10 Signs She Regrets Breaking Up With You

You are totally doing quite fine with your life right now. It has been a while after your last break up. However, you are noticing random small talks with your ex lately and she’s been acting weird. You can’t help but wonder if she regrets breaking up with you. You feel like she is trying to get back to your life. However, you don’t want to go on assuming anything, that’s why there are 10 obvious signs she regrets breaking up with you:

1. She starts to communicate with you again

This is the first and one of the most obvious signs. Once she’s done with you and she’s moving forward, communicating with you would be the last thing she will do. But all of a sudden, you received a text or a message from your ex asking how you are doing. For sure, you can be formal and replying to her, but she is slowly being chummy with you again. This is a clear indication that she is trying to get you back in her life again.

2. She is becoming more affectionate

She is trying to get back by being more affectionate and thoughtful, even much more than when you were still dating. She is showing you love and care to you at a more higher level and reminding you of wonderful moments that you can create even more if you get back together.

3. She talks about the breakup and accepts their fault as to why the relationship ended

When she realized that she regrets breaking up with you, she will be more likely to give the apology you think you deserve before. She wants to redeem herself and she doesn’t want you to feel hurt anymore.

4. She is making it up for the past mistakes

She is specifically doing things the right way this time to replace past mistakes. She is doing everything that makes you happy. For instance, she is there when you need someone to talk to, lean on or even enjoy celebrations. She is trying to make up for those times that she failed in showing love to you during the course of your relationship.

5. She talks about issues that she’s facing with her current relationship (if she has any)

Even when they are in a relationship at the moment, she may still want to reestablish your connection. She would talk about her frustrations and problems with her present partner and even ask for advice. She might even attempt to ask if it would be better if you go back together.

6. If she’s single, she is staying single

Even if there were many opportunities in which she could have been in a relationship with someone else, she is trying to stay single. She is trying to reconnect with you while being single as long as she can. She is prioritizing the rebuilding of your friendship and doesn’t have eyes for new relationships.

7. She is stalking you

Since she is trying to get back with you, she needs to know your whereabouts. She can develop a tendency to stalk you. This is because she wants to know what’s happening in your life or are you going out with someone else. Although you might not know for sure that she is stalking you unless you caught her looking you up on her cellphone, this can be possible when you always chance upon her at random places and even find out that she was there because she was following you.

8. She is discouraging you to pursue a new relationship with someone else

When she is trying to win you over, she is being pessimistic when you are trying to pursue a new relationship. She might do this by vocally expressing her negative opinions about what that person might want to pursue. She might reason many things will discourage you to pursue when in fact, she just wants to get back with you.

9. She uses your friends to encourage you getting back

She might use your friends’ presence and opinions. These friends are the ones that have witnessed your past relationship. She might want to make friends with them and when your friends are convinced, they can give their opinions on what you should do. Your friends may encourage you that getting back can be a good idea because they see that has actually changed for the better.

10. She never comes and takes her stuff from your house even if you told her so

If she still has things left in your house, she always gives reasons as to why she cannot pick up her stuff. By doing that, she is sending a message that her door is not totally close yet. She can use this stuff to make contact with you in the future. Or she might think that since some of her stuff is still in the house, you may still see it and remind you of her. This is a subtle sign that she is trying to get back together.

What can you do?

When the signs that she regrets breaking up with you are clear, and you know for yourself that you still love her and the feeling is mutual, there is no problem if you decide to get back together because that is a personal decision. However, this can give you emotional confusion when you are at the point in your life that you have already moved on from the past heartbreak or you are slowly healing the wounds.

Regardless, you still need to weigh down things and not jump into decisions right away. It’s not wrong if you give her a chance. But you might want to give more time to see if it’s going to be worth another chance, or is it going to be better if you move forward and welcome a new relationship instead. The choice is yours because you know your feelings more than anyone. Give time to think and make better decisions that you won’t regret.

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