5 Things to do While Making Out with Your Boyfriend

5 Things to do While Making Out with Your Boyfriend

There are only a couple of things on this earth that are as sexually stimulating as making out besides, obviously, sex itself. When you’ve had much experience in the “making out” arena, you might have learned a thing or two about what you like and what you think the other person might like, too. But it’s always a total variable, on the other hand, because people are different.

Even though people may have varying preferences when it comes to making out, however, men have practically the same agenda in mind—that is, taking you to that bed. And, depending on the type of girl you are, you might give them what they want (because it’s also what you want) or make them wait a while. Nevertheless, during making out sessions, there are a couple of things to consider.

Here are the 5 things to do while making out with your boyfriend:

Be present

Physically, you might be with that hottie but who knows where your mind is wandering, right? You’re thinking how to kiss someone correctly or whether he’ll be tasting the lipstick you’re wearing or not? Unfortunately, worrying about little things while making out isn’t the way to go. You have to actually pull yourself together and be more mindful of the current situation. Otherwise, you might miss out on a lot of fun. And you will both appreciate each other more if you both remain present with each other. This means, looking into the other person’s eyes (when you’re not yet kissing), really listening to their words, looking for clues to what they’d like to happen next.

Feel all the feelings

One of the top things to do while making out with your boyfriend is to feel all the feelings. Now doesn’t mean you just let it all go and become an emotional case. If you feel pleasure from the kiss or his touch, savor the moment. Actually enjoy it. And reciprocate as much as you want. If you’re feeling a little antsy because you’re nervous and you’re not sure of the exact things to do while making out with your boyfriend, maybe tell him. If he cares a lot about you, he will try to make you feel more comfortable. Don’t disregard anything you’re feeling, in this case, be it pleasure or otherwise. Communicate. It’s the best way to getting what you want.

Ask for what you want

Speaking of getting what you want, men are unsurprisingly not mind-readers. They will never be. So if you want something from your boyfriend while you’re making out with him, tell him. Ask him in a nice (and maybe slightly naughty) way that you’d like to try something out or show him how you want to be touched. He will appreciate that and will try to work up to your standards. The trick is to get what you want without being crazy unrealistic. Remember, we’re still talking about the making out stage here. You have to keep things a little spicy before leading up to that ultimate, intimate experience.

Give as much as you take

When making out, giving will only reward you with more—more passion, enthusiasm, intimacy, connection. Sometimes it will even feel like a competition of who’s the more passionate kisser. Giving also isn’t limited to kissing. Some things to do while making out with your boyfriend could include touching his arm, back, and/ or the back of his neck, grabbing his hair, and maybe even letting your hands mischievously, lightly graze through his crotch or behind. He’ll like it and might get even more stimulated by it. Be careful to know when to do this though as you don’t necessarily want to speed things up before you know it. The number one rule is still to be present at the moment. Nothing beats a good, memorable making out session.

Know your limits

On that note, since you know when to start and what to do, you also need to know when to stop. Stopping doesn’t necessarily mean proceeding to sex right away. It could also simply mean, “See you later.” Or, “Until next time.” Whichever the case may be, always keep your boundaries in place and hold your standards high. Even if he’s already you’re boyfriend now and both of you might be taking it on an exclusive level, it doesn’t mean he’s ready to stay with you forever. Sometimes, a relationship can be like a game in that way. 

You have to keep him waiting and wanting you even more. After all, his attention towards you won’t be the same many years from now if you’re both so lucky. But there will also be times when you just have to let go of whatever reservations or inhibitions you may have about your relationship. Either way, you always hold the decision of when, how, and where to let him touch/ kiss you. Don’t ever get into the act of making out or sex feeling pressured. It has to come as naturally as night and day. You have to give him permission because you do have that power over your body, not him.

With all this knowledge right in your hands, you’re now officially well-equipped to take those make-out sessions just a tad bit hotter. Though there might be several more advice on things to do while making out with your boyfriend, the five above will surely help you keep things on fire. In love and sex, there are few rules that are fun to break but the only rule you shouldn’t break is the one you set for yourself. 

Take those standards higher and wave them like a flag in the sky. No boyfriend is ever too good enough to not follow them. Make your intimate sessions spicier by getting to know what you’re boyfriend likes and see if you could tease him a little bit by giving it to him while you’re making out. Also, don’t forget to savor the moment. Cherish those feel-good hormones and really take them in.

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