10 Obvious Signs he Wants to Get Back but Won’t Admit it

When you start a relationship with someone you love, everything seems perfect and dreamy. Your life becomes more meaningful and you love to wake up in the morning thinking that you will be with your loved one again.

The first weeks and months of a relationship are quite ecstatic. But as we all know, relationships are not just about the good times, but it also has a big part of downtimes. Slowly by slowly, you are already noticing differences. As time goes by, your differences add up until you almost don’t agree on anything and you always end up fighting. These situations can crack the relationship.

To save the relationship, the couple needs to sort things up, agree on matters and let the fire burning. Sad to say, many couples have failed to work things out and end up breaking up. However, after the break-up, some have realized how the other means so much to them and regret their decision. People began to miss their past lovers and regret that they have taken things for granted.

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They might be thinking of winning the partner back but maybe the ego won’t let them admit it. If your ex is acting weird and you are suspecting that he is trying to win you back but won’t admit it, you can simply look out for hints or signs that he definitely wants to win you back.

“To help you look out for the hints, here are 10 obvious signs that he wants you back but won’t admit it”

He is calling you frequently.

When he is always the first one to call you, he probably wants you back. Sometimes he can come up with a good reason to call you but sometimes he calls for no reason. He tries to text you and contact you even if you ignore him. This means that he misses you. He may also come up with lame excuses just to get in touch, but he is trying to open the line again.

He dials you when he’s drunk.

He might be refraining from admitting to you that he wants you back but when’s drunk, he becomes defenseless to his true feelings. The alcohol content in his body makes it easier for him to admit to his feelings. So when he’s dialing you when he’s drunk, that could be an indication that your memories are still fresh to him. 

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He doesn’t want to admit because he is still confused.

He can send mixed signals. He calls you for a week and the next week, he suddenly ignores you. There are times when he is trying desperately to be with you but sometimes he’s doesn’t show up. These actions seem confusing but it is obvious that he wants to get back to you, he just can’t admit it himself. 

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He is still in touch with your family and friends

You had already broken up but he still talks to your family. When they need him, he still comes to their rescue. When he’s invited out of nowhere, he still shows up to your family gatherings. He is trying to show you that you are still important to him. All those actions prove that he still wants you in his life and he is trying to win you back.

He is dating someone else to get your reaction

Your ex feels lonely now that you’re not together anymore, but he doesn’t want to admit it. So he is going to dates and may be engaged in a rebound relationship to get over you. Some try to date other girls to find out if their ex still has any feelings for them.

He is trying to change to the person you want him to be

When some of his attitudes have added up to the break-up, he might try to change that certain attitude. He wants to become the person you always nag him to become. He wants you to see that he has changed and that if ever you get back together, you won’t have to fight about that. But don’t be swayed right away. Make sure that he doesn’t do that just to impress you and he gets back to his old self when you get back together. Let him be consistent for some time to see if he’s really changed for good. 

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He tries to bring up the good memories together

It is a clear sign that he wants you back when he is always talking about the good memories you have made. You can rekindle an old flame when you remember the good times spent together. It makes you forget about the reason why you broke up but reminds you why you were together before. So when he always talks about it, it indicates that he wants to make more good memories with you by getting back together. 

He finds excuses to touch you

To exhibit love, physical touch is very important. An obvious sign that he wants you back and is not yet over you is that he tries to touch you. He is trying to do that so you can feel the spark again and feel the same way at him.

He is jealous of the new guys in your life

When there is love, jealousy comes in play. One of the clearest things to watch out for is jealousy. This shows that he still has feelings for you although he won’t admit it. So when he is jealous upon knowing and seeing new guys in your life, he is completely not over you and he wants you back.

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He still has your things

Although you are no longer together, he still has your things. It’s a clear indication that he still wants you eve if he doesn’t admit it. 

The signs listed above are just a few of the things that you can watch out for in your ex when you are suspecting that he wants to get back together. If you can say completely that your thoughts are right, you can wait for him to admit it or you can directly ask him. Whether you still have feelings for him or not anymore, make sure that you make it clear. It is a personal decision that you have to make. Think it over, identify your true feelings for him and have a good communication so things can be patch up clearly.

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