7 Signs that he is over you

Break-ups are one of the worst and most of us don’t want it to happen in our relationships. The period after your break-up can be the most difficult times for you physically, emotionally and mentally especially when you trusted and loved the person so much. Usually, women are the ones who find it the most difficult to move on. Women usually cry too much after the break-up with regret, denial, eating or not eating and sadness. Sometimes, your friends get too tired of you whenever you talk about your ex or past relationship because they want you to move on.

There are happy endings in relationships after many break-ups and failed relationships. All you have to do is be patient and never hurry in finding the one for you. However, there are also break-ups in relationships that are final. These relationships just didn’t work or it’s horrible for the two of you that’s why you decided to end it. Lastly, if you have been through this break-up yet you’re still hoping he’ll come back, these signs that he will never come back could help you move on.

1. He avoids communicating with you. This sign that he will never come back is the most common sign above all. After a break-up and he avoids communicating with you even if you send him a lot of messages and call him constantly, he is decided that he will not get back to you. He rejects your calls, doesn’t respond to your messages and avoids to meet up with you. No matter how strong the guy is mentally and emotionally, if he truly misses you, he would have agreed to meet up with you and catch up but when he doesn’t and firmly rejected your invitation, he is possibly over you already.

2. He changed his phone number. After the break-up and awhile of not talking with each other, and you decided to reach out to him because you miss him, you may think that the best way to reach out is through calling him. Before calling him, you can send him a message first but like what’s mentioned earlier, he could avoid responding to your messages. After a long wait and you didn’t get a response, you decided to call him. You have dialed his number and after a few rings, there goes someone saying: “The number you dialed is not in service. Please try again later.” can mean that he changed his phone number. It means that he is avoiding you by changing his number.

3. He blocked you on social media. Most of the time, after a break-up, space is the first thing that your ex will need from you. He will ask you not to communicate with him or meet up with him so you can move on faster. However, as a woman, you can’t help but think about how he is doing or who is he meeting at the times you are not together already. As we all know, Facebook and Instagram are one of the most popular social media tools nowadays and your ex has his accounts so you decided to search his name or username to stalk him. However, if you have searched his name and nothing pops out but you know he is still on social media because of your mutual friends, he could have blocked you because he doesn’t want to communicate with you even through social media.

4. His social media posts have nothing to do with you and he deleted traces of you. We might not admit it but most of us nowadays are sharing our thoughts and emotions through social media. Even though a man is a lot tougher than a woman, they can’t avoid the fact that a man also shares his thoughts on his social media accounts. If you decided to search for his account on Facebook and Instagram then his account pops out, it only means that he didn’t block you. However, if you saw that his social media posts have nothing to do with you, and your pictures together or your pictures he uploaded was deleted, that is a sign that he will never come back and he is already over you.

5. He suddenly became friendly. Being friends again with your ex is probably the most difficult thing to do but it can happen if you have let go of the resentment, sadness, anger and regret you have inside you. A guy who has agreed to be friends with you who is his ex can only mean that he has moved on from his relationship with you and that is one sign that he will never come back to you. He has stopped seeing you as a romantic partner yet he only sees you as a friend or an acquaintance.

6. He never made an effort to get back to you. If a man is serious with you and he loves you so much, he will pursue you and chase after you no matter how hard it is. A man will do anything to fix his relationship with you even if he must change if he wants you that much. Moreover, a man’s effort is a reflection of his feelings for you so if a man is not trying to chase you or make an effort for you to come back, he got enough of the relationship and it is one of the signs that he will never come back.

7. He found a new girlfriend. If a guy found a new girlfriend after a relationship, it doesn’t mean that he uses someone to make you jealous or to have a ‘rebound’ just to get over you. Sometimes, a man has found a new girlfriend to have a fresh start because he has completely moved on from his past relationship. A guy is ready to make new memories with his new relationship and has gotten rid of all his emotions towards you so you should do the same.

Sometimes, it can also be our guts that will tell us that he is not coming back. These signs that he will never come back are only a guide to help you picture out what can happen after your break-up and help you move on but it’s always up to you. We have different ways of moving on but always remember, there is a happy ending for everyone after those heartaches.

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