7 Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Having someone whom you can call your man is the best thing in the world. Someone who will keep your company, who will make you feel special, who will laugh at your lame jokes, lift you up and be with you in your darkest times and, most of all, who will make you his world. He is someone whom we consider as a close friend and a family. Calling him with cute names will surely make his heart flatters and make the butterflies in his stomach go wild. Calling him unique names will make him special because he knows you stressed your neurons just to come up with such a unique name. I know your dilemma that’s why I prepared the 7 cute names to call your boyfriend.


“Oppa” is a South Korean word that means older brother. In South Korea, calling a guy “Oppa” who are older to you with only a few years apart regardless if he is part of the family or not, is a must. For them, it is a kind of respect. It is also used in flirting. Usually, teenage girls used this to call their boyfriends. This can be one of the cute names to call your boyfriend and one of the unique nicknames to call your boyfriend. Saying this with matching beautiful eyes and cute voice will surely put a smile on his face. Unlike with “Babe” and “Love”, this kind of endearment is unusual and will arouse the curiosity of others that could hear it. This endearment will also put a lot of minds in a big question mark.



“Champ” is a short word for a champion. Calling your boyfriend “Champ” does not really mean he must be one of the Basketball team, Soccer team or Baseball team. He is a champion in a way that among all your suitors, he is the one who won your heart. This will surely make his heart skip a beat and make him feel special. Calling your boyfriend using this in the middle of the crowd will make him feel you are being proud of him. Champ may be one in the list of the romantic names for boyfriend and one of the cute contact names for your boyfriend with emojis that you can see in  Tumblr but who cares? The effect on your boyfriend is still just the same.


“Bud” is a short word for Buddy. This can be one of the lists of cute names to call your boyfriend. This also is part of funny names to call your boyfriend. All intimate relationship starts with being friends. Calling each other “Bud” will make others feel jealous in a way that you take your relationship with him lightly, not too serious and going with the flow. Those are what others want for their relationship. Calling him “Bud” makes him feel that among all the people that surround you, he is the one whom you trust the most and the first one whom you can run to whenever there’s something bothering you. This name may not be one of the romantic names to call your boyfriend; the effect on the person whom you call this name will just be the same.



The Avengers series may have come to an end but calling your real-life superhero “Iron-Man” will make him feel like you love him 3000. Calling the person who saved your lifeless love life “Iron-Man” is what he deserves. This can also be considered as one of the cute names to call your boyfriend and one of the cute contact names for your boyfriend using emojis. Save your boyfriend’s number on your phone using emojis will surely make you smile whenever he texts you early in the morning saying how he loves you very much.


Calling your special someone “Big-guy” may not be considered as one of the “cute” names to call your boyfriend but it’s not a big deal anyway. The important thing is what you feel whenever you are together. Girls usually feel secure when their boyfriend has a well-built body; really broad shoulders, overwhelming muscles, and an oozing appeal. These characteristics are often the reasons why girls call their boyfriends as “Big-guy”. Sounds low-key but whomever female that may hear you this calling your boyfriend may surely be envious. This nickname can also be considered in your long list of unique nicknames to call your boyfriend with meaning.



Calling your boyfriend “Captain” may not necessarily mean he should be the captain of the whatever team in your school. It is just simply telling everybody that he is the one who takes responsibility in your relationship. Other girls may find it very annoying especially when their boyfriends take their relationship for granted. Calling this to your boyfriend in front of many people will make each girl dream your man. This name part of the cute names to save your boyfriend in your phone so registering the name “Captain” instead of your boyfriend’s name is not a bad idea.

Dark Chocolate

This endearment may sound racist to others but this name is one of the romantic nicknames to call your boyfriend with meaning. It may not be one of the lists of the cute names to call your boyfriend but it is not a big deal anyway.  It is always the underlying meaning that does matter. Just like the dark chocolate, your boyfriend may not be as sweet as the others but he makes sure that everything he does is for your own good.

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This nickname is suited to boyfriends that are not clingy and may not be very romantic but he will make your heart beats faster in his little ways. This nickname can also be one of the names listed in the list of chocolate nicknames for boyfriend so calling your better half as Dark Chocolate is not a wrong decision.

Words to Ponder

Our brain is one of the most powerful organs in our body. No wonder we can formulate different names for different people in our lives. We’re making names for a certain person based on how we perceived him or her. We make them feel special based on the names we used to call them. Our loved ones feel special whenever we call them with names that are unusual and unique because they know that we cracked our heads just to think of that endearment.

Above are just examples of cute names to call your boyfriend. Whatever name you use to call your boyfriend, always remember to make him feel loved and being appreciated. It is not about the name, it is about the way we treat them. 

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