8 Most Exciting and Romantic Couple Games to Play at Home

Yes, the boring routine of a couple can kill everything especially the passion and emotions for your partner. To avoid this from happening, why not try a couple of games to play at home which is easy to play, not complicated and can effectively spice things up. You can pick any of these romantic games for couples and see the wonder yourself.

Below are the best 8 exciting and romantic couples party games that you must try to bring or keep the thrill in the relationship.

The Picture Game

It’s not bad to have your own rules in the game. You can create couple activities at home and have fun. Take a small box and stick photos of your choice. Toss the box-like dice and your spouse has to do what the picture is portraying. You can use photos of people kissing, etc.

Passionate Scrabble

This is one of the best party games for couples indoors and always scrabble is an exciting game to play with everyone. However, have you enjoyed it sexually? You can enjoy scrabble every day or at night. You decide and make your own rules like using a word and create a sexual sentence.

Sexual Scavenger Hunt

Are you familiar with a treasure hunt? Well, you can step your couple games to play at home by making it more romantic and turning it as one of the most mind-blowing fun games of the night. Have some charming notes to lead your spouse to the ultimate amazing treat you have arranged for them.

Sink the Ship

Probably one of the most famous and party games married couples, but you can enjoy it erotically. Ask your spouse to play with you and whoever loses the game, must do what their spouse orders them. Let your mind run wild with this fun board games for couples.

Deal or No Deal

You can include Deal or No Deal to your list of romantic games for couples and bring it to the whole new sex way. With a small twist in the game can transform it into the most exciting games for the night.

Truth or Dare

This kind of game never gets old. And yes, you can turn this game into one of the funniest and coolest couple games to play at home. Forget that you have a couple of friends and go ahead and enjoy it with your partner. You can throw in hilarious or serious questions if they pick Truth and it’s your chance to bring the game to the next romantic level if they want Dare.

Sexy Tic Tac Toe

We assume you never consider that tic tac toe could be in the list of interesting couple games. 

Back in childhood, you used to enjoy tic tac toe regularly. But now you can make it the best couples’ games. Get a paper, make cards from them and create some personal activities on them. Then take another sheet, draw on the box and write a few actions like a kiss, etc.

Copycat Movie

Movie time together is a fun and special thing to do. So, why not continue and add spice to your usual movie marathon. Turn it into the most romantic games for couples at home. Watch rom-com and don’t be ashamed to recreate the acts with your spouse. For sure, it’ll be fun!

Be sure to test these top 8 exciting and romantic couple games to play at home and see which game you both enjoy the most. These are romantic games for couples that are guaranteed to revive the relationship you both share with each other.

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