Another way To Ask Someone If They Like You

They like you, If you spend time with a boy and get closer to each other, you might start to wonder what he feels for you. Fortunately, whether you like this boy or you hope to remain, friends, there are signs that can give you a better idea of ​​his feelings. Try to pay attention to your body language and how he behaves in your presence and watch how your relationship develops. You can also ask the question to your friends and if all your efforts are in vain, you can go ask him the question directly! But before doing that :

Observe Body Language And Behavior:

Watch if he looks into your eyes.

If you notice that he is looking into your eyes, try to meet his eyes and smile for a few seconds before looking away. If he does not look away first, he might be interested, especially if he smiles too.

Remember, he could also do it just because he has noticed you or because he is used to looking in the eye.

  • On the other hand, some boys are really shy when a girl likes them, so he might look at you less often if he has feelings for you.
  • Pay attention to his smiles. When someone pleases you, you can not help but smile in his presence. If he always looks lighthearted every time he sees you, it might mean that you he likes you.

He could also smile because you are friends, so you should not jump to conclusions.

  • Ask yourself if he imitates your actions. If you talk to him or spend time together with your group of friends, you may notice that every time you touch your face or hair, he does the same thing. If he imitates your actions unconsciously, it may indicate that you like him and give you a better idea of his feelings for you
  • If you want to try this method, repeat a simple movement, such as running your hand through your hair or unfolding the hem of your shirt and watch it to see if he is doing the same thing.
  • Observe the position of his body and feet. Even if we do not realize it, we tend to lean toward the people we like and get away from people we do not like. When discussing with him, watch his position to see if he is turning his body towards you or away from you
  • You can also look at his feet to see if they are pointing at you, or if you are doing it unconsciously too; which could indicate that you are interested in each other.

Ask yourself if he looks nervous or embarrassed when you are there. Sometimes boys can be a bit shy when a girl likes them. If you notice that he blushes, stutters or loses his tongue when you arrive, he may have feelings for you, but he may also be shy.

  • If you notice these signs and please, try to smile at him or touch his arm to reassure him. This could help him put him at ease.

Ask yourself if he finds excuses to touch you. If he is always ready to embrace you, if he touches you often on the arm or shoulder, or if he is looking for reasons to make physical contact. So, he may have feelings for you. However, this could also be a trait of his personality, so you should observe him when he is with others to know if he is doing the same thing. If you are the only one to receive his marks of affection, it is probably because he likes you.

  • If he makes you feel uncomfortable because he touches you or pressed against him, you must tell him to stop and walk away. Do not worry if it hurts him. If he is kind, he will apologize and he will avoid starting again in the future. If he continues to do so, stop seeing him.

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Learn To Know Him Better:

Note if he is always ready to see you. If this boy is always there when you need him and he is always ready to spend time with you, he might like you. Ask yourself if he chooses to cancel his plans with his other friends when you need him or if he tries to free himself from time off, even when it is difficult.

It could also indicate that he is a very good friend. Anyway, if you like it, enjoy the time you spend together! He will not be able to keep his feelings for you for a long time.

Check if he’s following you on social networks. If you notice that he still likes your posts or follows you on multiple social media platforms, it may mean he wants to know more about you! Obviously, if he is very active in general on social networks, it could mean nothing; but if he is not very active, it is a good sign for you.

Do not analyze his behavior on social networks too deeply. It’s easy to say that he likes your picture on Instagram because he’s your soul mate, but you’ll get ideas if you extrapolate a bit too much about his behavior.

If he sends you a lot of messages online, but he rarely speaks to you in person, he may be shy and try to get to know you better or he wants to find the courage to invite you out.

Observe the messages sent without reason. If he sends you text messages for no apparent reason, it indicates that he was thinking of you and he might have feelings for you. He could also look for an excuse to talk to you, for example asking questions about homework when he seemed to have understood in class.

Try not to send too many SMS messages. This way, you will know if he sends you text messages first.

If you are good friends, he might just want to talk. Remember that you must find clues to prove your general feeling.

Ask yourself if he opens to you with time. As you get to know him better, he may start revealing personal details about his life and his past. If he is comfortable enough with you to be emotionally vulnerable, it’s a good sign that he trusts you, and it might also mean that he has deeper feelings for you.

For example, he could tell you about the problems he has with his parents or siblings or talks about a past painful relationship.

Observe his gifts and the services he gives you. Boys express their feelings more often with gestures than with words. If he offers you a small gift for no reason or if he offers his help, it could indicate that he wants a closer relationship with you

For example, if you tell him you’re cold and he offers you his jacket, he might just be gallant, but he might also think he should protect you because he cares about you.

Tell Him What You Feel By An Indirect Approach

If you’re ready to hear what his feelings are for you, but you do not have the guts to go ask him directly, find a time when you’re both alone and tell him how you feel about him. If you tell him you like him, he’ll probably tell you if your feelings are reciprocal or not.

You’d rather be friends, you could tell him, “There’s something I wanted to tell you. We spent a lot of time together and you are a very good friend. Some of my friends believe that you have feelings for me and I do not see our relationship evolving in that direction. I just wanted you to know it.

” Please, you can tell him, “I’m not really sure of how you feel, but I love you a lot, not just as a friend.

” Tip: If you are a boy and you are not sure if he likes girls or boys, you could start by asking about his preferences.

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