What to do When he Doesn’t Call for a Week?

What to do When he Doesn’t Call for a Week?

Can you remember a scenario where you have been waiting for his call for almost a week, but you didn’t receive any calls from him? Confusing and irritating, right? Why did he stop calling you? Is he okay? Did you do anything wrong? Negative things are filling up your mind when he doesn’t call for a week. 

Possible reasons when he doesn’t call for a week 

 When he doesn’t call for days, there are some reasons why he has gone silent for a week. This doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. Check out these reasons if a guy doesn’t text you for a week: 

He is too busy

When he doesn’t call for a week, maybe he is too busy with his work or other important things. You need to be aware that his world doesn’t revolve around you. There are some essential things that he needs to prioritize. Just take note that the reason why he never called is not that he doesn’t like you. 

He is not fond of using a phone 

Why doesn’t he call or text me anymore? It is maybe because they are not always on the phone. Some people prefer to communicate face to face rather than using mobile phones to talk with other people. If your man is not always on his phone, then you need not worry when he doesn’t call for a week. 

He is waiting for your text before he calls you 

Keep in mind that some guys are waiting for you to text them before he calls you because he doesn’t want to look like he is desperate to communicate with you. If you haven’t heard from a guy in weeks, try to send him a text message, and there is a higher chance that he will respond quickly. 

He is having doubts 

Should I reach out to him or wait? When he doesn’t call for a week, you need to wait for him. Maybe he is still weighing his feelings for you. Sometimes they feel that they are not good enough for you, so they still have to think and weigh everything. This may be a rude reason, but some guys are thinking this way. 

He doesn’t like you 

This reason is a bit painful, but you have to accept the fact that when he doesn’t call or text you for a week, maybe he is not into you. If this is the case, you should forget about him and move on. Just be careful next time because a lot of guys are doing this because they don’t have the courage to say it personally to a girl they are not interested in. 

He has other romantic commitment

Says he’s interested but doesn’t call? Maybe he is playing with you. The truth is, he already has a girlfriend, and he is cheating.  He is just looking for someone since his girlfriend is out of town. So when his girlfriend arrived, he has no time texting or calling you anymore. 

He wants to have space 

My boyfriend doesn’t call me. What should I do? When he doesn’t call for a week, maybe because he wants to have some space and time alone. Sometimes, when a man felt that everything is too much, they want to have enough time to breathe. Let them be. After that, you can talk to them and ask if everything is okay. 

He is having a hard time opening up his feelings for you 

If you are still asking, will he get in touch? Try to understand that he is maybe having a hard time opening up his feelings for you, especially when the two of you just met. He is afraid that you might become upset if he calls you regularly, so he decided to be quite. Once you encountered this kind of situation, you need to tell him that he needs to be honest with his feelings. At the end of the day, if he is really into you, then he will step out of his comfort zone and take the lead. 

He is currently out of town 

Boyfriend doesn’t call when he says he will? He is maybe out of town. You need to remember if he told you about being out of town on the weekend. He may have a meeting to attend, that’s why he turned off his phone. Don’t call him and he will call you once he can. 

Maybe you two have a misunderstanding 

Should I call him after a fight? When you have a misunderstanding, they sometimes try not to call you to know if you are going to call him first. You can text him to clear your issues. 

What to do when he doesn’t call? 

1. Stay calm and don’t panic

If you find someone you love, you just want to talk to him all day long. You also imagine the things that you want to have in the future together with him. But what if he suddenly stops communicating with me? What should I do when he doesn’t call me anymore? The best thing to do is to stay calm. The best way to deal with this situation is not to panic and not overthink. Keep everything in perspective. 

2. Don’t blame yourself 

When your boyfriend doesn’t call or text for days, don’t blame yourself. Don’t think that something is wrong with you or you are unlucky when it comes to men. Don’t let those negative thoughts fill your mind. If he doesn’t call, so be it. There are other men out there. If he is not meant for you, then there is someone better for you. Just stop thinking negative things about you. 

3. Don’t jump to any conclusion

He hasn’t called in a week, is it over? Don’t jump into conclusions. If you have negative thinking about why he doesn’t call, you better not to. Focus on yourself and have faith in him. Always think that you are a complete package! So he will not be going to give you up, and if he did, other guys would see that you are a complete package too. 

When he doesn’t call for a week, you need to understand whatever reason he may have. You need to figure out the things that keep him silent for a week. If he is not interested in you, don’t force yourself to be with him. If he really wants you to be part of his life, he will not hesitate to make some efforts to keep in touch with you. 

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