3 Effective Ways to Talk About Erectile Dysfunction with your Partner

A relationship will not be complete without the partners having a rough and hard time. Usually, problems occur in the very least and unexpected moments in your life. For instance, it may be some sort of cheating in a relationshipyou’re man pulled away, you’re tired of getting to know each other and found out that you are not meant to be together. These are some factors why modern relationships usually end and are not lasting. You may say that in today’s era, it is quite complicated to hop and dig into a commitment because of certain demands and efforts you should exert.

On the other hand, married couples or even just a couple may encounter a different kind of problem most especially in intercourse related or when having intercourse. Greatly, who would not want their partner to become expressive, affectionate and dominant in bed? And if you are a guy, somehow the expectation in your relationship is much higher than your partner. Guys are known to be the ruler of relationships wherein you decide and drive the whole thing (together with your partner’s support). However, there are times that you cannot really control things and there will always be problems. Most especially when it is all about having Erectile Dysfunction or if you’re having a hard time to say it ED.

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile Dysfunction means having a hard time of difficulty maintaining and achieving an erection while having intercourse or sex. Different causes lie between having erectile dysfunction and it could be organic or it can be psychological too. Usually when Erectile Dysfunction occurs partners are having a hard time manipulating and starting over again their intercourse to bring back the excitement in fun. It is not only hard on the man’s side but it is also tough for the female side. 

Apart from that, men with erectile dysfunction may be having an experience of reduced sexual desire. So if you have erectile dysfunction and your partner doesn’t even know about this thing, however, you know that she has been noticing it through times, how will you start a conversation about erectile dysfunction to your partner? And most probably, if you are already married, how are you going to deal with erectile dysfunction in a marriage? We’ve got some ways on how you can eventually start conversing about it with your wife and stop worrying that you may be living with impotence and won’t even ignore erectile dysfunction.

A common question about erectile dysfunction

Is erectile dysfunction a deal-breaker? Well, for some it may be and for some, it may not. The least you can do is try to talk about things first and for sure your partner will understand you and what you are going through. So it would probably do something good if you help yourself on how to deal with ed and not stress about ed. Is ED embarrassing? No. It should not. Perhaps on the other people, it may be embarrassing but you shouldn’t be embarrassed by it. Sure, you’re not happy when you’re having sex with your partner and you may find comfortability with certain things. Still, there is a cure for everything and you need to understand that you will be healed no matter what happens. So be strong and take that courage to fight and start the conversation with your partner or wife.

Conversing erectile dysfunction with your partner

It will have so much courage and a lot of bravery before you could probably start conversing this matter to your partner or wife. You may feel that half of your masculinity will drool down and nothing will be left with you. However, you should not still foresee things like that because she might probably help you to adjust and get over with what you are experiencing. It is just a matter of what or how should you start a conversation and talk about erectile dysfunction with your partner. 

Be open about everything

The first thing you should know is that you have to open to any possibilities. She may reject you (which is most certainly not going to happen, unless she wants more sex than commitment) or she will understand the trial you’ve been going through. Fair enough, she might think that “my boyfriend has an erectile dysfunction what should I do?” or it may be you thinking about “how to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship”. No matter how and what could it be. Always think that you should have to be open and have the presence of mind on what’s going to happen between both of you. It’s a commitment and relationship, keeping secrets with one another isn’t a reason to be in a healthy relationship though. 

Explain things to her and share details about it

When you have open about everything, make sure to at least explain why this thing occurs and happens. Of course, she’s a female and might not understand why these things are possible. Just like men don’t understand women’s mood swings when they are PMSing or having menstrual periods. Did we get you there? Perhaps we thought so too. Sometimes women only need assurance too. And the fact that you may have one, it is up to you how to reassure a man with Ed on her side. So take your time and gather your thoughts before you say anything about it. Remember, communication is the key. Learn how to Improve communication through your relationship journey.

Ask for your partners’ help and support

Sure, no matter what happens she will support you even if you don’t say it. But some girls don’t get what you’re going through so it is not a big deal, asking for support. You know what they say, two heads are better than one. You may be having an ED at 28years old or whatever age it could be, but still, things will get better if you try to acknowledge it and get support from your partner. You have to do things together and try it out all over again. 


Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that needs to be addressed solely. Your future lies within any uncertainties most especially when you talk about the reproductive system. You should be open now than regret anything else later on. Asses yourself to some compatibility test questions for both you in order not to get awkward through such things. 

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