Actual Signs of a Selfish Girlfriend

Actual Signs of a Selfish Girlfriend


“In an individual, selfishness uglifies the soul; for the human species, selfishness is extinction.” – David Mitchell

If you’re a guy and in a relationship that seems troubling and unusual especially to your girlfriend’s part, it may be because your relationship is unknowingly going dark and toxic. Maybe it’s just a phase of the relationship or you’re just experiencing an essence of what you’re relationship is going to be in the long run.

A relationship should embody a loving, caring and fruitful outlook and perspective and toxic behaviors or selfish attitudes can make the love go away and make the relationship imbalanced. Instead of love what you get in a self-centered and selfish relationship is an excruciating amount of power-struggle between you and the significant other.

Whether you are having trouble with your selfish girlfriend or you are being selfish girlfriend yourself, it is essential to know these signs that can ruin your relationship.

What is a selfish personality?

A selfish attitude is the overall lack of consideration by someone over others. Selfishness often breeds vanity, possessiveness, and pleasure in one’s own personal gain or profit.

A selfish person can oftentimes manifest other evil traits such as aloofness, emotional dissonance and a general lack of empathy towards a terrible thing or event.

Although a selfish personality and attitude can manifest in everybody, from friends to family members and girlfriends. A selfish personality is an indicator of a bad flow of relationship in the future years to come.

Signs of a selfish girlfriend

1. Your girlfriend is a great nagger

If your girlfriend constantly talks negative things about the circumstances in your relationship, or complains about how you are not doing the right things in your relationship making you constantly drained and negative from all the terrible things that you’ve heard, it might be a good indicator that your girlfriend is a nagging machine that manifests a sort of selfish personality.

Nagging is very different from being inspiring encouraging talks, nagging drains you of your energy and a selfish girlfriend will never take your needs into consideration. She will only do and say what she wants to say for the sake of her own personal emotional gain.

If you’re in a selfish relationship or if you think that your girlfriend had selfish tendencies, as a man of the house you will find yourself in a situation where you are the one who always considered and gives. This results in an imbalanced relationship where one gives too much and the other one gives too little to none.

Nagging and negative talks and conversation kills passion, empathy, and care. If your girlfriend focuses too much on themselves they will nag and nag until all you want to do is quite and this results in a one-sided relationship and relationships like that never flourishes.

2. Your girlfriend thinks she is always right and what she does or says in the relationship is more relevant

If your girlfriend is selfish and self-absorbed she will be completely devoid of compassion. They wouldn’t consider your needs and they are self-righteous in a way that they believe that their needs and wants should be the utmost priority of your relationship.

This kind of thinking while in a relationship will be the main antithesis of your relationship because relationships are formed through receptivity of each’s needs and have a sense of self-sacrifice.

Although it is important that humans can also value self-love and self-care, there is a huge gap between being selfish and self-love. If your girlfriend is selfish she will likely show no worthiness and love on her behalf.

This situation can be overwhelming and draining, and in return can make this relationship toxic and unhealthy, this is one of the most notable signs of a selfish girlfriend that you should put into mind.

3. Your girlfriend is materialistic and out of this world opulent

If your girlfriend only becomes sweet and caring if she needs money or asks your ATM card, then beware, your girlfriend might be one selfish little girl who needs to be corrected right away.

Her selfish personality will usually show up in the way she shows how extravagant her clothes, new jewelry restaurants she has been. This can be terrible because your selfish girlfriend may not have enough financial literacy or simply doesn’t care about valuing your household income because she’s too busy on making herself look good with all the possible new trends of makeup, fashion clothes, and jewelry.

If your girlfriend is selfish this sign should terribly wake you up from the nightmare it can cause you in a long time.

4. Your girlfriend doesn’t show remorse when she did wrong you and she never really apologizes

When pride comes along death follows, this sign is one obvious hint that your girlfriend is selfish and a toxic person and if she doesn’t go in changing her ways it is better that you go in separate ways, especially if it is harming your mental health already.

If your girlfriend doesn’t apologize or say sorry if she has done something terrible to you or if you have been visibly offended by her words or actions and instead of apologizing she goes out full cold-blooded and ignores you, it might mean that she is a selfish girlfriend.

This sign could also indicate that your girlfriend is suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder or much worse than another series of psychological disorders and she must be assessed by a therapist immediately.

A selfish girlfriend will utterly have no remorse if they’ve done something wrong because they believe they are right and there pride is more valuable than your feelings. This could also indicate that your girlfriend will prefer silent treatment and resentment over apologizing for wrongdoing.

Final notes

In the end, it is necessary for you to ensure the value of your relationship with your girlfriend and if you think it is really worth it, try to make immense with her and encourage her for the both of you to go to a relationship therapist in order to help you know more about your significant other and how you can fix your relationship.

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