6 Surprising Reasons why he Won’t Leave you Alone

6 Surprising Reasons why he Won’t Leave you Alone

You had a breakup and suddenly, he starts contacting you constantly. He even sends you gifts and trying to talk to you desperately. Why is he doing this? Why he won’t leave you alone when you’re better off without him? Why does he find it hard to leave you alone? If you’ve been struggling to deal with why he won’t leave you alone, then do not miss out on this post. Know the reasons why he won’t leave you alone and how to shut him down below.

He is bored.

Sometimes there is no particular reason why he won’t leave you alone. His excessive calls and texts that you received from day to day are the only result of his boredom. This might be difficult to understand but guys tend to be crazy sometimes especially if they don’t have anything to do. Having no hobbies, job or any kind of entertainment to deal with.

He won’t leave you alone as well if he takes a glimpse of you on social media having fun without him. As he sees it, he will feel more bored and will push him to contact you. He will send you provocative messages only to piss you off. That’s the only entertainment for him.

He feels lonely.

One reason why he won’t leave you alone is that he feels lonely. He has been sharing everything with you since you were together. Now that you are already apart, he finds it difficult to change his routine. He becomes sad and the first thing that goes into his mind is texting and calling you. Her mistakes the feeling of loneliness with longing and affection. He is thinking that he made a mistake in letting you go well; in fact, it is just a phase he needs to overcome to recover from your breakup.

He wants sex.

Another thing why we won’t leave you alone is because he wants sex from you. It is possible that your sex escapades were great and now that you are no longer together, the desire for him to have sex with you remains. As you think that he only wants sex, why won’t he do it with someone else? Yes, he could opt to do it with another girl, but obviously, he wants you. If you accept him back, put in mind that nothing will change and you will just become some sort of friends with benefits.

He misses you.

Why won’t he leave you alone sometimes simply mean that he misses you? He misses your smile, your kisses, even your small arguments. He just misses everything about you, and if your stuff is still at his place, he will miss you even more. When you are attached to someone, every single thing will remind him of you. It is difficult to get rid of this feeling. No matter how hard he tried the urge to contact you, he will eventually lose it. The most crucial moment is during night time. If he sends you messages and tells you how much he misses you, then he is genuine with his feelings.

He is jealous.

The most common reason why he won’t leave you alone. He can’t accept the truth that you are already having the time of your life without him. He is just there miserable inside and waiting for your attention. That feeling drives him to be jealous and do things he never thought of doing. He starts sending you messages, calling you, and worst – following you around.  He felt lost and not giving him any attention will only make it worse. Tell him your thoughts openly if you suspect him to be jealous. Let him know that you won’t tolerate that kind of behavior in the future.

He feels guilty.

Another reason why he won’t leave you alone is that he is guilty. It’s an ultimate sign of guilt if he is relentlessly reaching out to you and apologizing from the moment he initiated the breakup. He finds it difficult to live with guilt inside and this will make him do anything for you to forgive him. However, this does not mean that he wants to rekindle what you had before. He might only want to get rid of the feeling of guilt. That is why he needed your assurance that you have already forgiven him so that he can continue with his life. Though, if you’re still not ready to forgive him then don’t force yourself. Ignore him instead and only give him the attention when you feel that you are ready.

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