6 Signs That he Still Loves You, Even After You Break Up

Even if you broke up, do you still Love you feel that the messages he sends you are contradictory?

Part of you knows that it’s over and nothing could change that, but part of you hopes that things can go back to what they were.

And the fact that he’s sending you mixed signals after you finally accept that it’s over doesn’t help, does it?

To have to heal, to have wept all the tears of your body and to be forced to forget it was enough, without it giving you any more false hope.

After we break up, a relationship can take many directions.

You can stay friends, you can sleep together from time to time or you may never want to hear from him again.

And it’s very difficult to know where your own relationship is going because men rarely State out loud what they want.

Gee, maybe they don’t even know themselves what they want to keep you in their lives or pretend you never met.

How do we know what he wants? How do you know if he still loves you and wants to get back with you?

Breakups are tough. You have to accept the fact that he will never hold you in his arms again.

Never Again will he kiss you when you meet again as if you hadn’t seen each other for months.

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You have to accept it and forget it and what you shared together.

But just as you were about to move on, you feel like he still has feelings for you.

It’s like he knows you’ve finally found peace and he’s just coming back to destroy all your efforts by sending you mixed signals.

You could get back together with him, but it’s usually not a good idea.

Think about your relationship and try to exclude good memories to only visualize bad ones.

If you broke up, it’s probably because you had more bad, scary times than good ones!

Nevertheless, it is always more pleasant to miss him than to miss him.

Here are some signs that your ex still loves you and wants you back:

1. He calls you when he’s drunk:

It is often said that when people are drunk, they say what they really think, they are completely honest and say things they would never say on an empty stomach.

The alcohol is disinhibiting and it will push him to tell you what he is hiding from you.

When he’s drunk, the rational part of his brain tells him that it’s over and that calling you doesn’t help but another part of his brain gets stronger and shouts to him: “ call her, maybe there’s still hope for you !!! ”

When he calls you and he’s drunk, remember to be careful.

Don’t say anything you might regret and don’t give him too much hope.

If he has the courage to come back to you the next day and have the same conversation, then think twice.

2. He’s not dating anyone:

He’s not going out with anyone and it’s been a while since you guys broke up.

He probably still has feelings for you so he decided to wait and see if the wheel would turn in his favor.

Even if he’s seeing someone a little bit, he’ll do it incognito because he doesn’t want to hurt you and he’s not sure he wants to.

But in case he was going out with someone …

3. His girlfriend fee-ls threatened by you:

She cannot bear to see you or hear about you, let alone in your presence.

It’s a clear sign that he must have talked a lot about you and that, therefore, she feels threatened.

She has the impression that he has not completely moved on (and she is probably right) or that he has doubts about his current choices.

Who knows, maybe he screamed Your Name while he was making love to her?

No wonder then, that she is feeling that you are more important than she to her eyes.

4. He sends you mixed signals:

One minute he’s crazy about you and gives you so much attention that it scares you, and the next, he yells at you like you’re his worst enemy.

His behavior disturbs you enormously, which is more than normal but it is also what he feels sincere.

He’s still confused about you. Maybe he doesn’t even know if he still loves you or if he’s ready to move on.

You can’t erase the feelings you had for someone in one day, just because you just broke up.

It’s usually a long and painful process.

After a break-up, you have to stay strong. If he sends you messages and then stops, don’t write to him, keep a cool head and act like you don’t care.

Do not let this confusion panic you or give you false hope.

5. He suddenly became someone else:

After you break up and with you, he starts behaving completely differently.

He is friendly and all his faults seem to have vanished completely, remaining from him only perfection and beauty.

Don’t fall for it. He knows how to be perfect when he wants to be, and now he wants to get you back, so he’s trying to trick you into being perfect.

If you have decided to remain friends and he speaks to you with tenderness, whispers beautiful things in your ear or only does things that cross the boundary of friendship, it is because he still has feelings for you and he is very far from having recovered from your break-up.

6. He wants to make you jealous:

If he seems too involved with his latest girlfriends or his next date and floods social media with publications announcing that he’s met someone else, he’s only doing this to annoy you.

But what he doesn’t realize is that in doing so, he doesn’t show himself in the guise of a tough guy who’s moved on to something else on the contrary, he reveals to you that he still loves you and that he waits for any sign from you that you feel the same way.

He really cares what you think of him. It adopts this type of behavior so that you, too, want to get it back.

Again, this is usually not a good idea. But if your instinct is to yell at you to get back together with him, try.

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