5 Causes Why is he Texting me Back but Never Texts me First

We always communicate with someone whom we like and most of the time it is through texting or text. It feels good to talk with someone you like, someone you love or even your crush. During this stage, both of you are in the getting-to-know phase where you began missing each other when you haven’t talked in a day or haven’t seen each other. You both share stories and interest and discovers a lot of things not only about yourself but also with your friends. 

In the dating phase, there will always be some worries, misunderstanding, long-distance relationships, and other challenges and trials that may come your way. However, there are also dull times and questionable times not only for him but also for you. At times or for some instances you might experience some gaps in your relationship. Gap like you’re not really into the same interest, you both do not agree with things, you get bored with him and might probably you might ask yourself “he always texts me back but never texts me first” There might be a big ding-dong playing in your ears by now but we’ll try to give it out and figure out what could be the possible causes of this. 

Possible causes of texting you back but never text you first 

It feels so awful that things happen to you. It’s a bit awkward too that you send each other Cute Goodnight Text to one another send some beautiful images of love and romance and might be sharing some timeless and famous quotes about love to one another and yet he never texts you first but replies fast. Likewise, you might that there could be a bit of a problem with you why he responds to your text but never initiates. Now these possible questions into your head will eventually lead you to “he never texts me first should I text him?” So for you to better understand things and get a better perspective, let’s try to jot down those experiences and those questions into reasons!

It’s not just you, he likes others too 

Yikes! What a coincidence this might be! You may say that “he never texted me but he likes me”. Well, apparently he does like you. But he likes others too. Now, you should then speak to him directly if this scenario is happening. You might be competing with somebody and you just don’t know that you are in a battle with someone. Yes, he always responds to your text quickly, but he also does this to others. You might consider this as signs of cheating partners into a relationship. But it’s better to know everything else than know it later when you’re married already. 

He’s just busy doing something at the moment 

Surprised? He might like you and got no intention of cheating with another woman. He may portray some signs that he likes you but he’s not just into texting and sometimes you have to respect that. People have diverse attitudes and beliefs, so maybe he’s more into a person-person type of guy who likes to socialize and form new friendships in real-life. Which is… much better than just online. Right? Online relationships and Modern Relationships in the Millennial Era are quite complicated these days. So, you better be good if he’s the person-person type!

Commitment is not within his nerves

He is texting you back but never text your first because he is really afraid of commitments and he is most afraid to commit. The idea of “I always text him first, should I stop?” or “why won’t he initiate the conversation?” will suddenly pop into your head because of this kind of reason. Boys, (eventually not all) are afraid to commit and afraid to drop down some of their priorities in life. They are afraid that they might not live the life they are currently living right now if they got into a relationship. Of course, freedom will be removed from their lives and they will eventually be sad about that. Well, you don’t have to worry because if he never texted you firstThen you should do something. 

Friendship factor 

You can’t deny the fact that friends are always being dragged into some relationship quarrels. That’s the reality. How can you avoid arguing with another is one of the common questions to solve if this topic is present. Questions like he is always texting his friend first but he doesn’t always reply to your text. At that point, maybe something’s missing out. You better talk to him and confirm everything so that you’ll be able to fix your relationship and won’t lead to a toxic relationship

An introvert is his personality 

Worrying about texting you back but never text you first? Well, sometimes you don’t have to feel guilty at all. It is not you but maybe it is in his personality. He never pops up first because he is an introvert and he doesn’t want to initiate things. At times, that could be very hard and tough but eventually, you need to understand that some people don’t like communicating or don’t want communication at all. He doesn’t initiate text anymore because it is simply his personality. And maybe, in that aspect, you’ll have to adjust over things for your relationship to work out best. Read some tips about exciting project hacks that you could do so that you both could get thrilled and amazed with what could happen. Take your relationship to the next level! Sometimes, girls need to start and initiate things. 


There could be a lot of possible reasons and causes why he is texting you back but never text you first. Before you ask these questions, try to re-assess and evaluate who both of you do in the relationship. Before you go into a fight or tell that someone is cheating, evaluate yourself first and dig into every scenario you may get into. Remember, healthy relationships start with communication. 

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