10 Tips on How to Make a Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology

10 Tips on How to Make a Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology

Ever wonder how to get a guy to have his eyes only for you? Nowadays, modern dating is very hard. Especially if girls are the ones who like a boy first. It is hard to catch a guy’s attention and keep it. Some girls out there like to get a guy to chase and were very desperate to get ways to a guy’s heart. Admit it, you girls like to perform cute habits that guys like to get a guy’s attention and make him chase yours forever.

Truth be told, when it comes to leading a man, it can always be so cruel in the eyes of everybody. But some girls always find the balance and would then let a guy know how to make him commit and they also know what makes a man chase a woman. But little did we know, girls who chase guys can’t make a stable and healthy relationship. They always end up hurting their hearts by being in a toxic relationship and turn out to be the loser.

Many would say that the more a guy chases a girl, the more he is going to want her at some point. For girls, many guys would show many signs on how to make him fall in love with you forever. Girls can have a strong feeling if a guy likes her. You just need to behave accordingly make him chase you again psychology.

If you are a girl, and you have been struggling to get the attention of the man of your dreams, and you want to know how to make a guy chase you using male psychology, this article will reveal some good ways to help you. This article will give you tips on how to make him chase you and commit. You sure are delighted to know that a guy will commit to you as this article will also let you know how to make a man fall deeply in love with you. 

Why would you like to make a guy chase you?

Well, if you are in for a mature and adult kind of relationship, you as a woman will do everything to a guy to make him want you so bad. Two mature people need to talk to each other for a while. They can also flirt at each other, develop feelings and become an official relationship. And when you two are official couples, there is no need to make a guy chase you anymore. Unfortunately, not all guys are mature enough to enter a relationship. If a girl happened to be with a guy who is not mature yet, then she must be making him chase her. 

Making a guy chase you

If you want to find out some useful and good ways on how to keep him interested in you forever, and how to make a guy chase you using male psychology read these tips and apply it in real life. 

1. Play hard to get

When you do this, you are on the right track. Of course, it is always way better if a guy would chase after a woman. Playing hard to get is one way of how to make a guy miss you as well. They will feel very challenged because they really want you so bad. Playing hard to get will not only increase his desires for you but will also start a connection between the two of you. Boys like girls who are submissive, but they even like it more if a girl challenges them to put an effort. Making a guy chase you make him think that he has to win you over. He will be putting so much effort to win you. 

2. Be mysterious

A little mystery about yourself will make a guy very curious about you. Just think about all the guys in your life, whether it be friends, colleagues, workmates or family. Have you ever wondered why you didn’t go after them? They might be attractive but since you’ve been with them for a long time, you already know what they’re like. Mysteries about them no longer excite you because you already know them. The same is true for guys when they chase a girl, a little mystery about you can make him intrigues about you more. Perhaps, you need to know how to be mysterious and seductive. If you keep on being mysterious, then you probably know how to keep a guy thinking of you.

But just remember one thing about being mysterious, that you might push away the guy because they might think that you’ve got a lot of secrets. Try to open up about your secrets, little by little. You will see who are the ones who will stay or leave. 

3. Be confident

As they always say that confidence is sexy and a lot of people strongly agree with that. Men are attracted to confident women. They see that, when a woman is confident, it means that a woman knows her worth and will always have something to offer. If you think you are not confident about yourself, then don’t expect a guy to be confident as well to think that you have something to offer him in a relationship. A lot of people will be easily get attracted to a person who is confident with who they are because they believe that being with a confident woman is a bonus. 

4. Stop chasing a guy

If you want to get him interested again by ignoring him, then you better stop chasing him. No person in this world will chase someone who is easy to get. They will lose their interest to chase a girl who is willing to submit herself to him right away. Guys like challenges and every challenge will be worth it when it all comes to the woman they like. A guy will probably look for someone who is hard to get and makes him challenged, surely he will pursue them. For girls out there, (when you decide to stop chasing him), he will notice it especially if you are being cold towards him. Next thing you know, he is out there making a lot of effort to win you over. It might be just a very simple way, but trust me it works! 

5. Don’t make love with him right away

Always remember the number one rule for sex, and it’s about waiting for it. There are so many reasons why you as a woman should not initiate to have sex with a guy. Guys do not value something that happens easily for them. If you sleep with a guy right away, he loses the thrill of the chase. His subconscious believes that there will still be valid for something that he has to work on. Another thing, having sex right away can make a guy think that you lack self-confidence. He will come to think that you don’t have self-worth and will not take you seriously because of what you are. 

Guys can also be a player and a player wants to sleep for as many women he can have. A player will not be putting an effort to win you because, in all sense, he’s already got you. So before you come up with making love with a guy, think first about what you are going to be for a guy after he’ got you. Just be flirty, seductive and attractive but always remember to stop yourself from sex. You can test a guy’s patience if you behave like that. Treat yourself as a high-value woman a guy could never think to dump. 

6. Be the best version of yourself

Guys like women who are confident and who feel good in their own skin. That’s the reason why every woman should at least show a man they want to chase their personality about being confident with a heart. Always look attractive both physical and emotional, especially when you are around the guy you like. Guys like women who preserve their values and see things in a positive way. Being their best version whether be it in a good or a bad situation attracts a guy. Be interesting and be true to yourself. Trust me, he will never stop pursuing you for you’ve already shown him a part of you that he can’t just get over with about. 

7. Always be patient

As they say, patience is a virtue. A lot of guys agree with that statement as they wanted to be with someone who possesses the trait of being so patient. If you are a girl, know that men like girls who know how to wait. Regardless of the reason, they find it really attractive when a woman is patient. Always remember those good things don’t always happen overnight, you have to work for as good things always come to those who wait. Yes, you might be waiting for him to do the first move but it is best if you will not be too pushy because if you are, he would most likely lose interest to you. Men always function in that way, so do not be surprised if they started ignoring you. They preferably like women who wait at the perfect time. 

8. Have a sense of humor

Men like women who have a lot of humor and wit. According to them, life is always fun and interesting to be with a woman who is not just smart, but also wise. That is why if you are around the guy you like, talk about fun and interesting things and never mention problems or negativity. Although there are a lot of bad things that are happening around the world, just focus only on the good and positive side. Talking about good things with humor will give you something in common. If you think and admit that you lack a sense of humor, just simply try to get to know him better and ask him about what is going on with his life. In this case, he is going to know that you are interested in him. 

9. Love yourself

In everything you do, never ever change for a man if you think that man will only be temporary. Learn to value yourself because if a person is serious to you, he will value you more than you value yourself. If you want something to be serious with him, just accept the fact that your opinions can’t always be the same. You can sense it if a guy likes to be with you or just for a short period. Moreover, guys are not attracted to girls who disrespect her own self. If he knows about you disrespecting yourself, he will lose interest and just dump you.

10. Show him that you don’t need a man 

If you show him that you are always fine on your own and that you don’t need a man to be with you, then he will always end up wanting you even more and make everything to be a part of your life. A man will make everything to pursue you, not because he can, but he just wanted to be a part of your story, or even for a lifetime. He wants you to be always at his side every step of the way because, for him, you are one of a kind woman. He will definitely go for an extra mile to prove to you that he is worth it. 

11. Boost his ego

Men all over the world like women who boost their egos. If you wanted to make a guy chase you, try to compliment him honestly. It is one way of boosting his ego. Always make him feel like he is in charge because you trust him and his capabilities. By doing so, he will seem to be dominant and he will always see you as a support system all the way. That thing here is that guys like to be praised and appreciated. If you make him feel like that, he will definitely chase you. 

Wrapping up

There are so many things on how to make a guy chase you using male psychology. One thing is for sure, just remember to just be yourself all the time. It is hard to pursue a person especially if you are a girl. But sometimes, you don’t need to pursue them anymore because they just do it on their own if he sees qualities of you that they like. Act accordingly and formally. Confidence and being true are the qualities that most guys look for a woman. Just be true to who you are. You will see, they will chase you. 

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