16 New Things to Try in Bed for Couples

What else threatens a man in bed? Surprisingly (and maybe not, boys are reputed to be lazy), but most of what they are not so interested in the game or the action of the trapeze, many men say that they are basically just simple creatures that the wife wants to seem. If you are looking to give it something special, they would like it some. 

1. Do it with the light on:

You may be concerned about what your husband thinks of your Breast after breastfeeding, about your cesarean scars, or even that some rarely notice self-aware flaws: there is a cover for concern only if he is informed. “It’s true, men are very visual,” says the relationship expert

“What is it?”He is in the desired clothes. We are confirmed by how happy we can make you in bed; this is how much you can change ‘ so show you.”Every one of them.”

2. Keep:

Some women and men may listen to us, finding it a little awkward. “It is a great awakening for us to see a confident woman fully connected to her sexuality. It’s like offering a private show to your husband, watching the pleasure on his face and a better understanding of how much he likes to be touched.

3. Use your mouth:

Captain free. “I can’t stress you out, I love you too and I love you blowjobs” is a Dating coach for Todd Valentine. “And we love that they take care of themselves without asking and without asking.” asking. So go ahead and surprise him, and not only because it’s his birthday or because you lost a bet.   

4. I hear a voice:

However, why is it moaning from so many fake porn stars, but men want to know that there is a lot of fun. I can’t wait to get home. A command like “f- – – I-hard” lets us freeze. Tell us when you like something’ if-I’m hard when I love it ‘ – so much good. You can ask yourself about the “Oh ” and” Ah ” points after all these years. However, if you get carried away and take a breather like in the past, you will be surprised that he reacts to her check and creates new emotions for you.

5. Focus on your sensitive points:

Special attention should be paid to the tips of your penis, says Valentina. “Drive carefully, but if you know there’s a tongue-lashing, your husband will give you his word.”

6. The bed with the agility of the car:

“Men fantasize about sex in different places, “says Dr. Scott Hartzman, author of the secret of happily married men. Everyday sex has its place, but sometimes you want to do something else. One day go to IKEA for a fake bear rug (save the trip) and go crazy in front of your fireplace. Or sit on the couch while the kids sleep and make sure the TV is behind you. 

7. Calm:

We’ve all been there: you’re either completely exhausted and trying to get over it, or you’re just catching up with what’s going on and Your body can be powerful, however, slowing down. – Men have time to feel and explore everything. “For example, if you are having oral sex, inject and withdraw it very slowly so that it does not touch your mouth.”Once you disturb it, you can speed it up completely, but first light technology is very useful.”   

8. I’ll show you your performance:

“Many married men are afraid that they will be bored to have sex with only one woman,” says Haltzman. That’s why role-playing is so effective. I just want to go to the beach and go to the beach and go to the beach. “To get in the way of fantasy, you’ll automatically increase your dopamine levels, the hormone of arousal, and increase your sense of attachment, “Hartzman added, and even after you’re done with «cops ” or” pirates, ” you’ll feel closer to each other to do something new together.

9. Don’t underestimate the power of foreplay:

Sure, the boys have a reputation for wanting to do it in seconds but don’t forget that the build-up is just as hot. Before you even start, try speeding it up and rushing into the main event, why not get aroused slowly for an impromptu Striptease or build a sexy text message that you’re too hot to get naked?  

10. You rule:

Couples often go into a sexual routine: at the same time of night, in the same place, in the same pose. And your husband may not be taking any active steps to change the situation, but the man wants to change the pattern and have the power to completely dominate by taking out his silk tie and he put his hands together and he started taking it from there. I think you won’t regret it.

11. I’m going to do something forbidden:

Most of the men I spoke to were interested in being trusted or anal. “Much of the taboo nature of this act and the vulnerability you need make it something men really want to experience, but if you’re afraid of offending or you’re trying anal sex and think your husband will enjoy it, start a conversation. Are you still not ready for anal? It’s mostly anal. 

12. Touching an unexpected place:

Did you know that men have a lot of places where they can be sexy from places other than the penis? There are semi-obvious places like a person’s torso or inner thoughts, but don’t forget to think less about sexual sports like whiskey or behind the knees. 

13. Enjoy your fantasies:

Sometimes you just have to ask. Just as there are no two women, no two men, and no two fantasies. Most of the latest dinosaur wishes partner please enjoy their memes. What am I to do? Whether he wants to meet you in some underwear or not, having mastered it, you will know only when you ask. Assuming he is in a healthy and honest relationship, he is happy to develop.  

14. Dress:

Never underestimate the power of seeing a stuffed animal get such high legs. “Anything that makes a woman feel good in her body and has sexual confidence is very sexy,” says Megan Fleming, Ph.I can personally confirm this fact; my man can’t resist that sexy little red negligee(and I just wear underwear that’s a bit of a highlight, but it’s not a text message to buy sex in the winter. she has a large collection of manufacturers and she is always waiting to open her office. The ball wants the court and the people because it can only be important to take time.    

15. Prostate is a game to enjoy:

The prostate may be a new area for you, or it may be a new area for you and your boy, but it’s also time to show your boy how much fun he lacks in his ass. “Most of the penis is inside and looks like a boomerang,” Fleming explained. Back door games «do massage inside nerve endings you can feel like you feel like you are satisfied.”Start by adding fingers when both are very excited. I soon wonder why you’re no longer experimenting with prostate play. “The record store is worth trying disc Union and its water,” says Fleming.    

16. Expand:

It’s easy for every couple to get into a sexual routine. “What happens in a relationship is what you like and your partner likes to stay on the menu, but your likes are not tested. «We can go back and play with anal again.”It’s easy! I think its fun to write a list. (And how much easier your sex life will be when you two aren’t struggling to think about a new sexual position in the heat of the moment).

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