5 Funny Explanations in Today’s Relationship: Expectations vs Reality Relationships

Relationships are hard to explain and quite complicated to run into. You have a lot of rules and the things you should to versus the things you are not allowed to do. Nonetheless, this keeps the work, commitment and bond go stronger together. For instance, you’ll be fighting over such petty and non-sense things. You will have to go over and re-evaluate and assess yourselves just because you are in a long-distance relationship. You will have to text cute goodnight text with each other just to keep in touch with what happened during the day. And of course, there will be lots of arguments just because you feel that you are stuck in a toxic relationship.

Modern relationship in today’s era can signify that relationships are becoming more demanding than it was before. And so, what are the expectations vs reality relationships that usually happens right now? Is the relationship goals expectations vs reality relationships still an issue as of this day? What is everybody’s real expectations vs reality? To give us a hint, here’s a funny explanation in today’s relationship expectations vs. reality relationships. 

5 Funny explanations in today’s relationship expectations vs reality relationships

Knowing where to eat

Both of you always argues where should you take your lunch or dinner. Probably this will text you on how to manage expectations in a relationship. Take this a relationship guide for you!

Expectation: Your Girlfriend and Boyfriend suggest a restaurant or a chain where can you eat the best food that can satisfy your cravings

Reality Relationships: You end up arguing not knowing where to exactly eat and end up with a choice of restaurant that you have dined in many times before. 

When your partner is cooking

Your partner may be cooking some dishes that eventually soothes your taste. This could be one of those exciting projects hacks you can do with your partner. Anyway, going back, you smell something and came over to the kitchen. 

Expectation: You’re expecting the dish to be good and smells very nice.

Reality: Same with what you expect, however you smell something awful. Then you suddenly knew your partner just farted. Well, that’s the reality of life!

Text message

At the end of each day, you expect your partner to text you I miss you or I love you and send you some beautiful images of love and romance or relationship quotes sayings! 

Expectation: Your partner texts I miss you and I love you

Reality Relationships: She or He texts you do not forget to bring her papers and other personal related stuff.  

When some give a surprise

You eventually expect your partner to send some strong relationship quotes sayings, real-life relationship quotes and even love quotes on your special celebrations. Partnering it too with an Anniversary Letter that you might even think sweet!

Expectations: Sweet quotes messages with chocolates and letters

Reality Relationships: You get a pair of undies, clothes, socks and other personal things that you lack buying 

The Famous Sleeping Spot

Both of you still haven’t identified the right spot for sleeping comfortably. Guess you’ll be putting on some quotes on expectations and disappointments and post it on your wall. What an ideal love meaning! Simple yet convincing though! 

Expectation: You get each portion of the bed proportional. 50:50. No explanation and no buts just both of you enjoying the same spot. Like what Lenard and Penny say, you’re not going through the Neutral zone.

Reality Relationships: Then it hit you, eventually your wife or husband will take over 80 percent of the bed portion, leaving with you a 20 percent which we can say the lining of the bed. However, another relationship couple prefers sleeping on the couch than in bed. Sounds interesting don’t you think? 

In summary

No matter what your expectations vs reality relationships are, do know that the most important thing is sharing your happy moments. What about reading some fun factors in relationships so you can strengthen yours too! 

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