Why do Guys Stop Texting for a Few Days

Don’t say that! If someone knows this it’s me and maybe you guys were there you love the guy and interested in yourself, exchange numbers and sends text messages for a day or two. And. Why stop texting?

What do you think I did? Wait, Are you okay? Maybe he lost his phone or threw it in the toilet. Believe me, his phone is fine I was worried; I thought something bad happened to him. In fact, something bad happened to me. 

And of course, you expect him to answer your text message. It was a different “chase” text that got returned with it. You’re just looking for the answer, I understand.

Why not send a text message? 13 reasons

If someone imagines you, you feel terrible. Who’s doing it? Whether to write or not, it is one thing to answer. I know you’re trying to solve the mystery, but we’re all trying to solve this.

Nevertheless, I tell you that it is time to leave the magnifying glass and come to the truth. If you are wondering why a person stops sending text messages for days, you are going to find out. It’s time to stop thinking too much!

#1 It’s not what you have.

You can see that you are not very interested in him, but you may have had several dates. He rewrote you a little, but he realized you’re not a competitor. And now he is too much of a coward to tell you straight that you do not like it. So, I hope that you will be able to relax and refresh yourself.  

#2 Does not understand the hint.

Maybe you were joking and he does not know what it means. Or maybe you’re naturally ironic, but he thinks you’re serious. It’s a text message they don’t see when they talk. So this mess happens easily. Make it clear what you are trying to say.

#3 He sends too many text messages.

In other words, it’s boring. Withered looking for all-time riddles and chase for sent text messages. Besides, what can you talk about in the text all day? That’s right!

The conversation is boring, so he decided to give you a few days of waiting.  

#4 Doesn’t send text messages right away.

Take your time although you have made an effort to answer your text messages immediately. I’m looking forward to the message that I can’t be surprised to send an email. Strongly suggests his feelings. Do you like to answer?

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#5 You’re getting too strong.

I don’t know what the conversation is going on with him, but you might be meeting him in a too-loud voice in his hobby, he’s a little awkward with the question, and he’s too nervous to tell him to step back. So instead, you think it will help create a healthy space between you and The Walking.

#6 No time.

I do not know what this man is doing for work or school, but maybe he does not have time to mail. Maybe he’s working a slow shift or is on the move. If the text is not related to what you are doing at the time, it does not matter. This is not the time to respond to a text message

#7 Is Not a tester.

Some like to send text messages and others don’t like it. He can send some prayers here, but that’s none of his business. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. Are there any changes? Or are you thinking too much?

#8 Don’t click on the text.

If you are not on the same page, you can enjoy texting tasks sent to you. If you want to understand both humor and a sense of jargon for each other, be fine. But if not, then it turns off and is not interested in continuing the conversation.

#9 Spends time on other people.

Some people try not to send text messages on weekends or in the afternoon. Can you blame them? We are literally addicted to our phones. In the case of this rule, only you will be able to follow it anyway, but if you do not know how to tell it from the point of view of the person.

#10 Forgot.

Our days are usually full of people who know and what to do. So it’s normal for people to forget to open a message and respond. It happens. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in you, but it’s more than a day. It’s a little strange what can you forget a day, for three days, I mean? I don’t think so.

#11 Met someone else.

I was stalking you but when it gets cold you’ll have something that might be someone original or new, but the thing is, he’s met someone else and threw you aside. It’s nice to know that he is not interested in playing two girls at the same time, but the way he decided to”let you go «was disrespectful.

#12 Doesn’t talk to you seriously.

You can send a text message. He likes you, but he is not looking for anything serious. Send a text message to your conditions at any time, because you are not interested in making extra efforts.

#13 Is afraid of compromise.

Your acquaintance was great, sex was pretty good. It was a good start Oh, but once connected you will suddenly stop and you will be delivered so enjoy your text messages well, it sounds like a compromise problem on your part. Why don’t you stop texting when you’re moving in the right direction? I’m scared!

Why not send a text message? Actually, here’s the best question: Are you still going to talk to him?

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