20 Unique and Fun Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Are you looking for something that you could give as a gift for your boyfriend? Whether you are celebrating a special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or just a normal day where you just feel like giving him something out of your pouring love for him. Well, check these wonderful, fun, cute, and romantic gift ideas for a boyfriend that we have collected! We are certain that he will surely love any of these. From drinking gaming, electronics, drones, gift box subscriptions and more. You can already imagine your boyfriend beaming from ear to ear the moment he will see any of it.

Whatever stuff he’s fond of, you will find something he will love from these creative options! What are you waiting for, read further to know more!

1. The New York Times Custom Football Book

This will be a perfect one if your boyfriend is a sports enthusiast. He will surely enjoy this sports memorabilia collection recounting the moments of his favorite NFL’s big wins. You can emboss his name on it to make it a personalized touch.

2. Bike Chain Bowl

A boyfriend who is into cycling? Or one who just enjoys upcycled and artistic pieces? This creative bowl made from an old bicycle chain is a nice catch for little stuff like keys, he can even put his cool aviators on it as well. This piece will start some interesting conversations from its unique beauty. Just place it in a nightstand or at the entrance hall console to add some aesthetic vibes.

3. NES Classic Mini Console

If you have a boyfriend who is a sucker for classic things and is a gamer then this is a great one. This is also the best time to get him one as it has the best price on the market right now.

4. Cruiser Skateboard

Okay, a Ferrari might be out of the question, but the brand’s skateboard might be the next best thing. Its 60mm wheels soften the rumble during a bumpy ride and the iconic Ferrari logo shows everyone that fast is the only speed he knows.

5. Personalized Tie Pin and Cufflink Set

Give your boyfriend a pair of stainless steel or gold plated cufflinks. You can send him a whole set of tie clip, money clips, and cufflinks. Whatever options, they come in a sophisticated box with his name boldly written on it.

6. Portable Camp Grill and Charger 

If he loves outdoors then this awesome mini camp stove is perfect! This one lets you boil, cook, and charge USB devices with the work of a tight and smokeless furnace. You will have a hassle-free moment in a back-packing setting with its smart charging characteristics. 

7. Bourbon Infused Coffee

Whether he loves coffee or whiskey, this one won’t make him decide between the two! This coffee with Arabica beans is infused with a glimpse of Kentucky Bourbon so your honey will surely get the best of both worlds.

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8. Driftsun Stand Up Paddleboard

Is he a sporty guy who looks dashing in a pair of board shorts? Give him the gift of being one with the wonders of water with this state of the art paddleboard. You can choose various styles from a traditional one to a new inflatable version. 

9. “Property Of” Personalized Boxers

Get your name branded on one of your boyfriend’s stuff with this customized boxers. Of course, not that he needed a reminder. Lol

10. Star Wars Musical Box

Do your boyfriend love Star Wars? Poof! Then this is perfect! These Star Wars memorabilia is a handmade piece, inscribed wooden music box engulfing characters and lines from the iconic movie. Winding up the handle, he will surely be taken to the battleship while the nostalgic theme music of the movie plays in the background.

11. Beeropoly Board Game

Here is a fun gift for your boyfriend that he would enjoy! Players take turns rolling the dice. They will move their bottle cap pieces around the board for each roll while completing beer challenges. One is showing off their dance moves!

12. Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Give your boyfriend the gift of his very own personalized whiskey barrel. This one is sold in two sizes. They are emblemed vessels with a display stand making it more interesting to look at. Your boyfriend will surely appreciate this as one who is a spirited man.

13. Novel Duffel Bag

A gift bag is also a great idea! Does he love traveling or going to the gym? This duffel bag comes with two straps and one which is longer and adjustable. He can easily bring and transport it on the plane or to the gym.

14. Fan Chest Subscription Box For Sports Fan

Make him impress with this sports fanatic gift box packed with memorabilia from his dearest sports team. Backpacks for boyfriend, shirts, mugs, hats, whatever it is, it will come bursting out of this gift box. Choose from his favorite baseball, football, or basketball, a hockey team for a gift he will truly appreciate.

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15. Mounted Bottle Opener

Got your boyfriend worried over looking for a bottle opener over and over again? Worry no more with this cool gift! All he needs to do is choose a convenient spot and mount this opener in the wall with some nails. 

16. Yi High Definition Dash Cam

Whether he’s protective about his car or is just into capturing really pretty routes, this HD camera captures all activity over the range of three lanes.

17. Custom Illustrated Couple Portrait

This one makes a sweet gift for a boyfriend. This will make him go “aww!” It is a best seller on our gift guides as reviews rave about the fondness they see in the artist’s details. 

18. DJI Drones

Give your guy his fondness of photography with this high flying drone from DJI. This brand presents high end and state of the art variety of drones with a wide array of assorted accessories. Also, it is a bit steep when you pick a gift from this store, though they have variations for price points so you can still pick the perfect gift.

19. Personalized Socks Set

Do not give a pair of boring socks when you can gift him a pair of cool and customized cotton socks. You can choose a manly color for this one, or whatever floats your boat. You can print his name or a special date on the ankles or in the toes.

20. Vintage Record Coasters

These coasters are extra special because they’re upcycled from actual vinyl records. They bring his flair to the kitchen table.  

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