12 Factors on How to Manage Expectations for Newly Married Couples

12 Factors on How to Manage Expectations for Newly Married Couples

One of the most common questions after marriage is how to manage expectations for newly married couples? Adjusting to family life could be an eye-opening time for many couples. However, you and your partner can spend time to establish a solid basis for your marriage. A strong base will help you adapt to family life and change into life as a husband and wife and set you up for a more joyful and stronger marriage.

12 Essential marriage factors for newly married couples

The following are the great tips on managing expectations in marriage.


Once you tie the knot, there are lots of expectations in marriagelike what yours is mine and what’s mine is yours. That’s how it is, especially with finance. Having the same saving accounts is working for many couples. Understanding finances, creating a simple family budget and being on the same about your money is a must.   

This is one of the realities of marriage and a huge adjustment for married life. Constant frequent interaction is also important. You each have a right in your finance since it’s both of your finances even if there’s only one salary.



Be truthful about your marriage beliefs, talk about, and cooperate. There should be no room for white lies.


So, how to talk to spouse? We all interact in our way. Being wedded and going through this is completely different. So how many of your disagreements was because of misunderstanding each other. Even you two use the same word but the definition of the word may be different from your partner.

Greed to unselfishness

You will never know how selfish you are until your wedded and this is one of the most changing expectations of marriage. 

Prioritize each other’s desires before the wants while maintaining the balance so you’re not a rug to be walked on or exploited can be hard for many to comprehend. This is a crucial part of not only surviving traditional marriage expectations but also having a happier and healthier married life.

If a couple focuses on the needs first, it will be mutually beneficial. Therefore, learn how to become unselfish.



Always keep in kind to give your partner the benefit of the doubt and think they have your greatest interests in mind. Also, if transforming your name after the wedding is part of your proposals, do it immediately.

Understanding how to “engage in battle fair fight”

During the first year of marriage, a couple can have various adjusting to learn how to argue healthily since the couple is from different families who had various methods of doing matters.

Knowing how to argue courteously as mature people can be a good teaching for goals and expectations of marriage.


After you responded, “I do,” you’re now a wife or husband. Appreciate your partner with words of love and respect.  

Words can have a big impact on your expectations in marriage life so choose them intelligently. You can also pick some prohibited phrases for your marriage.


A couple must interact with each other of what they must feel loved and cared for, your partner isn’t a mind reader. This is one of the realities of marriage that you should know by now.

Complement each other and never stop pursuing your husband or wife. Always make time and effort to connect every day.

Talk about the things you enjoy doing together and tell him or her that you enjoy his/her company.

Marriage is spending your life and growing old with your lover, partner or best friend, so enjoy it to the fullest.



Both of you are unique people with unique families and so, adapting marriage expectations exercise need effort from you two. 

You will need to learn how to agree with each other to make sure the success of your married life.

Restrictions with in-laws, friends, and family

You must set a limit of what’s appropriate to reveal about your family life with your in-laws, family members, and friends. How much time you allocate with them and when they can see you is crucial. No one loves and cares about your partner like you do. If your partner does something wrong and it annoys you, don’t tell your family members who won’t be able to forgive and forget as quickly as you. This is god’s expectations for marriage.


Your meals also play an important part in how to deal with expectations in marriage since you and your partner are from different backgrounds, you need some adjustments in your marriage.

To avoid conflict, you must things you liked from each other’s food, try to combine them and create new recipes until you can come up with meals that you will both enjoy. Maybe you two love the unique foods from all around the world and try to experiment and make your versions.

You’re what you eat so this should be a conversation in your first year before the bickering over food start. Use a weekly food planner to create your organizing easier and quicker.

Life tests and the unforeseen events

During the first year of marriage, there may be numerous marriage adjustment problems. Your commitment will be put to the test.

You will need to learn to stick together when the storms and struggles came. You must plan especially with your finances. Being there to depend on and depending on your partner when you need to is a part of the newly married meaning. You have a great friend who you can depend on so that when you’re weak they’re strong and when strong they’re weak. Be ready for your husband or wife.


How to talk to a spouse? Make time together talking about your experiences about adapting to each other as husband and wife.

Keep in mind quality over the quantity. Your family life must be developed so it can mature. Quality time with your partner must be a priority, therefore, make time to communicate and interact. Don’t hesitate to share your ambitions and what you’re understanding and discovering with each other every day.


The harsh reality of marriage is that it takes time, thus, patience with your partner is a must. Always remember the ethical principle here, treat your husband or wife that way you like them to treat you.

Remember the golden rule here and treat your spouse the way you want them to treat you.

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