13 Things that a Man who Does not Trust Himself Enough Will do to the Woman he Loves

He buys you gifts and gives you all his attention. Until you start to notice that the attention he gives you is not really healthy, he does do not trust himself enough will do to the woman he loves.

At some point, all your time and energy is devoted to reassuring him how much you love him and that you will not leave him.

Dear, your man may lack self-confidence.

There are insecure men all around us, and to know if yours is one of them, here are 10 things that all men who have low self-esteem do:

13. He has no life outside of your relationship:

He’s the kind of guy who just stays home and waits for you to come back. It may be exaggerated, but the greatest sign of insecurity is when he devotes all his time and energy to your relationship for fear of losing you.

It’s cute and everything, but not having ambitions and dreams outside of your partner, and not hanging out with other people is a little weird, don’t you think?

12. He gets jealous really fast:

You just looked in the direction of another man (he might even be one of your friends) and he gets jealous right away.

Do you know how women get jealous when they’re insecure? Well, it’s the same with men.

At first, you may feel wanted and special, but this can lead to the point where he will make a scene because you have stayed one more hour at work to complete a project.

He even gets jealous because of the time you spend with your friends rather than with him.

11. He’s accusing you of cheating:

He might even talk about his exes and how they cheated on him, telling you he’ll never be happy.

It goes from accusing you of having an affair with a co-worker to saying you’re just looking for someone better than him.

He’s paranoid, even about how you smiled at the waiter.

10. He can’t stand criticism:

If you try to tell him that he’s too attached and that his behavior is wrong, he could turn everything against you.

If you tell him that you need a little time alone, that he is too possessive and that he needs to calm down, he can do the exact opposite.

Because people lacking self-confidence can’t even bear the nicest and most constructive criticism.

They simply cannot bear it when others point out their faults.

9. His happiness depends on you:

It’s nice to be sensitive to your partner’s feelings, but their feelings are entirely up to you!

If you are happy, loving and caring for him and if you devote all your attention to him, so will he be.

If you’re trying to finish something for work and you have a lot on your mind, he leaves you alone to finish it all, he may just be depressed and / or angry at you.

8. He’s suffocating you with his attention:

It was cute at the beginning of the relationship, but now it’s getting weird. He spends so much money on gifts that you’re sometimes worried if he spends his entire salary on you.

He’s trying to make you feel guilty about leaving him and he’s trying to get your attention.

7. He said ” I love you” right away:

For fear of losing you, he confesses his “immortal” love for you. It takes time to get to know someone well enough to feel love for them.

It’s not a feeling you develop after two dates woman he loves. We need time to fall in love with somebody.

6. You are his whole world:

You are the center of his universe. His whole life is in orbit around you. At first, it’s very flattering because you feel very special, but what happens if you decide to leave?

His world collapses. It collapses because you are his one and only world.

5. He needs constant confirmation:

He wants you to tell him how much you love him and that he is worthy of a woman he loves. He wants you to talk about your future together, to reassure his fear of being abandoned.

Sometimes his needs go even further. You could tell him how handsome he is in his new shirt, but he just won’t believe you.

You have to constantly remind him that he is attractive to you.

4. He wants to check your phone:

He’ll ask you for your phone when he finds out you’re texting someone. He might even look over your shoulder if you smiled while answering a text.

He’ll be constantly thinking about how you found a better guy than him and how you’re gonna leave him. Even if you show him everything, everything, and you, he’ll still think you’re hiding something.

3. It is careful:

A woman he loves will take care of you, he will not only listen to you but will respect your thoughts and follow your advice.

Men sometimes become stubborn, but if you love them, you will pay special attention to them: his voice is music to his ears and you will not find him looking away when you speak to him.

2. First of all, your luck:

He will make sacrifices for your well-being. If he changes his plans just to make you laugh and he’s happy, or if he stops the habit, he really loves you.

You are more than anything for him, he loves you, he respects you and you are his priority.

1. He’ll fight you:

Fighting here does not mean entering the ring and fighting, good, bad joke: occasional conflicts in the relationship are necessary and inevitable.

If he really loves you, you will spend time with effort, discussion and effort to improve things.

He will try to find a common ground that will make you both happy. During the battle, you can find out what’s wrong and take steps to improve the situation.

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