11 Old Love Customs that Should Totally Come Back

Is it just I or there are others who would like to go back a little bit regarding customs in love, so what is 11 Old Love Customs That Should Totally Come Back?

The new culture of “one branch” is sometimes very tiring, and I often catch myself wondering if there are still men who are willing to make an effort to impress a woman.

Some old customs should definitely make a comeback – or at least, they should preserve their substance and be modernized.

That’s what it should look like:

1. The man invites the woman out a few days in advance:

I am not saying that it is not ok if the woman takes the initiative, but for me personally, the whole experience of encounters is better when the man makes an effort and shows that he is interested.

A man who takes the time to plan a date is so rare these days.

What we’re usually given are last-minute plans and late-night phone calls to spend time together, which is really sad. 

2. Clarification of intentions from the start:

This is certainly one of the best things about the old habits of the past. We knew in advance what to expect, whether we were “exclusive” with each other or not.

Before, all you had to do was ask someone directly if they like being with you – men usually did because it was a manly thing to do.

3. Do your best to look good:

You know what they say: “there was no second chance to make a first impression.” And it’s true.

We need something that attracts us in the first place before we know the depth of the person we’re seeing.

It’s good when men and women make an effort to dress well, to smell good and to show this someone that you want to leave a good impression. Efforts are sexy.

4. Slow dancing:

When we go to clubs these days, we don’t really get a chance to slow dance. The music’s too loud, and we can’t hear each other.

Fortunately, there are still places where you can slow dance, and you should explore this option.

Even if you’re not a good dancer, it can be an opportunity to learn something together.

The sound of music and the casual atmosphere relax men and women and allow them to speak more easily.

In addition, it puts them in a position where they are physically close which increases the sexual tension between them.

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5. A modern version of manners of politeness:

Even if opening the car door (or any door) for a woman, offering a flower on a date, pulling out her chair or other examples like that, sounds great and should not be old fashioned, it could be embarrassing for most people nowadays.

But why can’t we just modernize some of these things and revive them?

For example, nowadays, good manners might be to let the woman Order first, walk next to her holding her hand rather than a few steps in front of her, send a goodnight text, etc.

6. Walk the woman to her landing:

It’s not just about manners. It’s chivalry one-on-one, and it should never be out of date.

First of all, it’s a great opportunity to kiss, and it gives an air of romanticism in this modern, Not So Romantic era.

Second, the woman feels safe. From a subconscious point of view, it sends the message that the man is interested in the safety of the woman, and we could all use more of it these days.

7. Making a big romantic gesture:

It may be utopian, but it would be nice if someone did something for you that would turn your head. Like for example a love letter, a poem or even a serenade under your window.

Maybe today it could be a cup of coffee in the Morning, post-it with loving words all over the apartment, chocolate hidden in your purse.

Love customs that should totally come back, These little big things can make any girl crack.

8.No wi-fi:

It’s good to disconnect from time to time. Our phones take up too much of our time and too much of our attention. We don’t hear half of what the other person is telling us.

That’s why it would be great for both people to have a date where they should turn off their wi-fi (or at least avoid checking their phones every 5 seconds) and just talk to each other like in the good old days.

9. Building a relationship little by little:

If that applied in our day, we’d all have better chances for love. We are impatient, we skip the steps that lead to a serious relationship and go straight to the action, hoping for the best.

Before there was another rhythm, slower but of better quality. We didn’t have to rush things. They appreciated the process and it was an item

10. Going out with someone for the pleasure of going out with someone and not just wanting to get into their pants:

Sex is part of a relationship. It shouldn’t be a taboo anymore. But we pushed him to another extreme where he’s supposed and expected. That’s not fair.

Expectations of having sex after a first or fifth date are harsh.

I don’t mean to sound prude, but it would be nice to date someone who wants to get to know us, talk to us and know a little bit more about us than our first name.

Love customs that should totally come back, feeling intimately and emotionally connected with someone makes sex even better and more meaningful.

11. Fix things instead of giving Up:

This is a crucial point in old-fashioned relationships. Back then, people had a completely different mindset.

They were repairmen, not quitters. They were ready to solve problems and really listen to each other.

Relationships required work at the time to the same extent as they do today, but love was always worth the effort and investment.

That’s probably why marriage used to last longer, and people were lucky enough to grow old together.

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