We all know that true friendship is hard to find and even harder to maintain. But once we find “his half”, his “heart Sister”, the missing piece of the puzzle, we can feel extremely lucky.

You have someone who knows you by heart, someone who loves you unconditionally and someone who will always be honest: what more can we hope for in life?

To me, my closest companion is the sister I never had

Someone I haven’t known all my life but who makes me feel the opposite.

We both had other friends and thought they were our best friends.

But we have been deceived, used and betrayed and we have both struggled to open up to others again.

But when we met, a connection was made in one way or another. We had an inclination that we definitely knew one another and that we could open our hearts to one another.

I think these friendships are rare. They have something exceptional.

We must be grateful and never take for granted.

Because life changes, people come and go, relationships end, but a best friend will be there until the end of time.

There are millions of things I want to thank my best friend for, but here are the most important of them.

I know that many of you have been as lucky as I have and have found a sister of your heart to lean on.

1.Thank you for being painfully honest

I know I can always count on your honesty. You’re not gonna beat around the Bush and sweeten anything.

Important to thank my best friend don’t work that way.

Even when I don’t want to hear that the guy I’m addicted to is nothing more than a jerk who’s screwing with me, you tell me anyway.

You know hearing it will be painful at the moment but you’re avoiding what could have been a much worse pain in the future.

And it’s just an example, but whatever happens in my life, every time I need to come down to earth, I come to you because I know that even as you seem to be tough, you’re totally honest and my happiness is close to your heart.

2. Thank you for all the times you seemed to know me better than I know myself.

You’re the one who sees beyond my fake smiles and knows when I need a hug more than anything else.

Thank you for telling me that I am going the wrong way when I am and that I am deluding myself.

Thank you for being the one who knows me so well, even when I lose track of who I really am. You’re always there to mirror me.

3. Thank you for all the little things that mean so much

You know, all those things that seem ordinary and insignificant, like sending me a message to say hello and wish me a good day at work, sending me something funny, something that makes sense, a few spiritual quotes or an article that I can take inspiration from, tagging on Good publications and telling me things that only I can understand.

These things matter. They tell me there’s someone who thinks about me all the time and shares my unique sense of humor.

These small but big things mean a lot and sometimes they are the only things that light up my day.

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4. Thank you for listening to my absurd dramas.

Important to thank my best friend i know that sometimes I keep telling the same story in different ways and come to the same conclusion.

Thank you for not blowing me off and for standing there because you know I need it, to get better.

You’re really exceptional because you never complain when sometimes I miss myself from my incessant analyses.

5. Thank you for soothing my over-thinking mind.

I dissect and analyze every little thing, just like you.

One might think that we train each other more and more deeply, in further analyses and in incessant reflections about possible and impossible things in life but, in one way or another, we pull each other out of this mess.

Perhaps because it’s easier to spot our own behavioral recurrences by first noticing them in someone else.

It is easier to say that it is time to stop everything and live in the present moment.

6. Thank you for all the laughter and all the fun times we shared.

There’s nothing better in the world than having someone you can be yourself with.

Someone we don’t have to hide our extravagance from. Someone who makes us laugh so much that we have a stomach ache.

Someone who stays awake at night just so he can talk to us about everything that comes to mind.

Someone who dances with us all night and then survives the hangovers by our side.

Someone to eat pizza late at night. Someone to travel with.

Someone who knows how to help us out, no matter what.

7. Thank you for being so outstanding

Important to thank my best friend and thank you for being that shoulder I can cry on. Thank you for being happy for me. Thanks for being here no matter what.

Thank you for keeping my secrets and sharing yours.

Thank you for your respect. Much thanks to you for having confidence in me when I can’t do it without anyone else’s help. You are my greatest support and my rock.

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