3-Word Inspirational Quotes for Millenials

3-Word Inspirational Quotes for Millenials

We have a lot of quotes that we can relate to in our lives. It may be inspirational quotes, motivational, quotes for friendship or something related to our relationship. There’s a lot of chances that when we find such wordings and phrases that always came into our senses, we feel that it is like we or we have already gone through that phase in life. It’s funny how people say “I am definitely like this” or “Yep, this is me” through quotes that we see online or even at the coffee shop.

It’s also amazing how these quotes touch someone’s life. In a bigger picture, it opens up the minds of people with sadness or worsens depression. It also awakens the mind of the people who feel tired at their paperwork in school or daily routine at work. The thing here is that quote doesn’t mean they’re just quotes. With such inspirational and motivational words that we usually see, people get inspired and motivated with the work they do and the things they manage from a day to day basis. Have you noticed that when someone liked a quote, sometimes, it became their motto? It’s not just they were touched and moved by those words but the connection is present within themselves. 

It is no joke that words are very powerful and indeed can change a person. Words are not words without having its definite meaning through a person’s experience and a person’s beliefs. To help you become inspire more, We’re dropping down 3-word inspirational quotes for Millenials to you to keep motivated and inspired not only for your friends, family, boyfriend or girlfriend but also for ourselves.

1. Time is gold: Who would never forget this thing? Even Mulan’s ancestors can remember this 3-word quote! Easy to say and easy to remember. Indeed time is gold. Why wouldn’t waste it on something that isn’t that precious? So if you have a crush, and you think that he likes you too. Go ahead and take a chance! Because time is gold!

2. Do it now: You have to keep going. Life doesn’t stop for anybody or something. If you gotta do something, do it now. Doing it tomorrow won’t make you feel good most especially when you want to achieve something. Besides, you’re one day delayed from your goals since yesterday.

3. Just do it: If it wasn’t for Nike, we wouldn’t recognize this 3-word quote so much. Doing it now is the twin sister of Just do it. In a serious matter, sometimes you’re scared to try. But believe in yourself, you don’t have to be scared. And if you think that you do not trust yourself that much, Just jump and do things the way you want them to be. 

4. Never give up: You can probably see this 3-word quote in every millennial shirt. I bet you have bought one those huh? Kidding aside, this quote says it all. Never give up on life no matter how hard it hits on you. If you want to form a new circle of friends, then why not try a process which will help you gain a new one? Never give up!

5. Health is wealth: Never forget to take care of yourself. Health is the most important thing in every angle. When health gets affected, everything gets affected. Eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away!

6. Chase the sun: Don’t chase the sun! Seriously, it’s hot there your just gonna burn! But chasing the sun means to chase your dream. Just like every person, do not stop and always put yourself atop of your game. The sun keeps shining and you’ll always have the chance to chase it. So go for your dreams not only with your own but accompanied with your good friends! Climbing the ladder together makes it always fun and exciting!

7. Let it go: Just like Elsa, in life, we must learn to let go of the things that don’t even concern us anymore. Don’t let the cold bother you! Let it go!

8. Seize the moment: Each time we wake up, we are blessed to see the good things in life. That’s why seize the moment and do not take seriously all the negative things. Remember, good things in life are free! So smile and take your head up! Live life and take your chance. Each chance. Opportunity doesn’t knock ones, it can knock to you every day. But it’s up to you how you’re gonna seize it.

9. Now or Never: Things are quite hard enough if you don’t decide. You probably might think it ahead or think it overnight. But at the end of the day, it’s still going to be Now or Never.

10. Dare to suck: People are afraid of becoming a failure or making a mistake. But no, making mistakes is good. Failure is a good path. Successful people don’t become successful at birth and in an instant. They became successful because they work hard and they fail. They failed not just once but many times. So you don’t need to be bothered at all.

11. Value your time: Like Time is Gold, to Value one’s time is very important. So don’t waste it on something that you think is not good! Time’s fast that sometimes we can’t catch up already.

12. Yes, you can: Who told you can’t? You’ve got to try everything else before someone does it. It’s gonna be you against all odds. Wait, what’s the meaning of No again?

13. Remember to live: Don’t enclose yourself in a 4 cornered room, enjoy your life and do things that can make you happy. Live and start now before everything’s too late! Like Dori, Just keep swimming. Keep swimming. Keep swimming.

14. Time heals everything: Ohhh, This one. It is, who doesn’t even agree with this? 3-word quote yet very meaningful and full of hope. 

15. Change is good: People sometimes change. Whether it’s for their own or the beneficiaries of others. But changing is not bad all. Changing is good because you’ve got to try something new. It means you’re the mind’s not close and is always on the go to explore!

There you go! 3-word inspirational quotes for Millenials. But then again, in every quote that’s listed above, it is still within our limits and boundaries if we’re going to integrate everything in our lives. As we all know, these quotes are only guidelines or reminders for us to keep awake and get full ahead of our dreams. It’s never too late for anything, so why don’t we all start now and achieve?

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