8 Common Reasons Behind Infidelity in a Relationship

Infidelity. A strong and powerful word that no one wants to hear or experience in a relationship. Infidelity is something strong and something painful and we bet you want to experience this in your current relationship. This does not only involve the things that you could know but it can involve anything that can surely harm your relationship with your partner. Starting, why don’t we define the real and true meaning behind this word that any couple could be scared of and be challenged. 

What is infidelity? Infidelity is defined as a state of being unfaithful to someone’s partner. Infidelity usually occurs to every partner who has reached their endpoint and lost affection to one another or even just their partner. There could be a lot of effects of infidelity and certainly, there should be a number one cause of infidelity. It is merely a case to case basis in which infidelity can be the cause of divorce, how common infidelity is in a relationship and a married couple’s relationship, and are there actual signs of infidelity the first place? I will help you answer that question through this article and hopefully reserve all the possible queries with that. Besides, you shouldn’t keep secrets to your loved ones. 

Why people commit infidelity

Before proceeding with the main topic and theme, you have to identify first why certain people lead or decide to become unfaithful with their partner. In reality, when you marry the person you love or you choose the person you want to be with, you see all the pretty and happy moments with them. Until you finally say that your boyfriend is boring or your girlfriend doesn’t excite you anymore. Often, people become unfaithful to their partner because they are not contented and have been finding so many characteristics and things that they wanted their partner to have. Sometimes, the person complains about being unloved, ignored and even the attention is not with them anymore. So let’s try to dig in and give some reasons behind why there is infidelity in a relationship. 

1. Too many challenges in life

Sometimes when we’ve got so many problems and we are full of emotions we tend to unfaithful to our partner and we find it to other people. It is simply because you don’t want to drag down your partner into your problem so instead, you find that solution into other people’s arms. Which is not ideal and won’t help in solving your problems. Common causes of infidelity in a relationship are because of misunderstanding and arguing. If you could just be able to avoid arguing with each other and solve that challenge not with your own but with your partner as a team, you will be able to overcome things and can be able to stand up again. 

2. You are already bored

As mentioned above, when you are bored with a person you tend to get tired easily. In most cases, boredom is one of the reasons why people become unfaithful with their partners. It is one of the top infidelity signs that someone can commit. Boredom can also be a root cause of cheating in a relationship. Whether you are a man or a woman, when you tend to feel this kind of emotion you get tired and wanted to quit your relationship with your partner. 

3. Long-Distance relationship

Few people survive with this kind of relationship. Those who are strong and who have the trust to comply with each other’s needs are the ones who are left in this relationship. However, most people cannot survive even the marriage ones. It may be the husband or wife that needs to drawback to other countries and work hard for their families’ future. Yet, when they come back with their homeland, they can see with their partners’ life is nothing but infidelity. This is why divorced is caused by infidelity. Meanwhile, cheating with your partner in a long-distance relationship is most common in modern relationships today.

4. Too much internet

The psychology behind infidelity lies too with so much usage of the internet. It is not only that kids are becoming too addicted to the internet but it is also the adults. As we all know, there are a lot of dating sites and a lot of hooking apps where you can meet new people and even form new friendships along the way. Now, this is where the cheating begins. Does everyone cheat? Well, eventually everyone cheats when they meet someone better than you. If you are the one committing the crime you can’t eventually ask yourself “why do I cheat in every relationship?” because cheating is a choice and to love. So for those people who are loyal, stay put with your partners and look out to the things around you. 

5. Watching porn videos 

Infidelity can be also by watching porn sites. You don’t want your children to see your husband doing the thing in front of the monitor while there is a dancing naked lady. This is one reason how infidelity ruins a marriage. Don’t fantasize about other women too much. Remember the covenant you and your wife or husband have shared in front of the people you loved. Don’t let a low-class video ruin your marriage and your marriage life. Watching porn sites can also be a form of cheating to your partner or wife. Just so you know. 

6. Insecurity

It is possible that insecurity can make you feel unfaithful with your partner. Pride takes its place into this account when this thing usually happens. It is no wonder how common infidelity is in committed relationships. When you are usually comfortable with one another you make things easier and you tend to expect things from your partner. Sometimes too much achievement can keep you down tending to look for another person who is lower than your level. But, for those people being unfaithful with their partner just because they are insecure. Please don’t fall in love again, because when you love someone you are proud of what they have become. 

7. Addiction

Addiction can also be a cause of infidelity most especially when it is too much. There is actually a percentage of guys who cheat with their girlfriend are mostly influenced by alcohol and other certain drugs. There could be some physical signs that he is lying though. It is no wonder why people who take this kind of thing or become addicted are always left out by their true love. Don’t let this happen to you. It is hard to walk away from someone you love when you mostly know it is your main fault. 

8. Not married

Lastly, people become unfaithful because eventually, they have the reason that you are not married. You might have a child but you’re not married. Sure, it has a consequence with the Law and the Lord’s eye. However, you have a bigger problem carrying with you. You don’t know how to commit and treasure the person you’re already with. Coping with infidelity is never an easy thing most especially when you are the one working it all out. 


These are some common reasons behind infidelity in a relationship. There’s a lot more types and kinds than this. Then again, it is hard to betrayed and cheated by someone you love. Treason hurts so bad and it could keep you up in so many years just to be fine again. But you have to be strong in times like this and don’t let such things happen to you again. In times of trouble, things like this make us even stronger than ever. 

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