9 Alarming Signs of Why my Husband Doesn’t Respect me

9 Alarming Signs of Why my Husband Doesn't Respect me

No marriage is just all about unicorns and rainbows and it’s anything but easy. What should everybody expect is that it’s no fairytale and that in marriage, you need to compromise on the things you never put up with regularly. And there will be times that you, her or “my husband doesn’t respect me”.

You need to deeply understand that love cannot exist when there’s no respect and you can never establish a healthy relationship with your partner who doesn’t give you value as a human being or belittles in every way possible.

But sometimes you’re the only one who doesn’t see the truth of your marriage and who fails to realize that your husband doesn’t treat you well. That’s why this article is here to share the 13 eye-opening indications of “my husband doesn’t respect me”.

1. Dishonesty.

Complete honesty is one of the most important things in a couple. Your husband/wife should be your partner and there should be no place for lies in the relationship, even if the truth is tough and harsh.

Both of you have the right to your privacy but when your husband is lying to you, no matter how small it is, if it’s about your marriage, it’s a clear sign of disrespect.

2. Compares wife to other women.

A husband who compares his wife to others doesn’t respect her and the relationship. It doesn’t matter if the woman is his ex-partner or someone from his environment, he shouldn’t make you feel like you must compete for attention against other women.

3. Don’t support you.

A good marriage is also a good friendship. It’s a promise that you and your husband will have each other’s back, no matter what. However, this is not something your rude husband ever completes. Whether you’re right or wrong, he never supported you.

Instead, he thinks you’re at fault and the others are right. He believes that you’re not clever enough to deal with difficult problems and that you’re not be trusted. If you find that your husband does things like this, you must understand that your relationship has a serious problem and things can get worse if you don’t do anything about it.

4. He’s selfish.

When you decide to be with someone, the first thing that you should forget is self-interest. You can’t check for your needs without thinking about your husband’s well-being. But this is what your insolent spouse has been doing.

You care that she should be fed, clothed and satisfied. And yet, he doesn’t even ask if you’re okay or too tired from doing home chores all day or getting home from a tiring day at work.

He only thinks of needs and himself and doesn’t even care if you’re not feeling well. Your relationship is not like this before and you shouldn’t allow this kind of action.

5. He doesn’t want to compromise.

If you feel that all the important decisions in the relationship are all done by himself and he doesn’t bother asking for your opinion, then you must know that something isn’t right with the marriage. If he constantly does things on his way, it means he doesn’t love and care for you. As a wife, you must do something as you no woman deserves that kind of treatment.

6. You’re not his priority.

If your partner cuts you off his life and spends more time with his friends or workmates, it means that your or “my husband doesn’t respect me”.

He rather enjoys killing his time with other people more than you and you cannot build a deeper connection with him. Also, when the two of you finally have time for each other you always fight, which is an indication of “my husband doesn’t respect me ”as well.

7. He judges you

If you find your husband judging your looks or when you gain some extra pounds, it’s a sign that he is discourteous to you. If you don’t see him smile while saying something like that to you and if he doesn’t kiss you, it’s likely he has done something deliberately. He intently wants you to feel bad and he’s not afraid to show you his sentiments.

8. He doesn’t mind if you’re feeling for sex or not

You must keep in mind one thing, even if you’re in a relationship or a married woman, sex must be by mutual agreement. You have your limits that no one should or can cross.

This means that you have the right to say no if you’re not in the mood for sexual interaction or of any kind that you feel you don’t like. And it means that your husband needs to respect that decision all times.

However, your impolite man does anything but that. Rather, he forces you to be with him even when you say to him that you’re not in the mood for everything in the bed. Besides, when both of you do sleep together, this husband is only thinking of his needs and lust —he never put any extra effort in to appease and make you happy and he usually treats you as nothing more than just a sexual material.

9. He acts as if he’s dominant

If you have children, you often think and feel like you’re one of the siblings rather than being the wife to your marriage. All your man does is boss you around and shout at you constantly, as if you’re an assistant to him in all aspects.

This husband rarely considers and loves you like a beloved wife. He asks every decision you make and thus, he makes you question your decision-making abilities.

It’s clearer than he finds himself as more capable and smarter than you. Also, you’re worthless and your ideas and feelings should not be considered in the relationship. Even when he is not speaking you this clearly, it’s more than obvious that “my husband doesn’t respect me” doesn’t value you and doesn’t give you the role of the wife in the marriage.

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