7 Signs That he Wants Something Serious

Dating is definitely a difficult process nowadays. The ways of meeting new people have been made so much easier and faster now, but when you meet a potential partner, you would want to get to know him deeper and find some signs that he is serious about you. That is only normal because no one would want to waste their time and effort on a relationship to find out later on that it was not something serious. Being blindsided is a worse feeling and it happens often. You meet someone, experience fluttery feelings and have high hopes for a possible future together. Then only to find out that he doesn’t feel the same towards you and doesn’t want a relationship.

In order not to fall into that mistake, you can find some obvious signs that will tell you he is into you and he wants something serious. 

See if you can find these signs in your potential partner. Here are 7 obvious signs he wants something serious:

He makes an effort 

Talk can be cheap because it’s easy to say that he likes you. But showing through his actions and making an effort is a totally different story. Take note that a man’s actions will show you exactly what he wants. When a man wants something serious, it is written all over his face. If he is really involved in making the relationship, he will go out of his way to see you and be in touch with you. He messages you often and always make plans to meet you. You can see his efforts to be part of your life and he wants you to know that.

He doesn’t mind being out of his comfort zone

You will eventually introduce him to your world. So he’s going to meet your family, friends, and he will be invited in your favorite activities. You need to observe his actions when he’s around them. Does he seem uninterested or bored? Or is he enjoying talking and getting to know your people? A man who’s serious about you will be amazed at your interests and values the people in your life. He doesn’t mind making his way out of his comfort zone just to fit into your world.

He is making the first move most of the time

Are you always the first one to text or call him? Are you always the first one to suggest a plan to hang out or meet? If the guy is interested and serious about you, he should be making the first move most of the time. Or at least meet you halfway in planning hangouts. That is an obvious sign he wants something serious. If he’s not, then he just responds when you message him and maybe wait for you to initiate some plans if you have, like you’re just an option.

He opens up to you

Guys don’t open up to just anyone in general. They feel that they are weak when they do. Some guys are even as a close book because they don’t want the girl to get attached. But if he’s serious about you, you find that he shares so much with you. He tells you about his personal life, his family, his dreams and sometimes things that he hasn’t shared with anyone else before. He wants you to know him better and deeper that’s why he’s sharing close to his heart. If he does that, it means that he is serious about you.

He deleted his dating profiles

This is one of the biggest signs that he wants to date no one but you. He doesn’t need his dating profile because of what he found what he’s looking for. In fact, he can actually date you and keep his dating apps to scope other options. He may just enjoy hanging out with you while fishing with other potential or a better partner. But he’s not going to do it because he’s seriously into you.

He wants to be exclusive

This means that he doesn’t want anyone in your relationship. He wants you two to be exclusive to each other. This is one of the obvious signs that he’s into you. You need to be careful, however. He might say that but he is meeting up with someone in secret. So make sure that he’s telling the truth when he said that you two should be exclusive. If you’re convinced that he was being honest about what he said, then he’s serious. You can see and observe it in the way he treats you if he’s exclusive to you so always watch out his actions.

He’s talking about the future with you

This is definitely a giveaway. When he talks about the future with you, then he must be serious. He is trying to connect your lives and he has introduced you to his family and friends are obvious signs. When he is making plans for the future and you can see that his actions also prove it, then there’s no doubt about it. 

Surely there are more signs to look up as to know if he wants something serious, but you can actually feel it if he is. If you have doubts, then there may be reasons why you feel that way. Though asking directly would be an easy way to solve your problem, you might not want to overtake the matters by asking directly yourself. You would want him to do that first. However, if your setting can allow you to ask directly about it, that doesn’t mean that what he says is true immediately. You need to observe if his words if it matches his actions. If you’re already sure that he’s really into you and he’s serious about it, then you can finally open your heart completely. 

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