What Should I do?: he Hasn’t Texted me in 3 Days, Should I Text Him?

What Should I do?: he Hasn’t Texted me in 3 Days, Should I Text Him?

When a woman is faced with the “he hasn’t texted me in 3 days, should I text him?” dilemma, find out the reasons and what you should do.

What Should I Do? He Hasn’t Texted Me In 3 Days, Should I Text Him?

For many women out there, they are faced with this ordeal – he hasn’t texted me in 3 days, should I text him?

This predicament can be frustrating especially if you are getting along nicely with a new guy and have been dating for a few days. Texting daily has become a normal routine for both of you and out of the blue – he hasn’t contacted me in a week.

The frustrating part is that there is no explanation or reason – he simply ghosted on you. You are left in a situation where you do not know what to do. Although you do not want to seem desperate, you cannot leave things on bad terms with this guy. There are also a million questions going through your mind on why he simply stopped and what to do if he doesn’t text you back.

“He hasn’t texted me in 3 days, should I text him? – What are the possible reasons? 

It is a difficult ordeal and most of us have been there at some point. Most are left with nothing. Yet, you are wondering why – he hasn’t texted me in 3 days, should I text him?

Let us now take a close look at this brief guide on how to cope once a guy doesn’t text you for a week or longer. Although it can be an upsetting ordeal to face, it is time to continue with your life since you might be missing out on something more.

Even if no valid reasons are coming straight from the guy, there are several reasons to consider why he’s texting less or the guy doesn’t text back for days. Remember that these are not 100% precise and must be considered on a situational basis.

  • Not interested and supposes that disregarding your texts will make you go away. If you haven’t heard from him all day, the guy might be hoping that you will take the hint soon and there is no need for him to talk to you how he is feeling. In most cases, men can be annoying.
  • The guy is already in a different relationship and has not told you about it. When a guy doesn’t text back for days, there is a possibility that the guy is texting you behind his other girls back and finally came to his senses that cheating is not the ideal route to take. Even though it is good to know that his conscience finally emerged, it will only leave you feeling down.
  • The guy might be busy but this is not a valid reason if it is over a week. In most circumstances, being preoccupied does not always mean that he should overlook your texts. Oftentimes, men need to find the time to text you about your day instead of waiting for you to text them first. If the guy is not comfortable in sharing his activities, there is a possibility that he went on vacation and hasn’t texted you especially if with close guy friends or family.

What should I do if he does not text me?

If you have been pondering on your “he hasn’t texted me in 3 days, should I text him?” dilemma, it is best to start moving on. Sadly, this is not an easy step to take for most especially if you already like the guy.

Being in a phase of a relationship that involves talking to him daily and later progresses to not speaking to him again is difficult and things take time. Remember that there is a chance that he might text you again but he hasn’t replied yet, so it is recommended to avoid doing anything embarrassing or stupid since he might have a valid reason for not texting you for some time.

Let us now take a close look at some of the things that you should do if he has not texted you.

Do not keep texting him

Should I text him or wait? If this has crossed your mind, do not send any text messages. If you have already sent one or two text messages and he has not replied to any of them, do not waste your time double texting him. You might later be sorry if he ends up coming back to you. Doing this will show him that you are needy and can sometimes annoy the guy even more since he might be simply taking some time off from the continuous texting.

Find something to do to keep yourself occupied

Since the guy is not replying to your text messages, it is best to find ways to distract yourself from constantly checking your phone to see if he has replied. Try going out with friends or engage in fun activities.

Try to be active and do not stay idle in your bedroom all day questioning if he will text you back. Simply show yourself that you are better than him not texting you back.

Avoid any assumptions

For most, it is easy to be carried away if you do not know what is happening. It is best to avoid any assumptions particularly the worst ones and do not panic. Remember that there might be a valid reason why he has not texted you. If you start to panic, this will not do any good in helping the situation.

Avoid checking his social media

If he hasn’t been texting much, do not stalk his social media accounts. In case you end up seeing something that you do not want to see, you will only get even more upset. It is always better to set your priorities first and put him aside for now until you receive a reply from him. In case he does not reply at all, you have nothing to lose.

Remember your worth

Always bear in mind that you are a strong woman with amazing features. Do not let a guy get you down where you end up doubting yourself. As an individual, you are worth so much more than a guy who cannot be bothered to text you back.

Should I wait for a reply?

Even if you have been talking to a guy for a month or longer and texting daily, you should not always anticipate a reply. When he doesn’t text back for days, this should not be your downfall.

It is nice for the guy to respond to your text messages and talk continuously, but he does not owe you anything. From a moral perspective, a guy must do his best to be pleasant as possible but if you want to remain sensible, simply do not expect a reply. Remember that you do not want to be let down and this is the only solution.

When is it too long?

Once the guy stopped replying to your text messages and it has been only a day – consider it safe. One can presume that any guy can be engrossed in you but will not text back for up to 3 days.

If it is longer than this where he doesn’t call or text for days, it is a hint that he is ignoring you or just deleted your number. In some instances, he has lost your number on his phone but this is considered unusual, so you have the urge to find out more. If you are wondering what to say when he finally contacts you, try to clarify everything.

Is it right to double text him?

Generally, this is a no-no approach if you want to maintain your dignity. The more you text and ponder on the situation, the worse it becomes.

Avoid double or triple texting him since it is not worth your time. If he truly wanted to talk to you, he will find a way to communicate with you. If you are constantly texting him, this is not going to change that or do any good.

Final thoughts

If you are stuck in the “he hasn’t texted me in 3 days, should I text him?” dilemma, it is time to move on. With the information presented, it should be clear why he has not been texting you and why guys don’t text back right away. Remember that you worth more and other opportunities are waiting for you – just continue with life since it has more to offer.

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