smart, practical, and have good judgment. They have a very controlled manner and do not act upon their emotions right away. They can usually hold a conversation about anything under the sun and can easily adapt to the environment they are in. They are confident and well-mannered. Since they are practical, they take calculated risks before swooping into action, especially when it comes to their feelings. It’s something most people find fascinating and weird at the same time about them. 

He has his priorities straight.

Men who have their priorities straight are responsible men. They are also patient and persistent men who know what they want and understand what it takes to get them. These men are driven and have the ambition to be the best. They want to be the best not just for themselves but for their future. They think ahead and value hard work. It may seem very structural but it is their dedication that makes them a good man.

He is kind and compassionate.

Men who are kind and compassionate are examples of what makes a good man. The world is already cruel and having kind people around us makes living a little worthwhile. These are the kind of men who are empathetic towards their friends and loved ones, even workmates and to a random person on the street. They have a strong sense of service to the people around them, especially to the needy. Be it a shoulder to cry on, be a sounding board, taking time to personally help in any way they can, that is how kind and compassionate they are. That is also their love language- acts of service. 

He is warm and funny.

Being warm and funny is what usually appeals to women. They like it when their men can crack jokes without forcing it. It indicates he’s smart and not boring. Warm men are always well-mannered and radiate positive energy around the people they are with. They have an infectious smile and looking at them makes you want to hug them because you feel that warmth that they bring. Words of affirmation are their love language. They build you up and motivate you. They are good at compliments, too and in a good way. 

He is respectful. 

Most of the time, a respectful man is associated with being a good man. Being respectful is more than just gestures and having good manners. Being respectful means respecting people’s emotions, beliefs, background, capacity, and even boundaries. A respectful man is usually what wins the elders or our parents when we introduce him to them. Respect is usually given the premium by parents in allowing or giving their blessings to their children in dating or even in marriage. 

He wears his heart on his sleeve.

A man wearing his heart on his sleeve means he’s true to himself and his feelings towards the people around him. He is transparent, sincere, and honest. That’s what makes him a good man. He does not lie just to make you feel good, he tells the truth like a voice of reason because he cares about you. When he shows his concern, it’s not because he does not have any motives or bad intentions. He is genuine and does things without expecting anything in return. 


How you choose a guy whether as a friend or a partner is totally up to you and your preference. What makes a good man is characterized by his demeanor, his outlook on life, and his behavior. These are intangible things but are of the utmost importance when qualifying the goodness of a man.

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