7 Messages that Prove she Really Misses You

First of all, text messages are not a good means of communication. You can’t express your intonation or the emotion you feel through a text, or read exactly what the other person is trying to say.

You cannot see the body language of the person speaking to you when body language can usually tell you much more than the text itself.

You can’t tell if they’re smiling or laughing or making facial expressions.

So it’s no wonder you get confused when you get a text from someone you like because you don’t know what they mean. Is he kidding? Does he say he likes you or does he want space?

When you speak in person, you can understand what he really means because you see him from the expression on his face.

In the end, it takes a lot of reading between the lines to capture the real context of the text you receive.

You need to know the person’s writing style, how they use punctuation, why they use certain words etc.…

If you have difficulty interpreting the text you receive, you are not alone. It is extremely difficult to read emotions when you are not in a face-to-face conversation.

So, when your phone rings and it’s a text message from the man you’ve been with or from someone who’s current, you don’t always know what he wants and why he’s texting you.

To find out if he’s texting you because he misses you or if it’s something else, read the following texts to clear up any doubts:

7.”How are you?”

Do you really think he’s just texting you to make up for lost time without having something on his mind?

Well, I’m gonna stop you right there and tell you he’s got something different on his mind.

He texted you because he wants to start a conversation. He wants to talk to you because he misses you.

He misses your presence and the sound of your voice. He wants you by his side. He wants a friend to talk to and a lover to love.

He only sent that text to say something, anything, just to start things.

6.”Hey there!”

This text is usually a great disappointment to all the girls who receive it. What can you really get out of these two little words?

In any case, whatever the quality of the text, it is certainly a sign that you missed it.

Of course, he might have thought of saying something more exciting with more imagination, but you ran into a guy who said ” Hi there. “

Take the because what lies behind these two words is much more important than what is actually written.

5.“I went to your favorite restaurant.”

First of all, he listens. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know what your favorite restaurant is. And second of all, it doesn’t matter what your favorite restaurant is.

He’s just using it as an excuse to text you. He wants to start the conversation because after that text, there’s gonna be another one and another one… and you see where this is going.

He’s just trying to find a reason to text you because he misses you.

4.“I heard you were going out with the other one.”

He’s jealous of the other guy. He obviously has a problem with you turning over a new leaf and he’s just an ex.

That’s why he wants to know the details of your life so he can know if you still have feelings for him or not.

His jealousy will probably make him trash your new boyfriend. It’s either that or you really miss him and he wants you back.

Why else would he have felt about you dating someone?

3.”Are my things still with you?”

After you broke up, he wants some of his stuff back. Usually, it’s never too much of a big deal – things that he can replace or do without.

That’s why it’s important for you to know that he’s just making excuses to see you again.

He hopes, deep down, that you will change your mind about the breakup, and he wants to do something about it.

If he contacts you again to ask you something, then you will certainly know that he is only finding excuses to contact you again. He misses you, and he wants you back.

2.“I was in my phone, and I came across a picture of the two of us. she made me smile.”

That can only mean two things. Either your boyfriend was going through his cell phone because he was bored (come on, who doesn’t) and wants to send it to you to make you smile, or he misses you and wants to know if you feel the same way.

If you have feelings for him, that would be adorable, but if you don’t, then it’s creepy. An ex running through his cell phone and looking at your photos? Okey … that’s creepy.

1.“We should hang out. you know, as friends.”

Yeah, exes can be friends, but if you broke up on bad terms, then that’s not a good idea.

And if he still wants you to be friends, consider it a clever plan to get you back.

It’s normal to miss things about each other after a break-up. You were together for a while, and you got used to each other.

Now that the relationship is over, you both need time to adjust to this new situation.

He wants you back in his life under any circumstances. Is it because he wants you back or because he doesn’t know how to deal with the separation? It’s up to you.

The fact is, he misses you.

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