8 Examples of Cheating in a Relationship Without Knowing

If “once a cheater, always a cheater” sayings is true, it doesn’t matter. Maybe in some cases, you’re cheating on your partner without knowing it. Infidelity isn’t limited to sensual exploration outside of the relationship, there are different examples of cheating in a relationship.

Albeit you consider yourself a perfect another half, you may be truly wrong. The following are the 8 ways and signs of cheating in a relationship that you probably might not even know. 

Financial infidelity

Regardless of whether you two have a shared bank account, you must be honest with each other when it’s about a money matter. Keeping secrets about your expenses, income or a huge amount of money you’ve squandered will only result in more emotional cheating and inescapable big arguments.

According to NerdWallet, financial cheating is anything that’s about hiding or cheating about money to your other half. Any amount of confidentiality and deceit are damaging to the relationship and will only to higher levels of cheating, dishonesty and lapse are harmful to a relationship.” Therefore, find a way to be truthful in terms of finances.

Interest affair

Just to be clear, your main priority should be your other half. Interest affair is anything, according to Becky Whetstone when interviewed by The Huffington Post. It’s all fair play, from politics to exercising to basketball. Though, the problem is your partner will be just as forgotten as if you were lying with another man/woman.

Even though the consequences are different, but emotions will still be injured, and this can be considered as one of the common types of cheating. According to Whetstone, “what is real of all them is that a partner becomes so fixated with their beloved new hobby that it becomes their main priority over their other half”. Thus, never allow this to happen with your relationship.

Emotional affair

For some relationships, having emotional cheating signs more hurting than a physical one. Based on the Woman’s Day, an emotional affair “happens when the other half is sending natural or emotional time, energy and focus into somebody other than the one they’re in a relationship with to the extent that their other half feels ignored”. People in a relationship shouldn’t rely on someone to make them laugh, nor should they be revealing their most confidential information. That is what a partner is for.

How to deal with emotional cheating

This type of cheating can be in any forms and there’s a restriction to how deep you can continue with someone else who’s not your spouse. Since you the two of you are not sleeping together anymore does not imply, that don’t cross the line. At some point, your affair is no longer pure.

Cosmopolitan has listed various ways of what is considered cheating emotionally, like being well dressed when you know you will be meeting a certain person or being out of your way just to be with them. Don’t do it, please?

Netflix cheating

Yes, Netflix cheating is a thing. This happens when a spouse watches a movie or series alone. For sure, you are imagining, how hard it is to wait for your partner to be home before continuing watching your favorite show? That’s hard! In the end, that next episode of Lucifer and Money Heist is not going to run itself.

There’s even a Netflix cheating survey!

This infidelity news has become an epidemic around the world. In truth, it’s always happening, and Netflix had performed a survey to support it. The TV service company noticed a massive 46% of watching couples concede to Netflix cheating, and quite a few have plants o stop it anytime soon. This is a definition of unfaithful, even though more amusing and less deliberately upsetting, can be the trigger of why couples separate, at least when we refer to the time on the couch. 

Fantasizing someone

Indeed, controlling our dreams or thought is impossible. But take note of this, the failure to stop yourself from fantasizing about another person than your spouse is a sign that it’s time to consider your relationship. Maybe it means that you should not be with your partner, to begin with. So, how does cheating start? According to Shape, it’s OKAY to dream about someone, but you shouldn’t constantly be fantasizing about that person. Your other half is worthy of your attention over anyone.

Verbal cheating

Words can boost or knock a person down, and so, you must choose your words wisely. In the heat of the moment, people say throw bad words they don’t mean. The burden of your words can hurt your partner. “Slander can make your spouse feel abused, or for others, vulnerable”. This what is cheating in a relationship. You’re not devoted to your relationship.”, according to Family Share. Thus, think before you speak.

Online relationship

No matter what the nature of the online relationship, flirting online uncovers a world of eventualities where two people could spend a long time. In the end, you’re online, so what’s to lose? Well, if your partner is not smart, you could get caught up with your online affair.

As Aaron Ben-Zeév tells Psychology Today, that there’s an argument on this issue. While some think this is OK, others believe any kind of online communication is an online cheating definition. Starting from an innocent conversation to full-scale cybersex, online relationship is not good for the real relationship.

You have a work partner

Today, the words “work wife” or “work husband” are common. But if you’re fated for Jim and Pam’s happiness, this could be the final blow. Your relationship will suffer, which is just okay if you’re in love with your work partner. But if you’re not, this will explode in your face. Business Insider tells us, there are obvious indications your favorite co-employee becomes your work partner. In the end, your actions at the office will only lead to hurting your other half, so you must think wisely before you enter this situation.

So, what’s your definition of cheating?

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