5 Forbidden Relationship Mistakes Made by Men All the Time

In certain cases, a guy meets a woman who is in love with him deeply. It’s heartbreaking and painful that this guy doesn’t care about your emotions and shows a character, terrible enough to destroy the relationship.

Those who don’t know how crucial is to value your spouse, wife, lover or girlfriend, my suggestion is to express their love and care as early as possible. Don’t let the love of your life walk away because you commit shallow relationship errors. Show her your true feelings and never make these 5 forbidden relationship mistakes made by men again.  

Selfish at first blush

This is probably one of the worst enemies and worst relationship mistakes. There’s no room for greediness when two people love and care for each other. It’s a disease and it will ruin your relationship quick or sluggish.

Why do guys mess up relationships? You must have a good conversation with your lady about where to go out for a date. The location isn’t so close to your neighborhood. You try to sway her to meet each other in another place since it’s too distant for you.

Also, one of the common flaws in a man when they ask you to come and assist her as she went shopping and the guy replied he’s busy.

She asks you to buy her a coffee or get her a glass of water and you deny following her request, you tell her you’re exhausted and worse, you answer, “do it yourself.” These are the things guys do to ruin relationships, where you or two of you are greedy is a misunderstanding.

Guys don’t ever admire your partner, spouse, girlfriend after they walk off your life. Don’t be a part of the cliché. Love and care for them when they’re with you because some people you only meet once in your lifetime.

Make her feel loved and the apple of the eye because they are. Let them see the best of you. Love them and try hardest to avoid making mistakes in relationships.

Interfering and Disregarding her

Directives “close your mouth” or “shut up” when she’s about to say something are extremely wrong and out of line. These things a man should never do to a woman. It will be a bigger disgrace for your girlfriend or partner if you show this attitude in front of many people. Ridiculing her with a sardonic voice and raising your hand as a signal for your lady to stop her speaking is the start of the ending.

No guy or woman will be okay with such behavior. This kind of character shows your partner that she’s worthless to you and you acknowledge yourself as superior to her. Your relationship will be ruined if you keep doing this. As respect to your woman, these things to avoid in a new relationship must be considered. Try to be nice and remind yourself about the good times you two had.

Listen to your woman and be kind. Sometimes, our ladies just want to chat with us. They want to feel that their partner respects and loves them.

Undervaluing her

One of the worst mistakes we make in relationships is undervaluing our wife or girlfriend for everything she does. If your lady likes to paint, instead of supporting her, she’ll get mockery and her partner will tell her that she has no talent and not good enough.

When your partner makes a mistake, you call her not smart enough and she’s under your level. If she takes these verbal abuses seriously, it’ll make her feel worthless.  

Feeling futile is one of the worst relationship stories for both the guys and ladies. This unhealthy and even disastrous for some cases. Save your lady from this dreadful emotion. You can be nicer to her. When your woman prepared something special for you with love and effort, don’t insult her. When she shares her dreams and goals with you, support her all the way. People who support and encourage each other.

Bringing back the past or the distrust

Distrust is a solid relationship killer and first relationship mistakes. Many of us have ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, ex-husbands and ex-wives. If you’re grudging of them, it isn’t okay for your confidence.

Such suspicion arises when an ex-lover is a wealthy man. The guy would ask himself, why she’s with me when she could choose him. It’s because she’s with you and you’re better.

If she’s no longer with him, it means he has an issue. You need to be assured. You’re the real winner. You mustn’t leave in envy and fear. Also, you make your woman go crazy. No guy or woman will be ecstatic if she or he is alleged of cheating or lying from the start. When your lover repeats this again and again, this distrust can drive you mad. This is a factor of what pushes a man away from a woman.

It’s not the proper way to express your love and care, but it’s a specific means for a girl to walk away. You must trust her. When a couple is together, it’s best to trust each other. Or else, there’s no point.

Rejecting your woman

You’re watching Netflix on the couch or browsing your smartphone like a youngster, looking for the latest Twitter viral post or Facebook news. Your woman sits beside you and caresses you. She wants your time and attention. Being uninterested in their woman is the worst thing to do in a relationship and here they do it.

No response. You’re lounging with a boring uncaring emotion as if she’s not with you. Your reply is “I’m busy” or “I’m watching my favorite Tv show.” This sign is enough to slay her need to be with you.

“Get out.” “Don’t’ touch me.” “I am resting.” Of course, guys have any different expressions. These are signs you need to man up. Each of these responses is some of the things not to do in a new relationship because they’re a definite relationship killer. This means that you take your woman for granted. She may even think that you’re cheating. It’s the worst attitude to show off. One day she’ll get tired and you’ll become alone. How awful is that!

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