10 Common Signs of a Cheating Partners in Relationship

10 Common Signs of a Cheating Partners in Relationship

Can you distinguish the signs of a cheating partner in a relationship? If you’re asking this kind of question, you suspect that you’re a victim of infidelity or in some ways, something is inappropriate in your relationship. The signs of a cheating partner in a relationship are different for every situation, but of course, there are some common things that you can seek.

If your gut feeling is telling that you’re a partner is cheating, chances it may be right. You may want to collect proof before you confront your partner about their actions. The following are the common signs of a cheating partner in a relationship that you should know:

Private smartphone or computer

Cheaters use their smartphones and computers more often than usual and guard them as if their lives are on it. If in the past, their phone and laptop don’t have a password and now they are protected, it’s a bad sign. If you ask your partner to borrow their phone and they refuse, that’s a problem as well. So, you will think about what could be there that they won’t lend you their phone?

Changed schedule

When your partner suddenly needs to go overtime, and this has become more frequent, then they may be lying and hiding something from you. If your other half has never been on a business trip and suddenly, he needs to do business trips that could be a bad sign that they’re having a getaway with a kept woman or affair partner. Traffic jams, dead phones, Flat tires or similar excuses for being late or absent might be a sign of cheating. He might also be unexpectedly forgetful about birthdays, picking up the kids or other important matters of the family.

Improved appearance

If your other half suddenly become interested in working out, eating healthier to that could be a convincing sign of a cheating partner in a relationship since it seems they’re trying to beautiful attractive to someone. Also, if he always sports a new haircut or wears designer underwear, this is something bad.

Emotional intimacy has died down.

Truth be told, after many years, the relationship becomes less strong. We do manage to connect and to strongly connect over time, teaching to have confidence in one another with our desires, secrets and other crucial parts of our lives. This process is called as establishing emotional intimacy. It is what keeps us connected to our other half after the intimacy has died down. So, if your significant other suddenly becomes less emotionally intimate and vulnerable with you, don’t you to be emotionally intimate and vulnerable, it’s a powerful sign that he has new and mostly like new affair.

Moments where your partner is unavailable

If your other half is lying to you, he will likely not reply to your messages and answer your calls. You may receive convincing excuses like he’s in a meeting, he’s driving or no signal on where he was and didn’t notice that you were trying to contact him or her. If your other half is unavailable while working overtime, or on business travel, then it’s a sign.

Your partner is malicious toward you and the relationship

Cheaters tend to justify their actions. They blamed you. They tell themselves you’re intimate in bed anymore, you don’t look the way you did before, or you don’t like all the great things they’re doing for you, so they need a little fun somewhere else. If suddenly it seems like everything you do is not right or if you’re being pushed away, that could be a strong sign of a cheating partner in a relationship.

Less, or more, or various sex in your relationship

Fallen and heightened levels of sexual activity can be a sign that your partner is cheating. Less sex means that they’re more focused on someone else and more sex is because they’re trying to make up.

Mysterious expenses

If there are mysterious charges on your partner’s cards, or suddenly less money in a bank account, investment accounts, retirement accounts and more, that’s an indication of infidelity. If you ask them about the expenses and their reply seems unbelievable, it’s likely they are lying. Infidelity involves money – trips, gifts, shopping, hotel rooms, etc. If you see large money withdrawals or purchases from places you have never been to, it’s a bad sign.

Friends seem awkward around you.

With cheating, you the victim, are always the last person to know. Cheater’s friends usually know about the betrayal right from the start and your friends are likely to know as well before you do. This information causes these people to feel awkward around you. The cheater’s buddies might want to avoid you or to become too kind to you.

When talking about cheating, your partner slips, and dodges.

If your partner is betraying you, it’s the absolute last thing that they want to talk about. So, when you open this conversation, they may slip and dodge the topic. In short, they will do everything to change the topic or not talk about it and they will instead blame you for thinking and feeling. If you’ve faced your other half about cheating and been refused with a reply like “If you believed in me a little more, maybe it would be better between us,” you shouldn’t let that ignore your gut feeling that something is not right in the relationship. As said earlier, if your instinct tells you that your partner is being dishonest on you, then you are probably right.


Note: Your partner could have all the signs of a cheating partner in a relationship and still not be committing infidelity. But still, it’s an indication that something isn’t right in your life and your relationship. It might not be betrayal, but there’s almost surely something that both of you must talk about. Also, your other half could be showing none of these 10 signs and still be deceiving you. Either way, the great news is that understanding about cheating doesn’t necessarily indicate the ending of your relationship. It only means that your significant other has lots of things to work on if they want to save the relationship, make things right, rebuild trust and restore intimacy both emotional and sexual.

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