A Letter for Your Wedding: How Should You Write it?

A Letter for Your Wedding: How Should You Write it?

Preparing for your wedding day, you suddenly thought of writing a letter to your bride. How should you write it? It was a late night, a night before your wedding day and of course; you feel excited that you can’t actually sleep. After the night of tossing and turning, you opened your eyes and find that no one is awake yet. You stretched your body and sit up. You glanced at your bed-side table and found an envelope which is marked with the name of your partner and yours. You’re suddenly thought the day of your wedding has finally arrived. Also, at a wedding; the bride and groom reading letters for each other are already common as well as preparing letters to each other on the wedding day.

Writing a letter to the bride

After a hectic schedule and tiring tasks of preparing and organizing for your wedding the day has finally arrived and you must start writing a letter for your bride. Some couples exchanged letters a couple of times already; even every month that they celebrate each month together. Now that your wedding day has already arrived, you want to write a letter to your bride; a sweet letter with all your emotions, including your vows to your partner. Now that you will see your partner walking down the aisle; you can’t wait to write what you feel on a piece of special paper. 

Writing a letter to your bride, you can find it difficult to put your deepest feelings into words, so in this article; we came up with some tips to consider when writing a letter to your partner on the most important day of your lives. You can search for wedding letter samples but remember to write it with your personal feelings. 

Keep it not too short but not too long.

You must have overflowing emotions towards your partner and you want to put all of these into words but you must remember that on your wedding day, you will be both short of time. We recommend keeping your love letter not too short but not too long. Your partner might want to read it slowly and savor each word form you be mindful of the length of the letter to your bride. 

Keep the positive vibe. 

Our emotions can make us do funny things and if you have a natural sense of humor; you can add jokes on your letter to keep the positive vibe. At your letter to your bride, you can joke about how you almost break up or how your partner farted suddenly. 

Don’t be too cheesy. 

You might be thinking, “What can I write to my bride to be?”. If you’re not the kind of person who aced English when you are studying, don’t try hard to be cheesy. You are not writing the next best-selling novel. Remember; make the letter to your bride meaningful. Flowery words can be added but don’t overdo it. Remember to keep it meaningful and put your sincere feelings onto it. 

Do a list of what you love about your partner.

It is advisable to do a list of what you love about your partner to write the letter easier. Although your partner might have heard the reasons why you love your partner from your former dates but this is your chance to remind her of those things. You can also talk about your future plans with her or your promises to her. 

Keep your own style. 

Don’t attempt to make your letter like Nicholas Sparks’. Your love letter to your fiance before the wedding must have your own style. Similarly; if you’re not that funny, don’t struggle and force yourself on including jokes in your letter. Always remember that your partner wants to hear your sincere voice with your own style as you read what you have written. They might not like it if it doesn’t sound like you. 

Spray your favorite perfume on the letter. 

Adding a familiar scent to your love letter may have a calming effect on your partner. According to studies, our sense of smell is connected with our memory and during the stressful preparations of the wedding, triggering the thoughts of you by your scent could help your partner calm down. However, you don’t have to soak the letter with the scent. A little of your scent may be enough for the letter to your partner. 

5 things you should include in your letter

In this section, you can find out the things you should include in the love letter you would write to your partner on your wedding day. 

The reason why you’re writing the letter

At the start of the letter, the first thing you should include is your reason for loving your partner. You must state your reason why you want to marry her and why you want to spend the rest of your life with your bride. It can assure her that you are really committed to her. 

The thing you hope for the day

Your wedding day will pass by fast. As your partner reads your letter, add the things you hope will happen after your wedding and the things you look forward to. You may add your biggest hope like you hope to enjoy every food you have together or you’re looking forward to your first dance or your honeymoon. You don’t have to be afraid to share your hopes so that your partner can also look forward to it. 

Your promise for the days ahead

You will spend the rest of your life with your partner so it is a must to assure her in your love letter that you will be with her through everything. Your promises can include jokes so there will be little humor to your letter. Lastly, you can also include your promises to her family and recite it in front of them.

The first moment you fell for her 

You can recall the memory of meeting her for the first time and the moment you knew she was the one in your letter. As your partner reads the letter, the memories will come into her mind as well. Recalling the memories you had together can deepen your relationship. 

The proudest moment 

One of the great ways to end your love letter to your partner is to include the moment where you are the proudest for her. You may include the day where you both achieved your goal of finishing college or getting promoted on your job. Nonetheless, you can include the time where you share your major life accomplishments with one another and thank the person who motivated you and never gave up on you. 

A reminder of the love

After all the words you have put into the letter to your bride, you must remember to keep it sincere and genuine. You are going to read it in front of her and your family so you must be true to yourself. Make this letter a reminder of your love for her.



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