6 Best Topics to Talk About With a Girl

You know the dialect: men to Mars, women to Venus, I think. That’s what a lot of guys say. In fact, I wonder if everyone on this earth has at least a handful of «what am I saying?” question.  Talking to women, showing interest. That’s why it’s good to read here.

Men like to approach women because they fear an unpleasant silence, even more than a possible refusal.

If you do, there’s a woman who talks to you alone, and she plays a little poker. Your goal is to find out if it is a tie to the interview or not because it is more invested in your interaction because it is more invested in your conversation. 

All temptresses understand. They say sharing a beautiful conversation with a woman isn’t just what they tell her. A woman understands there’s so much to answer.

It is this conversation effort that a woman makes that will help her find a common basis between them to create a good relationship and make her feel better.

So in today’s post, I want to share six topics that I think are more effective than others when it comes to engaging and engaging women.

One important thing before you start: what’s more important than what you say is how you say it. Regardless of the item you choose, always try to make it fun and playful and try to make her laugh. It’s easier said than done, I know. Look at our ultimate guide to make you laugh and be more fun than you really are. 

1. Books, movies, music, art.

Be honest, you can’t let a woman open her soul and share her deepest hopes, dreams, and fears with you. You have to build a lot of comfort and good relationships before you get there. That’s why you need some discussion points that are interesting to question and yet start with a little effort. Making a woman talk about her favorite book, film, music or art is a great way to do it.

Flexibility, however, we do not visit this place, but it is too little. For example, when a woman says she likes music, don’t ask her what her favorite band is. Iwaki is one of the guys for the song of her favorite band and I think she should listen to her talk about what this song means. Or, if a woman told you she likes to read, instead of asking you who her favorite author is, you recommend the book and ask her to tell you what you’re about.

This will not only convince you to put more effort into the conversation in your interactions but will also help you find out what interests you.

2. Relationship:

I swear to God, relationship-related issues are kind of a conversation fissure for most women. And if there’s one thing women love more than listening to a relationship story, it’s finding a solution to the relationship problem.

So, hear about your cousins ‘ problems with your boyfriend or your roommate about your overly possessive girlfriend and wonder how these problems can reach women.

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3. People around you:

Sometimes I hear a lot of people complaining that the topics they’re talking about disappear when they’re with the girls they’re interested in. But here’s the thing. If you keep a close eye on your surroundings, you’ll probably find enough talking ammunition to last all day.

For example, there are some fun little games I like to play with the girls I date. I call it a “what’s your story” game. If you have a date with a girl, pick a random stranger and talk about how to imagine what his story will be.

And I’ll tell you what I asked him. When you get used to it, you get more resourceful and funnier with your story. I guarantee you guys will have fun.

4. Trip:

When I talk to a woman, I always try to steer the conversation in an interesting and creative way. I hate boring, uninteresting conversations. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from experience with women, talking about travel always makes them happy and excited.

People like to travel, and those who cannot travel dream of time or money to travel. The key here, again, is to search for more than just an impersonal list of tourist destinations.

I had a lot of places. Or, if he can disappear for a month without worrying about his job or any other obligations, ask him where he’s going. These conversations cause her imagination to fade into a heightened emotional state and bring her into an ideal state; both feelings she starts to associate with you.

5. Notes:

Among some men, there is a school of thought that teaches skills of attraction that a man should never bless or an interest in a woman. I disagree. I think you’re really seducing and attracting the woman you need to make her feel like she’s beaten again. To do this, you have to find out that it’s unique and appreciate them. This could be a big improvement.    

Look, observation in women is often much harder than in men, and you notice things other men don’t normally have.

Any fashion sense is better than any other woman. If you don’t have a word circle, you can think of a sound you’ve heard before. Ask him about the mess. And when she tells these stories, let her know that you find these things attractive.

6. Passion, dreams, and goals:

Do you remember the last time someone took an interest in your dreams and goals? It’s always nice to talk about being really passionate about someone who’s interested in these things. Here are the good things. Once you have created a certain level of trust and relationship with a woman, all you have to do to learn these things about her is ask.

You know, sometimes being a good talker is like learning to be a mirror. It’s not about blindly chasing your interlocutor to talk.

The point is to learn to develop the idea of the topics that stimulate them and to learn to direct the conversation on these topics. Women feel refreshed by the real interest you represent in their lives, and they passionately help them to talk about these things.

So consider these conversation topics and make a conscious effort to practice your speaking skills, and I’ll show you some of the conversations you share with women.

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