When you enter a relationship, you risk in different kinds of ways. Two of which are risking to be happy which may lead you to too much expectation and the other one is risking to become broken in all aspects. It is not easy to fall in love most especially when you are scared. You are afraid if you’re going to jump through another relationship that might work or a relationship that will fail sooner or later. 

Being broken does not limit any person to feel this kind of emotion. We are used to the situation that most of the time, it is girls whom you can see signs of being broken. But in real-life situations, sometimes, it is the boys who got hurt and get rejected. Whether it may be your friend or a guy you have been dating, you will eventually see the signs of a broken man within the way he acts and the way he communicates with you. Some signs could probably be a reason why a man pulls away after being rejected or sometimes it’s just the fact that after you and your partner tried, a long-distance relationship doesn’t work at all. 

These are probably some facts that could be a sign of a broken man. Listed below are some additional signs that he might be broken. If your guy friend is the one who got hurt, at least you have clues on how you can help him with what he’s going through. If you’re dating someone and he shows signs of being afraid to fall, this might work as well with you too. You wouldn’t want to miss these causes as this might be he’s gestures you’re not aware of.

The Possible Signs of a Broken Man

  • Cautious and Attentive to situations – You might find a broken man being observant of what he always does and the people around him most especially when he enters a new relationship or he just came from a long-distance relationship situation. He doesn’t dive into things so easily. The reason behind this could probably a decision he made in his past that later failed him. He is more attentive than ever as he knows how painful it is to lose everything you have. 
    At times, there will be points where he will test all necessary actions before going into the plan. Well, you can’t blame him for that. It’s not easy to get hurt. But these signs of being broken helps him to become more aware of everything. Sometimes, being cautious is okay too. It is a sign that you’re careful enough on what’s a step you’re going to make.
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  • Talking about his past is a big No –You’ll never hear him talk about his past or neither does he tell stories about his previous relationship. Discussing his past is not something that he is willing to do. Opening up about what problems he encountered during his past may be quite a challenge and hard. He bares all these necessary things and doesn’t want to share it with others.
  • Confidence is a major problem –You can easily feel that a broken man’s confidence has been lost. Most of the time, you might see him unsure about his actions and inadequate to please people. He is often shy and doesn’t like to socialize with people. Often, you will feel that they are like women who wish to deserve better. This trait cannot be easily gained back as this is one of the main causes of his sign of a broken man.
  • Giving up is always the choice – Giving up could be a serious sign of a broken man. When things happen and he cannot resolve the problem, he will just give up easily rather than take away and solve a problem. This kind of cause could be incorporated into a sign of losing confidence. The more a person loses confidence in himself, the more he is eager to give up into such things. Giving up is always the choice and it will never be removed in his option. In times of such things like this, you must be by his side all through his journey. Being there for him will be the best way for him to be guided and conquer all the fear that he might be feeling.
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  1. He compares himself to others – The feeling of not enough will always be present to his character. Coming from a person who might be rejected or a person who’s been left, it is not that usual to compare himself to others. As he loses his confidence, he tends to compare what other guys could do. He always thinks about the negatives and doesn’t care about his positive traits. For a person who is down, this is a natural response. You need to understand them and communicate with them more often to let them feel that they are not alone. 

Helping him to recover

It is not easy for a person to move and forget all the things that happen in your life. One thing that could probably help them ease their pain is to be there for them and talk without what happens step-by-step. It will also not be easy for you because you need to understand them wholeheartedly and know where they are coming from. Letting them heal and enjoying the great things in life can be one of your tools to make them feel better and make the healing process grow faster. As much as possible, let them see life into a brighter side by going out and hanging out with your friends. A good company will do magic. Let him be able to form new friendships along the way. 

It is up to you if you’ll follow this guideline to help them recover and be with themselves again. You can come up with different kinds of creatives ideas that you might think to be effective. After all, it’s still you who knows them best. As we have all experienced, we too became broken and everything feels better when you are with the right people. Indeed, It is really hard to walk away from someone you love. The best armor to any battle is prayer. Remind him to pray to ask for help. With God’s guidance and your help, everything will be better in place at the right time. 

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