A Competition for Love: How to Win a Man’s Heart?

A Competition for Love: How to Win a Man's Heart?

Loving someone has been the happiest thing to do in this world. When you are in love, you feel like everything is floating around you. You’ll feel good always, walking down every pathway in a positive smile, you’re always jolly and always think on the brighter side. When a person is in love, you will not only see in the way he or she acts but you will see it in their physical appearances. With this kind of person being inspired, you will feel the presence of their aura and mood. Something like you’ll never even recognize them or have not seen them before. 

Well, does this sound familiar to you? Probably it is. No wonder you might have been like this too when you were in love back then. You can recall all the happy moments, the exciting moments and most especially the inspirational moments. However, in life, there will always be competition. Whether it’s all about academics, friendships, career or even in love. This is usually normal, because what’s life for if a challenge is not present? You wouldn’t want your life to become boring and with no suspense right?

Like in every competition, challenges in relationships are also thrilling. You’ll never get the chance to know who’s going to win and who’s going to lose. You just have to do your very best in this situation. Falling in love is so much easy rather than choosing whom to love. What if the person you like has many suitors? What if he also admires the other girl in your class or at your work? Will you even take the chance to risk and try to win him? Well, you’d rather know how to win a man’s heart don’t you?

You might be scared and don’t know where to start. Though somehow, it’s really hard to make the first move most likely if you’re a girl. In the girl’s language, ethically speaking that won’t work. We are used to the way where boys usually do the first move and then girls followed up the path from where they started; whether you like them or not. However, that kind of gesture may not be applicable during these days. Girls can also do what boys are doing. So it wouldn’t be a big deal if we try to run the first move and win our man’s heart.

We’ve got you some advice on how you’re going to win the race for love just in case you’re having a challenger to the man you love. Who wouldn’t want to win? Most certainly, when the guys are worth fighting for.

  • Flirt with him: when you are trying to win something, you do not do it simply. You do it with some techniques. Flirting could one of the most effective ways of winning the guy. You may do it in your way. There are different kinds of flirt in this situation. You may flirt with him as a friend first and then you gradually make the level go deeper and deeper. A flirt of being seductive may not work at first, but if you catch him on his spot, you might probably get him without a doubt. 

Who knows? Afterwhich, he’s gone crazy after you. But to be honest, even when you’re already in a relationship, you should never stop teasing your guy. Both of you should keep the fire burning and should keep the butterflies swirling around that stomach. To ignite that soft spot and let that affection flame! Probably, this is the best chance to win a man’s heart!

  • Challenge him: No matter how competitors you have in this race if you challenge a guy. He will be challenged. The more you become mysterious, the more a man becomes interested in you. No wonder, this has been the way girls teased their suitor even in the first centuries. And guess what? It works!

    Did you know that when a guy doesn’t know anything about you, they feel like they’ve got to know more about you? This is usually a technique on how you’ll see a man’s patience too. You’ll see how he acts, how he moves and he initiates things to both of you. This would be a great opportunity if you know that a guy’s more into you than the other. The both of you will never even notice that each of your attention is already with one another. With this, you’re the declared winner!
  • Be his friend: Win a man’s heart! Like a man’s way to move, girls could be friends with their guy first as you deeper and deeper. Long term relationships came from this kind of level towards marriage. This is the most common way on how you get to know a person and how you become close to each other. Why not become friends first and inflame those feelings afterward?
  • The Vulnerability side: A man loves to take care of and protect his girl. No wonder why men usually love females who are vulnerable and are not afraid to tell or hide their feelings. It is not a negative attribute is you’re vulnerable. Sometimes, vulnerability comes with a good side too. You’ll be able to see how he acts and responds to certain things most especially during emergencies huh? 

    It is important to show your vulnerability side to let him show what he can do and provide when the two of you decided to move forward in your status. Show him that you have gained trust for him and that you are fragile and need his strength at times. 
  • The “Us Time”: This might be new to you and haven’t heard this kind of thing since then. However, this is just the “Take Care of Me” time that most couples and getting-to-know people do. Our time provides time for both of you to get to know more with each other. This includes doing your interest, cooking together, having some coffee around the corner and talking about life and problems, going on a road trip and an adventure, discovering unusual things like Phineas and Ferb and of course, taking care of each other. 
    It comprises everything before you knew it. Like women, men are vulnerable too. To win a man’s heart could be simply but quite complicated too. They love it when you take care of them and see how you assist them. A simple thing like making them coffee or cooking for them is a big way to say you appreciate them and you’ll do anything for them. It may not reflect through words or facial expressions but you can certainly see it through their gestures afterward. 

In Summary, it all boils down to your decision on whether you’re going to follow these instructions or not. Sometimes, we have our innate techniques to such things and we don’t that it’ll work out! But this advice will eventually work to win a man’s heart if you’ll going to follow this smoothly. Good luck to you and we hope you’ll win this battle!

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