Long-distance relationships are never a joke. It is much harder than what you have thought and expected it to be. You’ve got to dedicate at least your time and make a lot of effort for your relationship to last until the end. As they say, a long-distance relationship must work out not only for one person but for two people. A relationship is a commitment and therefore two people shall be seen committed and taking efforts into one another’s account. However, there are days of misunderstanding and miscommunication when you tend to give up and say a lot of bad things to each other. For a couple who’s in a long-distance relationship, this is normal. You argue about certain things and you talk over and laugh from something. However, keeping your relationship real and true may be hard for people in a long-distance relationship. How does it work? What if your partner is cheating on you while you are in a long-distance relationship? What would you do?

So to better strengthen your bond with each other, we’ve given away some ways on how to make her feel special in a long-distance relationship. Well, this is not only applied to your girl but it can also be applied to your man. Valuing your relationship is important as well as valuing your presence. Of course, you wouldn’t want to feel that you’re not appreciated in the relationship at all costs. Right? So here you go, we’ve given you a list to help you out!

10 Ways on how to make her feel special in a long-distance relationship.

1. Spend some time through calls

Listening to her stories and how her day went is one way to show how to make her feel special. When the days are gone through and all that you have is a phone that you can use to communicate, spend all the time and days doing this with her. Girls are born appreciative even in the tiny tightest and smallest things. For sure, she’ll be happy that make an effort to put a smile on her face just by listening to her stories. This will make your girlfriend feel loved in a long-distance relationship.

2. Be present during holiday seasons and other important activities

Spending some time together during these special seasons would make your life happier than you are. Days like this shouldn’t be missed to celebrate. Well, aside from you text each other cute goodnight text and you’ve got some way to make her smile through text, it is more valid and important for you to occasionally go and celebrate things with her even if it means sacrificing for you. After all, This will show you love your long-distance girlfriend you love her. you love her, don’t you?

3. Write letters for her

Letters are the somewhat traditional thing for a modern relationship in the millennial era to do. However, writing an anniversary letter for your partner would make her feel even more special than before. This is one thing on how could you prepare in a long-distance relationship in terms of surprising and giving some gifts for her. Letters are treasured. And for sure, she will love seeing your handwriting! This is a plus An effort!

4. Surprise her with some gift and spa treatment!

This would be a way to feel special in a long-distance relationship. Surely, a man will do anything lovely for his girl. And every man knows that lady’s love to splurge everything! Just like having a spa with their sisters or friends. She would love this and feel surprised by this kind of gift. Arranging some spa treatment session is way beyond a girl’s dream. Of course, pampering time is important for oneself which can make you feel relaxed and refreshed once again! This will make you a good man to your girlfriend. Don’t you think?

5. Write her a song or sing her a song

Writing a song for her is an extra special move to do. This would make her fall in love with a long-distance relationship and can miss you even more. There’s no doubt that this could be the sweetest move a guy can ever make. When you do this, it can make her feel special in a lot of ways. Imagine, the man you love is making a song for you. What if he is in a band? And they tend to play that song every gig they have. People would fall in love with the song knowing it is dedicated to someone special. And that could be you. This could tighten up your relationship with him and can make you proud of him

6. Make some time for her

Beyond this possible thing that you can make her, sometimes the simplest thing is the most unforgettable and valuable thing to do. The long-distance relationship doesn’t feel real when you don’t make time for her. This is the only time where could be able to bond with her and share some cute moments. Making time for her is something you want to do even if it means saying “no” to your friends sometimes or just choosing to be with her. For sure, this will show how to love from a long distance. 

7. Tell her how much you love her every day

Sure there are many ways and efforts to make her smile, but just saying you love her every day can make her day change. She might also send you signs that she is missing you or she misses you all along. This is one way on how to reassure your long-distance partner and that you have no intention of cheating on her. Understand that this is one of the women’s needs and it somehow needs to be done from time to time. 

8. Create new experiences together

Enjoying some project hacks together will be so much fun to do with your partner. Try exploring different things and try to do this at least once when you see each other. It is easy to understand that long-distance couples are having a hard time looking and seeing each other from such times. However, don’t forget to make the best out of everything when you see her! Make her smile with all your efforts and all the things you can do for love! This would be good most especially when you are starting a long-distance relationship. Strengthen your bonds!

9. Have fun in bed

This does make sense when you see each other after a long time! Surprise her and be dominant in bed through your moves. Sometimes all you need in love is affection. This could be a way to deepen a woman’s love for you. If you wanted to go wild and something fun, try to do it on calls. That could be one way to show your affection over the phone. You know what they say, the heart always gets what it wants. 

10. Support her in her decisions in life

Lastly, seeing her smile is a way to make you smile and okay too. A long-distance relationship is hard, but if both of you are working together to make things better, nothing will be much harder than it was. Support her in her life decisions will be so overwhelming for her at some point but it will show how you truly love her. 


Long-distance relationships are without a doubt challenging. You have to sacrifice and drop something out for the relationship to work out. But as what the saying goes, you can do anything and everything for the one you love even if it means sacrificing your greatest desires. After all, no one can ever replace the things that she’s also doing for you. One way how to prove a long-distance relationship could work out for someone. Now, won’t you get some gifts for your girlfriend to make her happy!

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