Are There Ways to Avoid Arguing with My Girlfriend?

Are There Ways to Avoid Arguing with My Girlfriend?

The thing about relationships is it can bring a lot of joy to people, but let’s be honest, things could get really messy at times too. Couples arguing is pretty normal, but why do you fight someone you love, you ask? Well, a relationship is formed when two individuals have come to an understanding that they see each other as more than friends, and these two individuals can be extremely different from each other which might cause constant disagreements in a relationship. So, I guess it’s safe to say that misunderstandings are inevitable for two people in a relationship, whether it’s about a very important thing or they are just bickering over small things, but we need to remember that reconnecting after a big fight is a must. 

To all the gentlemen out there reading this, we have listed down some tips and simple ways to avoid arguing with your girlfriend if your girlfriend picks a fight over nothing or even if it is over something.

Tip 1. Know what gets her mad.

Does she like it when you come home late and drunk? Does she get upset when you forget your anniversary? If you know what gets her angry, then you probably need to avoid that. Your first fight with your girlfriend will reveal what gets to her nerves, and in a way, that is helpful. You don’t go running into a burning building, what you want to do is avoid causing harm to your relationship.

Tip 2. Think before you act

Of course, this should always be the case whether or not you are in a relationship or not. Once you have figured out what can potentially cause a fight, you need to evaluate if what you are going to do is going to lead to possible arguments. You have to be careful, and make sure that what you’re going to do is going to lead to that. You must know how to stop an argument before it even starts.

Tip 3. Be calm

Do not raise your voice even if she does. That does not mean that she wears those pants in the relationship. It could mean that you are more of a rational person who would like to talk things through. Women appreciate it when men can be gentle towards them.

Tip 4. Do not add fuel to the fire.

This is just to add on to tip no. 3. If she is already in a bad mood, do not make it even and get mad at her back. We need to learn how to not engage in an argument. Of course, I am sure you would not want to end up in a physical fight with your girlfriend so we need to keep our temper in check.

Tip 5. Communicate how you feel before getting mad

Tell her how it made you feel when she went out clubbing with her friends and did not remember to tell you she will be coming home late. Let her know that you got a bit upset when she went out to lunch with someone you do not know. Communicate—I cannot stress this enough. And to add to that, it would be ideal to communicate face to face—not through chat, not through calls. You both must be physically present and in front of one another because texting misunderstandings can happen because you won’t get to hear the other person’s tone. Calls will be hard because sometimes you won’t get good service in some places. Be careful not to raise your voice at her as she may take it the wrong way.

Tip 6. Be really patient.

Women are going to be really difficult at times. They get mood swings, they get jealous, they need lots of attention and affection. Men can lead the relationship by showing their partners that they are mature enough to handle every curveball their partners throw at them—their patience will be tested, but they will not want to create more problems for the both of you.

Tip 7. Apologize right away.

No good boyfriend will google “how to fight your girlfriend” to get back at her for acting unreasonably unless it would just be an act for a surprise. It is important that you think of creative ways to make up a fight, and apologizing is a great way to start. Saying sorry first is not really a sign of not having the upper hand in the relationship, it just means that you value your relationship more than your pride. When she starts ignoring you and your girlfriend does not respond after a fight, give her a couple of minutes to cool her head down, and then apologize.

Wrapping everything up

People get into disagreements, even the most compatible people will have misunderstandings. Arguing early in the relationship is completely normal too, so if you are just a couple of months in, that is fine, unless of course there are a lot of fights and the relationship has gotten toxic. Some ways to avoid arguing with your girlfriend is to not be as mad as her when in an argument and be calm, be patient when she’s getting difficult, apologies, know what makes her angry, and avoid doing those things. Of course, the same goes for women, these can also be your tips if you want to avoid getting into a fight with their boyfriends.

Getting into arguments is normal, and it does not necessarily mean that when couples argue constantly, their relationship is falling apart. And not all couples who do not argue stay together forever. So to all the men out there who ask “what are the ways to avoid arguing with my girlfriend”, this one is for you. Keep these in mind and they will surely come in handy when your girl acts up again.

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