5 Types of Romantic Relationship - Where do You Belong?

Love and relationship isn’t just love and relationship at all. We all know that there are different types of romantic relationships depending on what kind are you willing to dive into. There are also romantic words associated with love (in case you haven’t known this). But no matter what kind or type that relationship will you have to be, you always have to assure that you are willing to give out everything and the very best that you can be in that relationship. Of course, efforts should be present and should not be missed when you are with your partner. It is not just the types of romantic relationships that we have these days. Modern relationships also have this kind of types of dating relationship wherein you’ll discover what kind of dating relationship you are into. Surprisingly, types of relationships between couples and even types of human relationships are being modified in this era. 

But before anything else, we must first know of course what kind or type of romantic relationship you are going through. Maybe you don’t know you’re diving into a kind of platonic love and you are not just aware of it. Nonetheless, here are the types of romantic relationships that you should know. 

5 Types of a romantic relationship

Open relationship

By far, this could be the hardest type of romantic relationship anyone could jump into. You don’t have any labels, you don’t have any commitment. You’re just like a bird flying around and swirling with the other birds. But you have a partner whom you can call anytime. This type of relationship in life is commonly being driven by those people who are most scared to try out for love. Generally speaking, it allows each individual to share intimacy with whom they want. So whether you would like to be dominant in bed with someone or be submissive to someone. It is really up to you. It can be considered as a companionate love example, you’re just there but you’re not committed to one another. Therefore, you cannot ever complain if she or he cheated in your relationship or while you are having a long-distance relationship. In the end, if you are to open and isn’t afraid to get hurt and get miserable, then I think this will work out for you!

Long-distance relationship

Speaking of open relationship in a Long-Distance Relationship. Well, another type of romantic relationship is the long-distance relationship. As you may know, this type of relationship involves two people who devotedly love each other yet they are far apart from one another. How many relationships have you been into? Does that include a long-distance relationship? How was the feeling?  Common problems of this type of romantic relationship usually didn’t work out because of trust. Most long-distance relationships are online relationships that sometimes fail due to high expectations and lack of physical affection. Due to this cause, people then prefer to take the easier side which is the open relationship. 

Friends with benefits relationship

If you wanted to dive into a relationship with someone whom you can trust very much. Then dive into this kind of relationship. Some say that people use love psychology with this kind of relationship. You’re losing at some parts, but you’re winning on the other side. You’ve got some chance to do things with your best friend (or even your best friend forever) and do some crazy and intimate things with them. The only downside is when the two of you find a serious relationship and have to break-up for good. This type of romantic relationship may be a bit awkward when the time comes. You can’t be friends with your ex. To the friends, you’ve benefited from. Most especially in bed. But if you’re a girl or a boy who loves to explore and just enjoy things out. Then this type of romantic relationship could work out for you then. Better put yourself into the love triangle test. 

Toxic relationships

This kind of relationship is something like an ego-based relationship. Who would love to fight and fight for their pride with love? Probably no one. In most cases, toxic relationships are the ones you think perfect on social media. However, stressful in real life. Not everything you see on social media is indeed true. Only 10% or almost half of what you see on Facebook is true (kindly exclude the memes, thank you) Well, memes are real and they are a source of happiness (is that justified?) Anyway, toxic relationships are unexplainable. They get the happiness out of you and they drain all the things you have inside. You better get some open heart chakra to open up your mind and leave a person who can’t avoid arguing with you then. 

May-december love relationship

This relationship is most common nowadays. Even celebrities follow this trend. 20 loving 40’s, 50’s loving aged 20’s. Anything is possible. You know what they say, love knows no boundaries and that age doesn’t matter. In this type of romantic relationship, there is no difference between love and true love. People who are commonly in this type of relationship found themselves dedicated to their partner and loving them for real. Fair enough? Aren’t even you jealous yet? At some point, you should. Or at some point, we should. Compatibility matters in this kind of relationship and most importantly you need to learn with different kinds of expectations that may lead to certain misunderstandings if not being treated as soon as possible. This may be a type of relationship you will have if you wanted some challenges. Also, this type of relationship status lets you prove that you can love anyone without judgment. So you’ll probably have to try if this is one of those relationships that work for you. Well, if it does then congratulations!


No matter what kind or type of romantic relationship you may have with your partner. It is always important to understand and respect both of your decisions in life. Always remember, that supporting your partner is one of the most important components in a relationship. You should probably know where your limits, boundaries, respect, and trust should be. Because that will keep you going until the very last end. Now, why do you read some romantic bedtime stories for your partner then?

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