4 Meanings When a Guy Calls You Baby

4 Meanings When a Guy  Calls You Baby

When a guy calls you baby, what happens to you? Well, for instance, you might whirl around your chair falling or you might feel in love. Possibly, you might be shocked because it might be your crush calling you baby after all. Surely, you will get crazy when a guy called you baby in bed. (Let’s just not re-assure that it is your father calling you baby for some good night sleep, “Come on honey, it’s time for our romantic bedtime stories with Daddy!”) Gee, that doesn’t sound nice but kinda creepy. 

Anywho, you know that Baby is a call sign-in which you and your partner tell to each other. It may be a sign of appraisal or a substitute for Miss, Mister, Ma’am or Sir. Well eventually, you don’t want to call your honey pie or sugar pump Mister or Miss in that case. But going back to the main issue or topic, what is the meaning behind a guy calling you a baby?

There could be a lot of possible actions, answers, and scenarios that may answer that question. If you are friends with a gay friend and he calls you baby, for sure nothing else would matter. You might call him back “sup baby girl” or “sup my main girl”. Instantly, you won’t think of any necessary and unrealistic things in your mind. The Fun Factor in that relationship is you will take it in a normal way and you may even continue telling or calling “baby” with each other.

On the other hand, what if a guy you like calls you baby? Yikes! There’s some spark in there. So we’ve got a scenario here and let’s say he is your crush. What does it mean when a guy calls you baby all the time? What does it mean when a guy calls you baby and you’re not dating? And seriously, what does it mean when a guy calls you my baby? Or even a baby girl? We know, you might be getting crazy with all this stuff right now but it is a bit true. It feels so weird, awkward and “what’s going on?” feeling when someone’s calling you baby and yet you are not dating and you do not belong to each other. So here in this article, we will help you discover what’s the real cause behind this phenomenon. 

When a guy calls you baby

The most valuable player of the year

It is not new for people to play and do some flirting techniques. Every sport, every activity, and even relationships. And boys tend to play along with this kind of situation through time. He is calling you baby because he just wants some games. Because this guy might be one of those “superstar varsity players” in your university or school, sure he will make you melt when he calls you baby after all. When a guy calls you baby for the first time, he only wants two things. Playing with you or getting some real commitment with you. But without any doubts and chances, choose the first option because he might just be fooling around. A man calling you baby isn’t that sweet most especially when it is the first time. Take note of what lies deep down that intention cause he is probably just messing around.

He likes you to play with him in bed

Most of the guy’s gestures are barely unpredictable. The first thing you would know is he like you, the following thing is that your boyfriend calls you sis, (no, just kidding right there) the next real thing that you’d know is they would love to play with you in bed. Yes, in bed. This is one thing a guy will do if he only likes you. Well, eventually than the bed, you might be a valuable person for him and that he is serious about the things he may have mentioned including the ones calling you baby and wanting you in bed. It is a way of technique for you to say yes to him until he stops complimenting you from such things. Guys are wiser than ever before. They mostly know your weakness aside from Zalora or any other online shopping thing in this world. You’ll usually know he is more interested than bed if he texts you at night before bed. Probably, checking up on you. 

Leveled-up relationship

Some guys are not even that douche and they don’t want to get something from you. They just wanted to leveled-up and take your relationship to the next level. Maybe this is his way of saying “Hey, I like you. Don’t you think it’s time for us to be Boyfriend and Girlfriend?” Now that’s the sweet part. Other men call their partner sweetheart, not for anything but it may be there of saying how romantic they are to their partner.  Another one, you might think of “he calls me honey and baby” Then it may be becoming more serious than ever. Well, at least he started it well rather than just playing with you. There might be undeniable signs that he likes you. 

He doesn’t know what your real name is 

It must be sweet for this but he possibly thinks that it might just work out for the both of you. Sometimes the reason behind all the possible cause are innocent and have no bad intentions at all. Of course, you might be doubtful into it because not every guy can certainly call women “baby” or “babe” instantly. You have to have a lot of courage for that. So when this thing happens, just make sure not to overreact and underreact things. Observe him a bit and talk to him to make things clear. Sure it will be necessary and everything will be clear. 


A  guy can call you baby anytime he would like. Sometimes, it just how you perceive things and you deal with it. You have to assess everything else first before digging into something a conclusion that he might be really just playing with or he is already serious. When a guy calls you baby can mean that he likes you or not. Even if you think that “my ex-boyfriend called me babe” or what does it mean when a guy text you good morning baby. You shouldn’t perceive things as it may be, try to observe and act upon that action. Who knows? He might not be playing with you at all. After all, know how to make a guy chase you using some male psychology.

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