All About Love Discussion: Love is a Choice not a Feeling

All About Love Discussion: Love is a Choice not a Feeling

Love is something that you ever wanted to feel in your whole life. When you are Stin-love, you get a chance and things to do that you are not used to doing before. Love is really like magic. It can suddenly create surprise and emotions that you can’t explain. It just happens. But what is love in a relationship? Love is a choice, not a feeling. Is this true? Well, it may or it can be for some reason. Love is a choice, not a feeling because we have our own decision to love and unlove someone. Love is a choice, not a feeling because you do not simply express your love to someone without partly choosing them to enter your life. Now, why did anybody in this world says love is a choice and not a feeling? Did you just see some stuff on love is a choice Reddit? Or finding some posts across love is a choice Tumblr? Or somehow geeking out the other person in you looking for love is a choice book? But maybe because you always have an option to choose everything and to choose what are you going to deal with in your life. 

Love is not a feeling

Some people might not agree with this. Love is not a feeling? Hello, are you crazy? Well, technically speaking it is a feeling. It is something you can’t unbear to explain. Something the universe could only explain. You only feel like you’re floating even atop of that cloud 9. You can experience the emotion but not physically. But again, love is not feeling. And if you haven’t got the idea or ideology of the fact that love is not feeling. It is simply because Love is an action and not a feeling. Which boils you down through love is a choice, not a feeling. 

When you see that there are signs your ex is miserable without you, and you know deep down in your here that you still have that tiny care and love for him. You will eventually call-out and ask him if he is okay and what could you do to help? Even if you’re just friends only. From there, you opted to act rather than just give sympathy to him and feel his sadness and emotion. So definitely, you took an action and you decide and choose to do something beyond feeling that emotion. Why? Because love is an action, not a word. Actions that show you care and you still choose to ask and say “Hey, are you okay?”

Putting up this way, love is a choice driven by our feelings and emotions. That could act well. We make decisions on whether to continue or stop something driven by our feelings and emotions. You don’t catch through the online engines and drop a question like how do you know you love someone quiz. Right? Things like this needed decisions and actions that should be put into place. 

Sure, it is true and without a doubt, love is something you can feel. But it is not merely and generally a feeling. Love drives out that feeling in for to make choose life. And it can be an enabler for you to decide on things. But no matter what will happen, love will always be a choice. 

Love is a choice

ObviLovea choice per person who chooses to love no matter what race or gender he or she may decide or what will be. Love knows no boundaries that’s why you are given the freedom to choose what kind of love and what ideal kind and types of romantic love are you going to dig in. Sure, people will judge you if you kinda swerve unto a not usual path. But love will always be a choice and not a feeling. Love is a choice you make every day. 

For example, in your relationship with your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or whatever friend you may have. Even if you know that they are already cheating on you, or you have been seeing signs that your partner is cheating in a long-distance relationship, you have the option or choice to unlove with what they are doing. You can eventually break-up with them without hearing their response at all. But because you love them, you choose to be with them and still be with them. Love is not a feeling, it is by your faith in them that chooses and pushes you to stay with them even if it is wrong and even if it is painful. 

In people can’t understand that love is a choice most especially in marriage. Why don’t people understand that love is a choice in marriage? Maybe because they actually that when you are in love it is not only the action that works but also the emotions. It is eventually true because when you are in love you are happy and you can even inspire and motivate people without exerting too much effort. It’s actual hormones exerting the effort by the way. But in marriage, love is a choice. It’s all about how to choose love and how to choose someone that you will go to spend for the rest of your life.  It is an important decision that partakes whether you’re going to take a serious commitment whether you are in the age of ’20s or ’30s

Love will always be a choice because it is one way of how love is shown. Sure, you can show your love through emotion and giving reasons why affection is important in a relationship. But that won’t be enough if you choose that person. That’s why sometimes, or often in a relationship, you opted to say “I love you” or “I miss you” but “I am not choosing you”. Can you even imagine that? That’s a way to hurtful than you can ever think of. How hard could it be to walk away from someone you love after saying he loves and misses you but is not choosing you? There’s an ouchie in there, right? 

Love is a choice, not a feeling

What makes love and romance different? When we are in love sometimes, we do a lot of things that could shock us and can eventually regret that these things even happen. As they say, in the end, you only regret the chances you didn’t take. Because love is a choice, no matter how many times you rotate the clock, the universe, and the Earth. It will always be a choice. Is love something unconditional? Yes, you will everything for something or someone you love, whether it will cost you small stuff or even the biggest ones. Because love will always be about choice. 

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