8 Tips for Making Love and Pleasing Your Partner in Bed

Pleasing your partner, in bed Having sex and making love are two different acts; it is not a new thing to know that’s right? In case you don’t know the difference between them, maybe you never had such an experience or just you are not sure about it.

The difference between sex and making love, the first one is a biomechanical act and everybody knows how to do it. In the case of making love, it’s related to emotions, sensuality and be connected to your partner, it includes emotions and romance.

Making love has many motivations than just having sex, the important thing is to connect with your partner ate an emotional level, it’s not related to exploring body or satisfying sexually our partner, making love gives sex another taste, it motivates both partners to use minds, souls, and body to reach to each other’s heart.

Making love gives the couple the ability to a different kind of communication and be more open which includes love words or even dirty talking ( it still a possibility).

During making love couples are present the whole time. However, it’s not just about taking your clothes off it’s all about emotions and romance.

8 Tips on how to make love

To really succeed making love you should ensure that include more than having sex, so you need to do it right .however you need some tips and direction, we’d like to help you through this, so there are 8 tips that you should know to make your experience unforgettable for both of you.

1. Foreplay is important

Pleasing your partner in bed, foreplay is the ideal way to get your partner ready for what is going happen later and it is the way to have excitement in your relationship. And it helps your partner’s body to have pleasing feelings and avoid painful penetration.

Keep it in mind that making love starts before sex acts, so don’t escape that phase, in general women found this more sensual.

So take your time to enjoy it and be sure to not skip it.

2. Set the right tone

First of all, you should ensure that the ambiance is appropriate and it’s leading to the making love phase, so you should feel comfortable and keep in mind that what is going to happen is what you want, so don’t panic if it’s your first time.

For guys you should avoid your jokes because it is not the right time for them, In general, most of the women don’t need them at this time, so the important thing to do is preparing a romantic mood with some slow music and candles, to make her feel loved, special and safe. For girls to get some hot and sexy lingerie it can be perfect.

3. Pick the right location

Pleasing your partner in bed, you are not obliged to book a room in a hotel to make it special, Guys, if you want to blow his mind you can create your own romantic mood in your house, and it’s more private and personal. Now in your house your mission is to know which place is the most romantic for making love to take that decision you should be creative.

In case that you prefer bedroom, then set your romantic mood there, in the off chance that you have a fireplace its going to be perfect if you throw a blanket in f front of it, get some glasses of wine with that you will get a romantic and hot evening especially if you are in the middle of winter.

If your bot like the outside, you can be creative and pick a starry night to have an amazing night by throwing a blanket and pillows on the backyard.

4. Pick positions so intimacy can be achieved

Making love necessity that both of you learn to connect with each other, not just physically but emotionally, spiritually . to get to perfection should your bodies need to be in contact as much as possible and it’s going to be perfect if you are face to face.

Try to choose positions that allow your body full contact like the missionary and spooning positions and also they are the best two positions in making love. Make it one stride further furthermore laying over each other or beside each other, holds hands interlocking your fingers and embrace each other . that is the means by which you accomplish closeness. A few people have confidence in romantic love, and some straight-up don’t.

5. Always kiss each other

Pleasing your partner in bed, kissing is a major piece of making love; it’s an extraordinary method to speak with each other. There’ is a wide range of kissing, and you can utilize them all while making love. You can kiss with force and energy yet in addition to delicacy. That is the ideal blend.

While kissing, holds hands or grasp each other, cover your head in each other’s neck, consistently remain in contact while kissing, which means there is how much care.

6. Don’t be selfish

Making love it’s related to be connected and emotions, it’s tied in with attempting to satisfy your partner and in doing that you accomplish joy as well. Try not to be narrow-minded and give all you have so your partner feels uncommon and spoiled and cherished. That ought to be your need the entire time, we guarantee you that by not being narrow-minded, you will be responded and the experience will be unforgettable for both of you.

7. Have fun

Keep in mind that you should enjoy your moments and have some funny moments together, especially when it comes to the sex part.

Making love, in general, it’s all about being emotional and love feelings, but there is no problem to have moments of fun.

8. Tell each other how you feel and cuddle afterward

Expressing feeling and how it was good its a big challenge especially for guys to express how he feels during sex , but even its hard its can make a huge difference if he says something like you are making him happy . in the other side girls also should express to guys how he’s making you feel and what you like, this kind of communication will help to be more connected .

keep in mind that making love start before sex acts and end much later so cuddling is a perfect way of extending the intimacy.

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