10 Amazing Love Making Ideas for Married Couples on Valentine’s Day

10 Amazing Love Making Ideas for Married Couples on Valentine's day

In love, there are a lot of things that both couples can discover. Whether it may be their characteristics or personality. One of the most exciting and thrilling that couples do is make out of love. Not just purely sex. People usually make mistakes in this course. Intercourse or sex is purely sex without any meaning into it. Just like having some queerplatonic or platonic love with someone. You do it for the sole purpose of your sexual hormones or individual needs. (You can’t deny the fact that we all need sex in our sexual and social lives) but having sex is just having sex without actual meaning into it. Putting it this way, it’s just like you have a one night with some stranger at the bar you hang-out with last night. Got the big picture?

While lovemaking illustrates or making love with your partner has some meaning and has some value into it. Perhaps your not just having fun during this night in bed, you’re doing it because you love each other and you have mutual feelings for each other. During these phases, the modern relationship tends to have sex for the sole purpose of “trying” and knowing what it feels like. To making love, couples have intimate feelings and ideas with how the course goes.

Lovemaking for married couples

There are a lot of intimate ideas to dig into when you want this thing to happen. Usually, these amazing lovemaking ideas for married couples came out during valentine’s day. You can’t deny it. People are becoming creative in lovemaking ideas when Valentine’s is near. Lovemaking activities can strengthen your bond with each other. You may call it teamwork for instance. Sometimes you boosted the aura of your room through lovemaking quotes on the wall and love making songs. Well, somehow it can help your hormones rise. Particularly, your testosterone and estrogen. Wait, is that right? Oh, never mind. You might be thinking some Valentine’s day ideas for boyfriend or some fantastic and surprising Valentine’s day ideas for girlfriend. So now here we are, to the rescue! We’ve got some Top 10 Amazing Love Making Ideas for Married couples on Valentine’s day. You might want to try this, won’t you?

Lovemaking Ideas for married couples on valentines day

1. Play some games

Whatever game that maybe, sure it will be fun and exciting! Why don’t try some exciting project hacks with your boyfriend in bed! It may be one of the simple Valentine’s day ideas that you can think when making love in bed. But sure, you’re partner wants to see you wild and dominant in bed too!

2. Timing and tempo is a must

You can’t slip out of the corner and tell your partner that you wanted to score! Of course, it is notably understood but you have to time and checked your tempo for aura mood. This is one of the greatest intimate ideas for married couples!

3. Throwback memories

Reminiscing the past and taking up into the next level this year would make a real difference. Try to start your mood by telling stories about the past and rekindling your love. This is one romantic valentines day ideas for him. Surely, it will only be the only way to say to each other “Alright, that’s enough. Let’s do it” That’s a fun factor in a relationship though!

4. Eat some healthy foods

Remember before Valentine’s day, to eat a healthy diet and run some fitness for you to ensure a good run while you’re having the physical exercise. In all fairness, sex is one of the healthiest ways to burn down that calorie so keep in mind to be ready and be okay when you are there!

5. Get some dirty and wild rolling in your bed

Wild is always fun and always exciting. Aside from playing a game, getting wild is one of the things you can eventually do with him or her. You’re legally bonded together so go try to explore and do something! Getting wild utilizing trying to drink moderately and gently and doing that kind of stuff! Remember too much is bad!

6. Keep everything simple

Some couple doesn’t want extravagant things and explores to do. The usual the better, the most important thing in life is both of you enjoying each other’s company.

7.  Challenge one another

This trick will make your mind twist. Why not do a challenge if who’s gonna win or lose into something? Make this amazing lovemaking idea for married couples on Valentine’s Day a fun thing to do and even sexier! You know what they say. The sexier the better!

8. Send something sexy before you see each other

Hyping up the things before you see each other on Valentine’s day can make him or her want you more, why not try it to the next level? We’re not telling you to send some teasing pictures. We’re telling you to send some happy quotes or pictures of yourself in a happy mood. For sure, he or she can’t wait for Valentine’s day to happen!

9. Plan it out

You can never go into somewhere and do a thing if you don’t plan it. Of course, the nearer the more hype the both of you of seeing and doing things for love. Come one! It’s Valentine’s day it may be a tradition for everyone else doing that. Don’t you think?

10. Spend the day together

Amazing lovemaking ideas for married couples on Valentine’s Day do not only include having intercourse during the day. Sometimes spending the day with one another is far enough and far okay with the both of you. Making things more intimate and private are much happier than anything else in this world!


Whether what style it may be, amazing lovemaking ideas for married couples on the valentines day lies within your hands. You can discover a lot of things with your partner. It is up to you. Somehow, those people that are friends with benefits are having some fun time when it comes to lovemaking experiences. But do you even wonder are friends with benefits even healthy? Or are you planning to get out of the friends with benefits zone? Oh, sorry that seems to be a little way out of topic for lovemaking ideas. Still, whether you are in a relationship, a status of friends with benefits or a married couple do happy things on Valentine’s day! Remember, the wilder it happens the happier it gets!

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