15 Undeniable Signs that You’ve Finally Met a Good Guy

Good men are like comfortable heels, almost impossible to find. Because, they’re all very sweet and good at first, but after a while, we expect this man to show us his true face.

We just expect him to drop his mask and show us his real face.

Everybody can live with a little comedy, but this stuff has an expiration date. No one can pretend to be good that long.

Women who have experience in the dating world, have learned to recognize all the signs that indicate he’s an idiot or a playboy. We know from his behavior, from the way he talks, if it’s worth the time.

We know this because we’ve been there before, and we never want to fall into the same trap again.

This situation becomes a kind of double-edged knife. Since a lot of us have been broken by the behavior of a little piece of shit and emotionally abused, we have a hard time trusting people.

That’s why even when a nice guy comes by, we may miss him and he escapes.

Our prudent behavior is keeping us from being happy

Out of fear of making another mistake, and out of a need to stay away from these guys, we could accidentally and as a precaution lose the good ones.

We have trouble recognizing nice, nice guys, because we’re focused on spotting bad things. We are too fast when it comes to classifying them and putting them all in the same basket.

This is the biggest mistake we’re making, and we’re doing it because we got burned once… and we never want to go through this again.

That said, when you run into a good man, it’s like you’re wearing Magic Shoes where you can dance all night and feel like you’re Dancing On The Clouds.

So, ladies, look at the signs that you’ve finally met a good man, and not yet a jerk. Hold on to him, because this may be your only chance.

1. He’s patient when you’re booked.

He knows you can’t let go right now. He knows you’ve been through a lot and he’s here to show you his support and understanding. He’s not going anywhere, he’s got all the time in the world, and he’s giving it to you.

2. He assures you that your past will not be repeated.

He only reminds you of your shitty past so you’ll believe him when he says he’ll never do that to you. He won’t allow anyone to hurt you, because he knows you’ve had your share of pain and that’s enough of that.

3. It does not send contradictory signals

He’ll never play hardball. He’s so above these childish games. He’s a real man, mature enough to act that way and to consider you an adult and complete woman.

He will answer all your messages and call you back after each missed call. He knows we’re not in high school anymore.

4. He keeps his promises.

In his world, there are no empty words or promises. If he can’t keep a promise, he won’t promise it. He always keeps his word and even if it doesn’t correspond to what he thinks, if he promised it, he will keep it. You’ll never be disappointed.

5. He’ll surprise you when you doubt him the most.

You used to doubt men and expect the worst from them because that’s what you’ve been going through so far.

He, on the other hand, will prove you wrong every time you doubt him, and that, not for the purpose of proving you anything, but because he’s like that – just perfect for you.

6. He’s not jealous.

He doesn’t mind sharing you with your friends. He is well aware of the fact that your life did not start when you met him and he will respect that. He’ll even encourage you to spend time with your friends, and he’ll show interest in meeting them too. Everything you care about is precious to him too.

7. He helps you with insignificant things.

He will do the dishes or clean up the mess, because he knows that, even if it’s not a big deal, it means a lot to you.

8. He never stops trying.

You know that some men stop making you feel special after a while because they’re sure you’re going to stay.

He’ll never stop doing it. He’ll buy you gifts and flowers just because he wants to make you happy. He’ll always want to make sure you know how much you mean to him.

9. You still catch him looking at you

Even after all this time you spent together, you still catch him looking at you like he saw you for the first time.

10. He tells you you’re beautiful.

He tells you you’re the most beautiful person in the room to him, always. He tells you that you are beautiful spontaneously because he really thinks and feels it.

11. He will never abandon you.

He’s still fighting for you. Even when you fight and you are both angry, he calms down and reaches out to you to calm things down, because he won’t let you go that easily.

You mean too much to him to let you go.

12. He’s behaving well towards you.

He’s always nice to you, which is kind of weird because you’re not used to it. You never believed that relationships work that way, not the way you used to. It’s hard for you to accept it because you’re always looking for a hidden reason.

13. He respects you.

He’ll never disrespect the things you love. Even if he doesn’t like your hobbies or the kind of music you listen to, he’ll make an effort to like it. If he can’t, he’ll support you even if it doesn’t suit him. It’s part of you, and he respects that.

14. You realize he’s changed your life.

He changed the way you look at people. He gave you hope that there are still good people out there, and you were lucky enough to find one. He has proved to you that the whole earth does not seek to harm you. You thought he was like everyone else, but he’s not.

15. He loves you even when you’re at your lowest.

He saw your vulnerable side, he saw you at your worst and he’s still staying. He sees your pain and your suffering and he does not chicken out, he stays and offers you the shoulder on which you can cry. It hurts when you’re like that.

It hurts to see you sad and broken. He feels the same way. So he pulls himself together and gets you out of there. That’s how he is. That’s how much he loves you.

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