7 Tips in Handling Romantic Rejection

Are you in pain right now from that crippling romantic rejection? It seems like your world stop and you can’t function well. It is far more painful than missing out on a job promotion right? Whether you are in love or just a mere crush or like, still it stings when someone did not reciprocate your feelings. On a positive note, your misery will surely subside, it just takes time and if you are thinking of ways on how to handle that romantic rejection then you are on the right page! We’re here to help you get through that unpleasant feeling. Read further to know!

Remind yourself it’s okay to grieve.

Romantic rejection is like a subtle death, the death of a future you where you picture yourself along with a specific person. It’s just normal to feel dejected about it the same thing you would at any loss. Have the luxury of time to feel your feelings. There’s no rush to get out there as it will gradually get better. Surely, there would be good days and bad days but try to balance them out. You can spend the days outside doing stuff that makes life fun!

Don’t take it too personally. 

A way to handle romantic rejection is not feeling how personal it feels. On one hand, nothing more personal than someone saying no to date you but on the other hand, there are so many other components in play that might have nothing to do with you. The most essential thing to remember is – no one is fond of rejecting someone unless he or she is a narcissistic sociopath. It won’t work because it won’t work. Overanalyzing it will just drive you crazy.

Be nice.

Another tip to handle romantic rejection is to remain nice. This one’s pretty obvious, be pleasant. Don’t lash out at him or her in any way. Don’t be accusing of leading you on and don’t ever use the word ‘friend zone’. It’s not required to be too friendly when you see them, but at least be polite. If they refused you kindly, you owe it to be kind as well. Though, if you strongly believed that they led you on purpose or schemed you with their twisted words, then staying calm is the perfect thing to do. It will keep them from knowing that they got to you, and have a win-win situation.

Give yourself space if necessary.

Of course, you are not obligated to hang out with someone for 24 hours if the chief emotion you are feeling is agony. If his name pops out on your phone and you see it causing your heart to throb, consider distancing yourself from him. There is nothing wrong with frankly saying that you want space either. This might upset the other individual but your emotional and mental state is the utmost concern. So, do what you gotta do and don’t say sorry for that.

Share it only with the people you trust.

Surely, you want to vent that unpleasant feeling. Yes, you should – as being romantically rejected sucks! Try to avoid talking about it with your mutual friends and only share it with one person or two whom you trust the most. Some people will certainly listen and be nice right in front of your face, but at the end of the day, people also love to gossip. Well, the last thing you probably need is everyone talking about your personal life.

Don’t put guilt to the other person.

You can’t truly control your emotions but you can surely choose how you display what you feel. Resorting to badmouth the other person, relentlessly complaining, and constantly telling him that you are not happy you can’t be together are all objectively a no-no. Hypothetically, if he decided to romantically link with you out of pity and guilt, you would certainly fall in the pit of a hellish dysfunctional relationship. Therefore, there is no upside in trying to emotionally manipulate him or her to be with you.

Keep yourself busy.

Saw them at a party with a new beau? Strike up a conversation with someone, whether a friend or a stranger. Constantly hearing how awesome their life is on social media? Put your phone away, or snooze them. Instead, find something you are fond of doing. Make plans and trips with your closest friends. Make yourself busy as a beaver until you can no longer think of him or her. Pretty soon, it would not be that much effort at all.

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