14 Signs that You’re Someone’s Best Friend

Blood may be thicker than water but the most fulfilling part in friendship is to know that you are best friends with someone. Most of the times, it is difficult to form a friendship with someone whom you didn’t know at first. It is difficult to trust someone easily and tell stories to them about your life but as time passes by and you eventually form a bond with each other, you will learn to trust one another and be comfortable with each other. True friendship doesn’t start immediately. True friendship takes time to develop until you treat each other as family. In this article, there are signs that you are best friends.

1. You never judge each other

For example, your friend lives in a simple or small house, you won’t mind and you wouldn’t judge him or her immediately. You would accept the family status of your friend or how they live. If their culture is different from yours, you would also accept it and never say anything against him or her because that’s what true friendship means.

2. You always keep your secrets. 

When your friend told you a secret, you respect it and keep it. There wouldn’t be a time that you would think of telling to anyone else the secret that you have shared because you kept a promise and that promise should be fulfilled.

3. You are completely honest with one another. 

If you see something wrong with one another, you would immediately tell it. You won’t say words behind each other’s back that are not true instead, you will say what you feel honestly in front of one another.

4. You don’t need to talk to each other every day to know that you are there for one another.

You and your best friend may not be together every day because of your schedules but that is never a problem for both of you. Even if you are not talking with one another, as long as you know that you are there for each other whatever happens, it is already a sign that you are best friends.

5. There is no awkwardness among you. 

Even if both of you are silent, it would never be awkward for both of you. Sometimes, you also need silence to think properly. Silence doesn’t always mean that you don’t want to talk to each other but it can also mean that you are giving each other space and time each of you needs.

6. You can always catch up with one another after long periods of not seeing each other

As days pass by, there will be times that we need to sacrifice the time we have for going out because we need to finish some requirements at school or work or we need to study for an exam. There are days that we will be very busy that our time with our friends will be lessened but in a true friendship, time is not a problem. Even if best friends didn’t see each other for a long time, once they have decided to see each other, they always find ways to catch up with one another like how they do it during the old times.

7. You never gossip about each other to other people 

One of the signs you are best friends is that you never gossip about one another when you are with other people. As a best friend, you respect your friend because he or she is like your family already and you wouldn’t want to drag him/her down. You wouldn’t only want to protect your best friend and one way to protect him/her is to never gossip about him/her.

8. You can talk about intimate things without awkwardness

As mentioned, a while ago, when you are best friends, there is no awkwardness among you. To elaborate this, you can talk about intimate things with each other and find yourself listening attentively to one another while exchanging your thoughts. One of the signs you are best friends Is when you find can tell one another even the deepest thoughts you have.

9. You know how to make each other laugh when feeling down

Problems are part of our lives and we can’t deny the fact that there are times when we are really feeling down. Being the best of friends, you know how to make one another laugh especially when he/she is feeling down or he/she is crying already. You don’t have to ask him/her if he/she is okay instead, you wouldn’t just do the things that make him/her laugh immediately to make him/her feel better.

10. They make sure you get home fine and safe when you have drunk too much 

After a party or night out, they make sure you get home safe if they are your best friends especially when you drunk too much. They wouldn’t let you go home alone because they feel responsible for you and they care for you.

11. You’re happy to share a room

Overnights are normal for a circle of friends. One of the signs you are best friends is that you wouldn’t mind sharing a room. You are happy to share a room with your best friend for you would be sharing different stories and thoughts until you sleep.

12. They offer help even if you didn’t ask for it

As a sign of being best friends, they wouldn’t want you to do things alone especially when it is a hard task. They would offer help even if you didn’t ask for it.

13. You know what each other is feeling or thinking by just looking at their faces

Because you share a common connection, you know what your best friend is thinking or feeling by just one look at their face and you can connect with them.

14. You can easily move on from an argument when it is finished

An argument is normal throughout a friendship and it can never be avoided but as a sign of being best friends, an argument is not an issue for both of you. You can easily move on from an argument and nothing on your friendship will change.

Being best friends with someone is not that difficult. As long as you are sincere for each other, you care for each other, and these signs you are best friends are present on you, you can have a deep friendship with the people you consider as best friends.

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