8 Tips to Maintain Romance After Marriage

8 Tips to Maintain Romance After Marriage

How long has it been since you’ve felt that burning romance for each other? Has it long gone or just enough? Regardless of the time frame, knowing how to maintain the romance after marriage is a top-secret to a healthy relationship. Embarking a life together and having a family of your own is not a reason for the romance to fizzle. Of course, a lot of factors can get in the way to push romance after marriage goes down under but it is never smart to let it go for a long time. Keeping the romance after marriage alive might sound difficult especially for those struggling with this, but doing so is quite easy breezy. You just have to be driven in making your marriage sparking and igniting, and we are here to help you with that! Just keep on reading to know the tips to maintain the romance after marriage. Here they are!

Express your love to ignite romance after marriage.

Expressing your love for each other on a day to day basis is the key to maintaining the romance after marriage. Show your overflowing love even further instead of uttering the usual “I love you.” Let your other half know how overjoyed you are having tied the knot with him or her. Kiss each other (not just a peck), gently touch one another, and hold hands. Doing these usual things encourages closeness as well as romance. You can also try something classic like writing him or her a love letter endowing your undying love.

Allot some time for a date night.

At the time you are living under one roof and see each other all the time, it would be easy to get into a habit. You just tend to hang out on the couch with your pajamas watching your favorite Netflix series. While staying in your house and watching a movie or a series is a great bond for a date night, it is essential to make it special. You can opt to cook each other’s favorite dishes and open a bottle of wine. Marriage and family experts suggest allocating time for a date night at least once every two weeks. Of course, it doesn’t require to be extravagant and fancy like you have to shell out a lot of money. It just has to be an alone time between the two of you where you can keep the romance after your marriage stronger.

Do the things you did when you were still dating.

While having an exciting date night in the heart of your home, it would also be a great thing to spend time outside. You can visit the places and do some activities that you used to when you were still dating. Takedown some memory lane such as what attracted you to each other, your sweet endearing first kiss, and your super fun first date.

Maybe you used to go on late-night dates to a local diner in the suburbs of the city because you met each other in college. Or you got dressed up trying to impress each other and went to a fancy restaurant. Whichever it is that you used to do, take some time to do again for old time’s sake. This is a great way to keep the romance after marriage.

Have time for getaways.

A lot of couples are apprehended for romance after marriage to be difficult because they believe that the relationship will become too mundane. This is because seeing each other all the time could make the spark fade away.

A very good way to rekindle the spark and excitement is to get out from time to time. For instance, traveling to new places and seeking adventures. A change of surroundings can help you get your mind off of piled works and other responsibilities. On the other hand, it aids to have time for each other and recharge your loss romance.

Check out new things together.

Trying out new things together is another way to keep the romance after marriage. Making time for new stuff and experiences with your other half can help you to see him or her in a whole new light. Communicate with your spouse about the new things you want to try then figure out what you are both interested in. Maybe you want to learn something new by taking a cooking class or a dance class. Or you opt for something adventurous like parasailing or free diving.

You can still try to do new things even if you have different interests. Just simply take turns in doing the stuff that entices each of you as this can be a good way to learn more about each other.

Write each other a love note.

This one’s a very classic move for romance after marriage. Take yourself back to the ’90s when you still don’t have a smartphone to shoot some emojis to show what you feel. When that silly boy showed you some attention or that cute girl smiled at you, you wrote to each other note and passed it slyly across the class. Lol. How fast did your heart pound when you exchanged those puppy notes? Now that you are a grown-up and have a lot of better words to express your feelings, why don’t you get back at writing love notes?

Tell your better half how much you love and care about him or her. Let them realize that they mean the world to you. Pour your heart on that piece of paper and express how he makes you feel. You just have to show what you truly feel, you don’t have to be a wordsmith. Being open to each other through a sweet note will bring back that loving feeling that your junior year enjoyed every time you write love letters to your crush.

Make time to plan some romantic gestures.

A lot of people probably advised you to incorporate romantic gestures whenever you can after tying the knot. However, the problem lies here – humans are after all humans, they are forgetful and habitual, seemingly imperfect people. If you have not given your wife a bouquet in years, it is possible not remembering to start giving her now. If you haven’t surprised your husband with a ticket to the game of his favorite sports team, then a thoughtful gesture like that won’t come to your mind out of the blue.

So, for those reasons, it is essential to have a schedule when you are giving your lover some form of romantic gestures. Don’t wait for the feeling to explode before you. You can write it down in your journal or simply pin it on your phone’s calendar. Others might think that planning for gifts and gestures are not romantic at all, but did it ever sink what’s less romantic? Not working on them in the first place.

Have some adventure with sex.

There are times that overtime sex in a marriage becomes tedious, and couples stop seeking new things. Overcoming this toneless feeling is very important to maintain romance after marriage.

To keep the romance between the two of you, you must engage in a little intrigue and pizzaz. Astonish your beau with sex-ting and be explicit as possible. Send a steamy photo for that matter! Be flirty and mischievous to help you reimagine the feeling you’ve felt at the beginning of your marriage. Be more adventurous and experiment on sex positions. You can even do it in different spots around the house. Important thing is, communicate with each other what sexual favors interest the both of you. 

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