4 Interesting Facts About the Difference between Gay and Heterosexual Relationship

Many people are curious about the difference between gay and heterosexual relationships. Even though there are similarities between gay and heterosexual relationships, we can’t deny the fact that there are differences that many people are curious about. Every relationship is different and when we talk about same-sex relationships, it tends to be very influenced by the fight of social acceptance. 

There are a lot of questions about how are gay and heterosexual relationships different, that’s why the LGBTQ community addressed this kind of issue. Aside from the conflicts about its difference, there are a lot of questions especially for the young generations about how do gay and heterosexual couples stack-up? To know more about how are gay and heterosexual relationships different, this article will discuss this issue. Learn about what kind of relationship they have and more. 

Relationship difference 

Nowadays, there seems to be a very strong issue between gay and straight relationships. Learn about the distinction between these kinds of relationships that have been observed by many people.

1. Gay relationship is harder than a straight relationship

Many gay or lesbian people are having a hard time asking the person they like the same sex if they are straight or gay. There may be smaller dating opportunities and awkwardness all the time. People are afraid to approach the people they like on a sexual level. As a result, many of the relationships started off as friendship, which is somehow the same for straight people. In the end, the friendship which will turn out to be away for a relationship to a whole new level didn’t want them to be a partner. They are just contented with the kind of relationship they have, as friends.

2. Gender roles tend to be hetero

One of the reasons why people are in favor of LGBTQ relationships is the leery of straight ones because of the issue of gender roles. In a gay relationship, there is no unspoken belief that one partner is going to do the housework while the other will go out for work. In a straight relationship, it is always the guy who will work and the woman will support. But in a gay relationship, both partners want to work their way off. This kind of expectation would end up losing freedom and hurting each other. 

3. Sex is very different

The mechanics of sexual intercourse are different between men and women. In most cases, gay and lesbian sex seems to be a lot more intimate, and familiar feeling of pleasure with how straight people do in bed. In gay sexual intercourse, you know your partner’s body better because both of you were born with the same equipment. After all, gay or straight people have their own preferences and pleasures in bed because everybody is different. 

4. Difference in arguments

In a heterosexual relationship, men tend to be much more direct when it comes to expressing their pleasure about everything, mainly because women were socialized as “nice” human beings. But when fighting happens, being in a same-sex relationship, women tend to be more passive than a man. Sometimes, even the most no big deal issues become such a big deal. 


Well, in this world that we live in, we can’t deny the fact that every gender has an issue. Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, transgender or whatsoever you describe yourself, people will always have something to say. Every person in this world has its own flavor in a relationship that they want to be in. And no matter how many exceptions to the rule maybe, people would always follow their hearts. If you don’t understand how are gay and heterosexual relationships differ, you better respect them, to be fair. What matters most is that they don’t hurt other people’s feelings and respect others. They are also human and they deserved to be respected. 

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