What to Say When Breaking Up: 7 Ways to Breakup Nicely With Your Partner

In a relationship, breaking up is the hardest thing to do and the hardest thing to survive. Even when you’re the one who’s going to end the relationship with your partner, it’s hard to think of what to say when breaking up. It’s tough to look at your partner in the eye and tell them that you don’t love them anymore. If you’re a girl, it’s possibly difficult to know how to break-up with your boyfriend or know how to break-up with a guy. Most people need break-up tips to know what to say to break-up with someone nicely.

Most of the time, the relationship ends with “I want to break-up with you” messages or just a long-distance break-up text because a person becomes afraid to face his/her partner but that is too cowardly. If you’re in a relationship with someone or someone you loved and you have shared memories with them, it is a must to face them when you want to end your relationship with them. You should be courteous and respectful enough to give your partner nice break-up lines or words of a break-up because you are going to hurt the person. You entered the relationship as matured individuals so you must end it like one. Here are some tips on how to end it with someone nicely.

  • Before talking to your partner, ask yourself why do you want to end it. If you think you are not satisfied in your relationship, think many times if you want to end it before talking to your partner. Think about why do you want to do it and what you want to say to your partner. You must think long and hard so you can be strong about your decision. Ask yourself first if there has been a lack of romantic feelings or if you are just not feeling the love already. For a short-term relationship, the answer may be clear but for longer relationships, it may be more complicated. If you’re unsure, think or seek advice until you come up with your decision to avoid hurtful things to say during a break-up.
  • Don’t give them a head’s up. When you already came up with your decision to break-up with your partner, just do it. You don’t need to give your partner a head’s up but you must meet him/her in person then rip it off. After the break-up, give yourself time by making plans with your friend so you could cope up with what happened.
  • Be kind at the breakup moment. In ending a relationship, being kind has always been the golden rule. You are ending your relationship and you are breaking up with the love of your life so you must treat him/her like you would want to be treated. Break-ups involve a lot of feelings and emotions that sometimes can get the best of us. If you are the one ending the relationship, be the bigger person and proceed to your breakup speech.
  • Don’t think of the things they did wrong. The breakup conversation script will most likely be awkward and you can see how difficult it is to say it out loud. However, if you’re breaking up with someone, it doesn’t mean that you can’t share a moment of sadness before you go on separate ways. When you are explaining that the relationship is over, don’t make it as a blame game. You must make the reasoning about yourself. Always remember that no one can contradict you with your feelings and emotions and they can only argue with you if you make assumptions about what they feel.
  • Be direct. Always remember that you can be gentle but direct about what you want to say. As an expert say, kindness and empathy can go a long way in difficult situations like breakups but we must always remember to be kind and sensitive to others’ feelings and emotions. If we can validate our partner’s feelings around the breakup, he/she can be healed easier. You must remember to use sentences and words that reflect your understanding of what the person feels and make sure to express yourself clearly. Your partner is another human with emotions and feelings and not a robot.
  • Don’t say things like “it’s not you, it’s me.” “It’s not you, it’s me.” has been one of the most famous “breaking up with someone you love” quotes but the goal of a breakup is to let someone go without anger and pain; not to drag them down and shred their confidence. After a breakup, you still want your partner to find happiness, right? If you’re not specific with your reason for ending the relationship, you rob someone with a sense of closure; you’re probably stuck at thinking what has gone wrong. If people come up with a vague reason, they often blame themselves more, an expert said. A way to show respect to your partner is being definitive. Most people end the relationship by making statements like “I am realized that I am not ready for a relationship like this right now.” or “Maybe this would work out in the future.” Don’t say those words because both of you know that it is not the truth. Moreover, don’t also play the martyr. You can’t say “I am afraid to hurt you.” or, “I think you are better with someone else.” Be direct and clear.
  • Don’t say false promises. When breaking up with someone, just say it’s done. However, breaking the heart of someone you love always includes the presence of guilt and lingering feelings towards each other. After your conversation, you must not express insincere intentions towards your partners. If you don’t like to stay as friends, say it and don’t promise if you don’t mean it. Whatever your decision is, stick to it and stand firm. Moreover, give your partner space to let him/her settle down and move on. If you happen to meet your partner again after your breakup, don’t tiptoe around him/her. If both of you have already moved on, just say hello and ask how they are doing. Always remember to behave by following your feelings.

Most of the time, people become afraid to end the relationship because they might be the ones to be blamed. However, always remember that if the relationship is already not working for both of you, you need to talk about it and clear things out; end what you need to end. Avoid prolonging the situation and hurting your partner a lot.

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