4 Ways to Make Your Spousal Separation More Amicable When You Have Kids

4 Ways to Make Your Spousal Separation More Amicable  When You Have Kids

A relationship has always an ending. The real surprise is that you’ll never know when it is going to end. You eventually notice that both of you might be happy and enjoying some exciting projects hacks together and then the next day you find yourselves pulling away from him or her or parting ways. Well, that’s the reality. And you can’t even cover that thing up because it is really visible in society. Most especially in today’s time, you can’t say that people are just playing with their feelings by separating whenever they want to or settling for less. Staying in Love and Falling in Love is always a choice and will not be a feeling either. These certainties are bound to have a real decision that could not only affect both of you, your families and most especially your kids (when you are married).

As you may have heard of it, it is not even new that you hear lots of couples breaking-ups because of personality traits and issues. Most celebrities divorce and separate just because they found out that they are not meant to be together. The least that they could say is “Well, we tried. But it didn’t work out well”. It seems like a point taken for that certain thing. However, for normal people or normal citizens of the Earth, how do people take this separation amicable most especially when you have kids? Are there ways to make you’re spousal separable more amicable when you have kids? Here in this article lies hints that might be able to answer that question when both of you fully decide to get a divorce but wanting to have a good relationship not only for the both of you but also for the kids.

Amicable divorce

It may be impossible for you to believe that there is an amicable divorce. As stated, an Amicable separation definition or amicable divorce means having a peaceful separation without any doubts and concerns. Sure it may be hard for you to understand this thing most especially when you go through the process of divorce where you see each other and blame everything to one another. An amicable divorce is a decision wherein both partners tend to take this step for the very best of their children. 

There are a lot of amicable divorce stories that succeeded and valuable in each of the families’ lives. Reasons for amicable divorce are mostly because they still wanted to have a good relationship with each other’s families and they don’t want their kids to suffer into something that one of them has done before or during their marriage. 

There are a few ways of having an amicable divorce. You just have to focus on the big picture, don’t blame anyone, agreed upon the terms and agreement, create a plan for your kids, and work throughout the process. But how do you know if the separation is right? You will eventually know when the separation is right when you ought to see your children not being affected by your problems in marriage. Probably, that’s the most ideal thing to see as a result since you wanted to have an amicable separation with your partner. 

On the other side, what could be the possible ways for this? How to have a healthy relationship with your partner and make your spousal separation more amicable when you have kids? 

4 Ways to make your spousal separation more amicable when you have kids.

Communicate with one another

There’s no doubt that this is the number one answer to every problem a relationship has. Well, you have to be physically visible and adhere to the situation that you have to communicate with one another and become friends for both of you to work on the amicable divorce with a child. Communication is still necessary not for the whole purpose and intention of you getting back together but for the kids. If some kids knew that their parents have been divorced amicably they tend not to do things and make a rebellion. Everything that you do is certainly have a challenge for you but it will be beneficial entirely with your relationship with your kids.

Spend some time together with your kids

Spending some time with your kids may not be easy most especially when both of you are already divorce. But keep in mind that this amicable divorce happens because you want your kids to still feel that they are safe in your arms. Most couples divorce and suddenly forgets what their roles as parents are. It is not that big a deal if you spend some time with your children and bond with them. Simply drop some must-watch movies with them or listen to something that will let them realize they are not in a toxic family relationship. It may be quite awkward for both of you but you most probably willing to do anything for your children. They are God’s gift and the only thing that you want them to have is a memory full of love and full of understanding. The family bond is one of the most important things you could ever give them.

Don’t blame someone with their fault. 

It may be true that you don’t want to end your relationship and someone else just triggers you to separate. Maybe because of cheating just because he is boring and you get tired of each other’s arm. But this is not the time to blame each other for each one’s fault. Remember, being an amicable divorce is a choice made by both of you. If you just always going to drawback everything to the past, you will not eventually succeed and make your relationship even helpless. The result? Later on, you will see your kids suffering. Which you don’t want at all. 

Set some agreements

Just like both of you went to a process of divorce, it is not new to you to set some rules and agreements for your continuous relationship with being friends. Note that when you set agreements and bonds, you’ll be able to identify some aspects of your relationship that you wouldn’t want to continue. Set agreements like every Monday and Tuesday you’ll be spending the time for your kids. Something like that. It will be all worthwhile until the end and you will see a stable relationship too with your kids. 


Having an amicable separation is always a choice for both people. You can be divorced having a lot of sad things and having deep anger with each other. But it is actually up to you on how are you going to manage things up, not for you but your kids. I hope we have helped you to make your spousal separation more amicable when you have kids. After all, coping up with being separated or divorce is never easy.

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